Hot Wife

April 11th, 2014

I was sitting here thinking just how lucky I am. First of all, I am married to the most wonderful man on this earth. Now I know all women should feel like that their first few years of marriage. I feel that this feeling will never go away. You see, Bobby is two years older than I am and he is great. I knew him all through high school, and when he joined the Air Force, we kept in touch. I dated almost every night and the month after I graduated, Bobby came home on a 30-day leave. Well, I won’t bore you, so I’ll just say that at the end of those 30 days, I was married, and off to Texas I went with him to his new base.

I remember that wonderful day I got married, I was 18 and Bobby had just turned 20 a couple months earlier. To say that we were a young married couple is an understatement. Yes, I was a virgin my wedding night. I decided very young to remain a virgin no matter what and I did just that. Bobby had tried, as did many other boys, to persuade me otherwise, but I was always pretty good about knowing how to cool them off. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am no prude, I was just good at keeping my virginity intact.

Now Bobby works on an air tanker; it is one of those great big planes that refuel other planes in the air. Therefore, with this kind of work there were times that Bobby would leave for work at 7 in the morning and not get back until 4-5 days later. The biggest problem for us both was he never knew until he arrived at work what his day or days were going to be. In addition, once he did know, he was not allowed to let me know.

Trust has always been big in my life as it has been in his. I know that when Bobby is flying and if he has to stay over night some place in the world, he is always thinking of me as I do him. I don’t worry about him going into towns and messing with the bar girls and he knows I am home watching TV or reading or sleeping or just doing nothing until he returns. Now, when he does get home, we always kiss and make love the minute he walks in the door. No matter if he has been gone just a few hours or several days.

You see, while I was a virgin on our wedding night, I knew I would love sex because of the way I felt about it prior to that wonderful night. Bobby is just like me; well, maybe a little more into sex than I am. I say that because he has so many sex books he reads on his flights. You see, in his job he is in the plane for hours on end so he keeps his mind busy reading those dirty pocket books. He has been collecting them ever since he went into the service, so here at the apartment he has this footlocker crammed packed with them.

Since I just sit here doing nothing, I began reading them and they all are very explicit in their story lines. So by the time Bobby gets home I am going crazy with my pent-up lust. Oh, sure, I masturbated a whole lot reading them, but masturbating never will take the place of making love. And after about six months of a steady diet of those sex books, (I have to tell you some of those books are downright filthy!) I began thinking of sex in a whole new light.

Now, I am telling you all this so you have a better understanding of where I am coming from (so to speak) We are getting along just fine on Bobby’s pay; our rent is low, and we stay at home (when he is home) and when he is gone, well, I stay at home. That has brought a big change in both of our lives. Two nights ago, after we made love for a good hour, we began to just talk. Bobby feels bad because his job is always taking him away from me and I end up staying in the apartment alone. I also had been thinking about that same thing, and I asked him how he would feel if I got a job to help me pass the time while he was gone.
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Assfucking 101

March 25th, 2014

I was an 18 years old college freshman and living in a coed dorm. I was also quite a shy kid and didn’t know very many people in the dorm but I did make friends with the RA. She was a 21 year old Puerto Rican senior pre-med major. Since I was also pre-med, she sort of took me under her wing when I came to the school.

One evening I was preparing to take a shower, so I slipped on my robe and was walking down the hall to the showers. The RA was standing in the hallway, she complimented me on my robe, which was a black, silk robe that barely came down to my knees. It was a high school graduation gift and since I never used a robe at home, I had no other robe to use, so I used it despite the many jokes from the other guys in the dorm that called me Hugh Hefner whenever I wore it.

Well I thanked her for the compliment and she said “before you take your shower I wanted to give you that book you were asking me about, however, I am about to go out so come and get it now.”

I said “Ok” and followed her, actually I was walking behind her staring at her soft ample behind. She normally dressed down with sweats and t-shirt but tonight she had on a tight black dress with her hair and make-up done to perfection.

As I walked in her room, I noticed that it wasn’t in its usually state of student disarray but neatsome may even have considered it clean.

I said to her jokingly, “expecting someone over?”

She said “yes.”

“Ok, let me get the book and go before they get here, I said.

She said, “it’s over there on the desk.”

So I went to retrieve it. As I did, she closed the door. This was strange because anytime myself or any of the guys in the dorm was in her room, the door was to remain open, university rules.

So I got the book and was about to leave when she said, “do you like me?”

“Sure,” I said naively, “I like you a lot, you have been a great mentor.”

“No,” she said, “I mean if you had the chance, would you want to sleep with me?”

