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Indian University Librarian

[ Story by gonzalvez Just chill ([email protected]) ]
I am 26 old average looking guy from kerala, living in bangalore. I am a fun loving person,never miss any opportunity to enjoy sex.Though I have had sex with ladies of different age groups,I never revealed any data about them to my friends,since I always respect their privacy and confidentiality, after all they all gave their most valued assets to me :). It all started when I was back in my college during my teenage days.

In my second year Priyanka (name changed) came to our college as our new librarian. she was good looking,though not a hot girl like u guys say.She had 34 size boobs which was pretty hard. But there was always something in her,which made my cock erect when ever I see her.But I always hide my feelings since I dont know what will be her reaction. I used to smile at her,but she gave me those furious and unresponsive look. But I never lose hope, kept on smiling at her.She also started smiling one day and asked my name and about my classes.But I was waiting for the big moment,but she never came close to me.