Month: September 2012

Football Memories

Reminiscing is a good thing. I do quite a bit of it. I especially like to reminisce about my college football days. It’s been 9 years since I graduated college and joined the working world. Although my dating life has been good, nothing has happened to me since that can compare to those days of football glory. I remember the parties, the perks, the fame, the women…what a wonderful experience. Pussy was so plentiful in those days. Young, gorgeous college girls with their tight bodies practically threw themselves at me and my teammates.

I was the starting tailback for my school. I was in much better shape in those days. I stood 6 ft 2 inches tall and carried 225 lbs of rock solid muscle. Being a large young black man, some found my presence to be a bit intimidating. I was the prototype Mandingo warrior, complete with an 11 inch thick black cock for stretching young white pussies. I was pretty proud of my dick. Still am. Not only is my cock thick and long, but it sports an assortment of thick veins, giving it a muscular and powerful look, and a doorknob-sized head. I’m also a heavy cummer. I have been known to spray women with such huge loads of love juice as to be able to fill a drinking glass to the brim.

My school had very wealthy alumni. Many of them were crotchety old white men who love football and were willing to pad the pockets of the players to show their “gratitude” for continuing the school’s winning tradition. I received a king’s ransom in cash and gifts in those days. Of course, this was all against NCAA rules, but so what. Most of the players, although receiving full scholarships, didn’t have enough spare change to afford to take their girlfriends to a movie. We believed we earned our perks, and kept it all under wraps.

During one of the many “socials” that we have with alumni, I met the college’s most wealthy benefactor, a Texas oil man named Mr. Clive Jones. Mr. Jones was 77 years old and looked to have one foot in the grave. He was a nice old man though. We talked a bit about football and my future plans before he slipped me an envelope full of cash. It was my freshman year at school, and I was totally taken aback by this gesture. He looked at me and smiled. At that moment, a beautiful young blonde came our way. She wrapped her arms around the old man and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Wifes Night Out

I have been married for three years. My wife, Kathy, was from Denmark. She was 23, 5’8″, 120 lbs., blond hair and big sparkling green eyes. She also had a body that stopped men dead in their tracks. Kathy had beautiful firm 36C tits with long dark nipples and long shapely legs and a firm ass. She modeled part time for an internationally known sportswear company and was always being asked to do layouts for men’s magazines, which she always said no.

You would think this was a dream come true wife. Wrong, it had been three years of hell with a snobby, conceded stuck-up bitch. Before we were married Kathy was so sweet, concerning and sexy as hell. When we were dating I received many blowjobs while driving down the road, fucked in phone booths, hand jobs under the tables of restaurants and teased to death by her sexy dressing. Kathy, at one time, loved to fuck anytime or anyplace and she was so very good at it too.

After we were married Kathy became frigid and stopped being fun. She began dressing like a conservative feminist lawyer. She refused to go to our friend’s parties or have any of our friends to our house. No movies, very little sex, no vacations or fun.

The evening I was planing to tell Kathy I wanted a separation, she told me she had been offered 15,000 dollars to do a photo shoot for a lingerie company. She asked me what I thought. I was surprised that she was even asking my opinion. I was more surprised that she was even considering doing the job as it was a semi-nude job. Kathy had never accepted a topless or nude job. I said if she wanted to do the job to go ahead. I did not believe she would do it.

Extra Help

She was an uncommon beauty. One of those rare individuals that seem to have it all. Her name was Tiara, a senior in my British Literature class. She had recently moved to the States from her family home in Brazil. And I for one was glad. She moved down the hall of our high school like a dream, turning the heads of all the underclassmen and most to the male faculty. She wore the most proactive outfits, the shortest of skirts that revealed her milk chocolate thighs and tight half shirts that showed off her flat stomach and a very sexy bellybutton ring.

Despite all of her physical advantages, she still was struggling with my course and the English language in general and she was a regular visitor to my desk with questions about this author or that meaning of a word or phrase. I looked forward to these visits. I understood the danger of my infatuation but I could not help it, nor could I control it. I was under her spell. Her sensuousness was consuming me.

I found myself singling her out when I roamed about the room offering advice on some writing project or the other. Kneeling at her desk pointing out trivial mistakes. It was all a ruse to be near her. Her perfumed hair intoxicated me. It fell in washboard-curled waves over her shoulders, caressing her skin as it went. It aroused sexual feelings in me that my wife had not awakened in years. I found myself getting an erection as I knelt next to her. I had no control. None. I was lost. I had to have her. The job be damned.

Enjoyable Bachelorette Party

I have been married for almost 2 years now. But I have been unfaithful. I have only been with one other man but many many times. The worst part about it is my affair started on the night before my wedding. I am writing this because I am afraid to tell anyone but I can’t keep it inside of me. My marriage is a good one for the most part. My husband is fairly attractive, a little over weight and out of shape. He is very wealthy, very sweet and understanding. I myself am not so bad either. I was a lingerie model on my way to success before I got involved with my husband. He let me stop working when we decided to get married.

If I hadn’t left the agency I would have been the top model for a line of under wear designed for voluptuous yet slender Asian women just like me. I tried my luck with Victoria’s Secret but I was too short. I am 23 years old 5’2″, 87 lbs, my measurements are 35-21-35 and I don’t know a woman with silkier sexier legs than mine. I could never let my husband know. He would probably forgive me and would try to give what I get out of my affair with Tyrone. But if I had to choose between them, Tyrone would be my pick without any hesitation. I love Michael very much and I thought I would be with Tyrone one time and never see him again. But Tyrone gave me something Michael never could – a very very thick dick and hours of screaming orgasms. My first time with Tyrone, and what I planned on being the only time, I became hopelessly addicted to his huge cock.