Now I was completely stunned, here is this gorgeous woman and she want to know if I wanted to have sex would her, was she crazy, of course I did, shit, I had sex with every day in my fantasies.

So I said, “Uhh…yeah…uhh, I think so.”

I was scared as hell not knowing what to say or do next. She told me to go sit on her bed and told me to lean back.

“Don’t be nervous” she said, “I like you alot and I think we can be real close.”

She then began to kiss me. She kissed me more than I kissed her because I was still shocked. She saw how nervous I was and asked if I was a virgin.

I said “no,” which was technically true, I did have sex one time with my old girlfriend but she chickened out midway through so I never came. But I did penetrate, so I wasn’t a virgin. I don’t think she believed me.

She said “I going to treat you real nice, we can take it nice and slow.”
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Best Friends Girl

March 15th, 2014

I have known Rick since we were seven years old. We are completely different people but we have stayed best friends. Rick is smart and ambitious. He is handsome and good with the ladies. I have always envied his charm. He seems to attract women without even trying. I am more of a quiet person. I enjoy being alone with a book or a movie. I have accepted the fact that I will never be cool or part of the “in crowd.” Still, Rick and I have always been tight. There is a bond between us that I don’t understand but I know exists.

Over the years, Rick’s taste in women has been awful. With the wide variety that he had to pick from, I never understood why he chose the ones he did. He always picked the air heads and the bimbos. Fake boobs, too much make-up, and really big hair. That was Rick’s type. I don’t know, maybe with his ambition he just wanted something that looked good and wasn’t a threat to him.

A few years ago, Rick called and said that he had met someone new and wanted the three of us to go out for dinner. We agreed to meet at our favorite Italian restaurant at 8:00 that night. While I was waiting for them to arrive (Rick is always late) I tried to imagine what this new girlfriend would be like. I thought she would be like the rest – tall, blonde, big boobs, long legs, and no personality. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Rick walked in with a petite, dark-haired, dark-eyed, Asian woman. He introduced her simply as Amy. I was dumbstruck. Amy was beautiful. She couldn’t have been any taller than 5’3”. She had shoulder length black hair with a few brown highlights. Her eyes were big and brown. She had a tiny little body with full, natural breasts. I could not believe how beautiful she was. She didn’t wear any make-up. Her skin was smooth and flawless. I must have starring but I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

As we ate, I was repeatedly shocked by what I learned about her. She was a second grade school teacher. She lived at home with her mother. She read and wrote poetry in her spare time. She even went to church every Sunday with her mother. She seemed shy and innocent. This was the kind of girl that you just instinctively try to protect. Amy was not Rick’s type of girl. This was my type of girl.

It’s difficult to say when I first realized that I was in love with Amy. I just looked up one day and knew. Of course, it was wrong. Rick was my best friend and he loved her. It went against everything I thought was right. There was no possible way for Amy and me to be together but it was all I could think about. I thought about her laugh. I thought about her smile. And yes, I thought about her soft lips and her perfect body. I couldn’t get her out of my mind.

Slowly, Amy and I had grown close. One of our favorite pastimes was for the three of us to go to the local sports bar. Amy and I would talk about books or current events while Rick would catch the highlight reel on the TV. I loved those talks with Amy. She was so smart and funny. I would sit across the table and wonder why someone who was so perfect for me could be so unattainable.

It hurt Amy to think of me being alone. She tried to set me up a few times with her friends but I always turned her down. “I’m still hurting,” I would say. Amy thought I was talking about my last disastrous relationship but really I was referring to her. I felt like I could never love anyone else. For me, there was only Amy.

My birthday is in the middle of June. I hate to work on my birthday so I always take a weeks vacation. Of course, Rick and all my other friends had to work so we agreed to have my birthday party on Saturday.

On Thursday, I slept in. I had no plans and no obligations. I took a long hot shower and looked forward to a quiet day alone. I sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. I really just wanted something to distract me from my thoughts of Amy. Lately I had begun to fantasize about her almost constantly. I wanted her so much that it hurt.
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Webcam Fun

March 3rd, 2014

Matt was a pretty cool guy. I had chatted with him online for over a year now, and due to the distance between us we hadn’t met each other yet. He was a computer tech based out of Silicon Valley, and I was an Administrative Assistant living in Florida. However, that was all about to change.

Matt had it all. He was smart, good looking, funny, and a good friend. Our chats had started out completely innocent. Mostly stuff like ‘how was your day’, and, ‘ what do you like to do for fun’. As months passed by, though, our chats became more serious. We had discussed everything from what we want in life to how many kids we’d want to have. Also, around this time, our chats got a little more risqué. We began exchanging fantasies and having cybersex.

