Keiko Has An Adventure

Hello, my name is Keiko, I am from Tokyo and have only been in the USA since last August. I will soon be 19 years of age, I have long black hair and am approximately 5 feet tall. I am enjoying living in Honolulu very much.

I have found American men to be very nice and polite …. unlike Japanese men in Japan who are very rude. Yes, I enjoy to have American men to look at me. I have discovered it to be much excitement for me. When I first arrived in Hawaii I live in an apartment in Waikiki across from the beach. I see many other Japanese girls in daring bikinis and revealing clothing. I became very jealous of this. I had wanted to wear similar bikini and to have men to look at me also. But, I had never worn anything as daring before in Hawaii or Japan.

I soon found my present apartment and planned to move in. During my last week in Waikiki I decide to look for a sexy bikini to wear on the beach. I visit many bikini shops in Waikiki and I wanted a very daring style that would cause many men to look at me and make me feel sexy. I was not able to find to my taste. Then one day I was in the negligee department of a boutique and saw a beautiful white lace bra and panties set. It was very sexy and very much resembled a bikini with ties on both sides. It was very sheer negligee type and meant to be worn under clothing.

I wonder if I would be brave enough to wear such a clothing in public and in the daytime. It was a beautiful bra and bikini panties set designed in France. It was white with lace design and very sheer and if you only looked at it quickly resembles a beach bikini only very transparent, I later learned the bottom is called a “g-string”. It was very beautiful and expensive $125. I was unsure if I was brave enough to wear such clothing in public. Although thinking of myself wearing it and to have men to look at me would make me excited.

Without trying it on, I purchased it and went back to my hotel. I waited until Saturday, my last day in Waikiki, I was very excited and my body feels a nice sensation when I think of my daring action I am about to do. I put on an old tank top t-shirt with no bra and old running shorts with sandals. I put my new panties and bra into my shorts pocket. I wore a chain around my neck to hold my apartment key and got into the elevator to the ground floor. It is the first time in Hawaii that I am in public without a bra and wearing only t-shirt my breasts bounced from side to side.

My nipples were rubbing the shirt material and exciting me. The rubbing caused my nipples to stand out almost embarrasingly. Many hotel workers smiled to me and said hello. They have never done this before. I enjoy this also. I walked across the street to the beach, many men turned to watch me as I walk on the beach. My breasts bounce very much without a bra and American men seem to be surprised when they see a Japanese girl with large breasts. This makes me very proud and I purposely make my breasts move from side to side as I walk.

I walked 4 blocks to reach the shower and changing room. I smile to several men as I enter a changing room. I can hear them talking very closely outside of the changing room. I hold my breath and remove my t-shirt and shorts. I was now standing only a few feet from men and I was completely naked. It was so exciting for me. I was afraid I would become a coward and not do my plan, so I quickly grabbed my t-shirt and tore it into pieces. I also tear my shorts to pieces. I am now completely naked and 4 blocks from my hotel. The only clothing I had was the bra and panties I had purchased.

I was now a little nervous as I pulled out my new bra and bikini panties. It now seemed so small, only a very little ball of fabric and string. The panties tied at both sides very much like a bikini. As I tied them on I realized that my pussy had become very moist. As soon as my panties were on they became wet and almost transparent. I have almost no pubic hair and the lips of my pussy may be seen very clearly. I tried my new bra on and then realized that it was much too small for me. For a Japanese girl I have rather large breasts and the bra barely covered the lower portion of my breasts. The upper half of my nipples were revealed and only the lace design prevented me from looking naked.

I had no choice, I was wearing the only clothing I had and 4 blocks from my hotel. My heart was beating very fast and pounding hard. I felt naked even with the bra and panties on and I was about to step outdoors wearing only this. There was an exciting, tingling feeling in my body. I took a deep breath and I opened the door to the changing room. As I stepped out of the changing room many men turned to look at me. Some men whistled and others yelled and said I looked good. I very much enjoyed this. I now slowly walked towards my hotel in the hot sand and enjoyed men making comments and whistling. It was fantastic. My breasts bounced from side to side and many times almost fall out of my bra, I did not try to prevent this.

Much of my nipples were now visible to everyone watching me, I became very hot. My pussy had become very moist with every step I took and I could feel my panties being pinched between my wet pussy lips. I was afraid I may want to touch myself. Across the street from my hotel there is an open shower on the beach. I decide to shower before crossing the street to my hotel. I step under the shower and many men were watching me, several men whistled and cheered as I turned the shower on. I wet my hair and started to rub my body with the warm water. As I looked down I was delighted to see that my bra and panties had become almost see-thru and I looked completely naked.

In a few minutes many other men stopped to watch. It made me so excited. My breasts and hairless pussy was almost completely visible to everyone watching. I stretched my arms above my head and ran my fingers through my hair giving everyone a wonderful view of myself. Suddenly I felt the spray of water starting to force my bra down. I could feel the men watching as this happened. Finally the spray of water from the shower caused my bra to completely slip down and expose all of my breasts and nipples to the men watching me. I then turned off the shower, I undid my bra and again stretched my arms over my head as I slowly turned around allowing everyone to have a very good look at my body. I then put my bra back on as the men watched. The men applauded as I finished my shower.

This made me to be very excited. I then walked across to my hotel and again the hotel workers gave me much attention. One hotel worker offered me a towel, seeing that I was still very wet from the shower. That was nice. In the elevator alone I had to stick my hand in my panties and play with my pussy. This was the first time for me to do this outside of my bedroom. It was very good feeling, unlike anything else I had felt before. The elevator opened and I went to my room. It was very exciting experience for me. I now wish I had done it sooner. I quickly took a shower to cool myself after my very first adventure.