We had done everything that people do when they first chat. Exchanging pics back and forth. As in our chats, the intial pics were purely innocent. Pics of us with our friends, at the beach, of us with our families. Normal stuff. However, just like with our chats, our pics became less and less innocent. From me in my lingerie, and him in his boxer briefs…to nothing at all. We eventually got to the point where we would specify how we wanted each other to be positioned in the pics we were taking.

About a month into our chatting, we had both decided to purchase a webcam. Unlike the chatting and the pics, this didn’t start off innocent. We knew exactly why we’d each purchased the cams, and what we wanted to do. I told him for my first inital act, I’d like to perform a striptease for him. I told him the song I was planning on stripping to, and how we could, through online microphones, be able to hear each other while performed.
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Her Wicked Past

February 24th, 2014

My name is Jason and I’m 34 years old and I am married to a wonderful woman named Beth. We have been married for 3 years and everything has been wonderful. Beth is 5’7” inches tall, has brown hair, gorgeous brown eyes, and great soft skin. She’s very thin and has a small cute chest, but has a killer ass. I mean killer. In fact shortly after I met her, she revealed to me that she was in a Playboy college girls issue. And after a few dates she finally showed it to me (her ass and the issue!). Although she seemed to be pretty open and honest about herself throughout our dating and since our wedding, I’ve always avoiding discussing her college days with her, the Playboy shoot, and her past. We get along great though and I felt like at least I could tell her anything.

Her college was having a reunion weekend so we drove there for the weekend. It was at a hotel on her campus and all of the other people attending stayed there too. The reunion was fun, we got there Friday night and there were tons of functions scheduled for the different classes that were there and she introduced me to a lot of her old sorority friends on the first night, a few of which were very very hot.

We walked around campus and hung out on Saturday with her old roommate and friend Diane and her husband Thomas, who both graduated with my wife. There were really cool people and I hit it off well with Thomas while my wife gabbed away with Diane. We went into a clothing store that the girls wanted to go into and Thomas and I waited and chatted while the girls tried on clothes. I was talking to Thomas about all of them in their college days and wasn’t really paying attention to the girls until Beth stepped out of the dressing room to look in the mirror. I think mine and Thomas’s heart’s stopped. Beth was wearing the tightest and smallest pair of white cotton shorts I’ve ever seen. They didn’t even completely cover the bottom of her ass cheeks, and her long tan legs came out of them and contrasted with the white. The name of her school was written across the back in black block letters.

“Holy shit” I said out loud without even realizing it.

I looked at Thomas who had an ear to ear grin across his face.

He said “Now that’s the ass I remember!” under his breath.

He then came back down to earth it seemed and realized that he was talking to her husband, and started apologizing.

“Oh man, sorry, I didn’t mean to say that, its just…” he stammered trying to take both of his feet out of his mouth.

“It’s ok” I said half giggling, “I understand, I know better than anybody that she does have a great butt.”

Thomas responded under his breath again “I’m not sure better then anybody” He said it more as a wisecrack than anything and I figured he meant it in a harmless way.
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Cindy Goes Shopping

February 12th, 2014

“Oh, this is kinda cute!” Cindy said, holding up a dress. The dress was vinyl. It had vinyl straps holding up a top that was cut low across the front. It was short. And the front was connected to the back by 3 one-inch vinyl strips on each side. The strips separated the two halves by about six inches, leaving a wide expanse of skin to be seen. It was slightly narrower at the waist than at the top and bottom, allowing the chance of a glimpse of breast at the top, and who knows what at the bottom.

“Yep, it sure is.” I replied. “I think you should try that one on.”

“I’ll think about it.” She said, noting its position on the floor.

We were in an adult shop, stopping in late after a bit of a night on the town.

I thought the dress would be just about the right length – very short – and I liked the other features as well.

As was customary, when we walked into the shop to look around, Cindy had headed straight for the clothing. I had scoped the place out a bit. It had the counter in the middle of the store, with the clothing racks on one side, the leather and toy stuff along with the dressing rooms on the other side, and in the back were long shelves of movies for rent and for sale. There were perhaps 6 or 7 men roaming in the racks, searching for the movie that looked just right. The clerk was a youngish man, who looked bored when we walked through the door, but who seemed to perk up when he got a good look at Cindy.
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Joe and Me

January 26th, 2014

My husband and I had been fantasizing about me having sex with a client of his. It was brought up basically in jest, but we talked more and more about it as time went on, and it eventually became a favorite fantasy of ours. Well, one day my husband had a prospective client in his office, and the client (whose name is Joe) looked at a picture of me my husband has on his desk and remarked on how lucky he was to have such a beautiful wife (as the author of this story, I can refer to myself however I want!).

My husband agreed with him, and asked him if he wanted to see a better picture. Naturally Joe said yes, and my husband showed him a more revealing picture that he has of me. I’m coming up out of a pool, wearing a white one-piece swimming suit. Thanks to the water, the suit left very little to the imagination. When Joe expressed his appreciation, my husband took the bold step of asking him if he’d like to have sex with me!

So that’s basically the background. I’m sitting at home when my husband calls and asks me if I’d like to join him and Joe for dinner. He asks me if I remember what our favorite fantasy has been, and if I’d really be willing to go through with it. I remember being shocked that HE was willing to go through with it, but I was basically aroused by the whole idea of it. So he told me to put on something sexy and meet them at the restaurant.

I quickly jumped in the shower to get ready. Yes, my hands did wander as I got all soaped up and thought about what I was about to do, but I didn’t really masturbate all the way to a climax. I was just sort of moving around in a heightened state of arousal. I put on a pair of thong panties, a very revealing bra (to accentuate my firm, 36C breasts), stockings, garters, a tight black skirt, 3″ heels, and a very tight gold top. The top was high cut, but so tight that it just molded around my breasts. And I was so aroused that it was very easy to see my nipples through the shirt. I knew I would be turning some heads. Finishing with some make-up, I was out the door to meet the boys.

As I drove, I was wondering what the client would look like. In our fantasies, he had naturally been an incredibly studly guy. When I found the two of them at the bar, it was quite the opposite. Joe was about 45, balding, and really quite overweight. But I was committed at this point, and as I walked up to meet them I could feel his eyes surveying my body, which did have the effect of increasing my arousal despite the way he looked. I had a drink with them at the bar (okay, I had about 3 drinks actually, figuring I’d need to be a little drunk to really go through with this – but who’s counting?). It was actually sort of fun flirting with him and making my husband squirm, and I made sure to do a lot of touching him, both with my hands and brush-ups against my chest. My horniness was increasing.
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Fun With David

January 18th, 2014

My story started when my wife, Bonnie, and I, began to bring our individual fantasies into our lovemaking. Our sex life had become routine, so this was a way to enhance, as well as vary, our sexual relationship. I, like so many other men, get very turned on with the idea of sharing Bonnie with someone else, male or female, so I was usually the instigator of these fantasy sessions.

Bonnie is about 5‘3“, has very sexy, though average sized tits, and has an ass to die for. Though having given birth to 2 kids, she still looks as hot as ever to be 40 years old. Being the conservative wife when it came to sex, she was usually a willing participant, but most of the time it took some coaxing on my part to get her into the fantasy games. It was almost humorous at times, how she’d deny being interested in actually going through with our fantasies, but while we acted them out, she became insatiable. She seemed to especially enjoy fantasizing about fucking a stranger while I joined in. During sex, Bonnie loves to use a vibrator or dildo while sucking my cock, so it’s a pretty good indication of what her true desires really are; though she refuses to admit it. Often, as we are making love, I ask Bonnie if she would fuck a stranger if he walked in the room right then. Most of the time, she would say “no“, that it was only a fantasy, but sometimes, when she was really turned on, she would say “yes“.

So, it was with this little tidbit of knowledge, that I set about hatching my plan. I knew it would be a huge risk, but regardless of the outcome, I knew our love for each other would remain steadfast. Our kids had made plans for the upcoming weekend, so I knew Friday night was wide open.

My plan was to blindfold Bonnie, tie her to the bed, and bring a “stranger“ into the bedroom. Bonnie usually enjoyed the helplessness of being tied up during sex, but the blindfold was certainly going to be an obstacle, as Bonnie is very claustrophobic. I would just have to figure out a way to make her give in.

We live in a fairly small community, so the means of finding a stranger, such as an escort service would provide, was out of the question, and I was hesitant to pick up just anyone to take part. The only solution was to bring a friend, and I knew just who it should be.
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Neighbors Wife

January 11th, 2014

I just witnessed a very hot lady fuck a roomful of guys and had to tell about it. I am 45 years old and live in a medium size city located in the western United States. This is pretty conservative territory, so I have never had the opportunity to participate in any wife swapping parties or orgies. I have heard rumors of a few, but that is about it. I am happily married to a great woman, Jane, who loves sex as much as I do and as far as I know she is also satisfied with our marriage.

Our next door neighbors are not so lucky. Bill and Shelly are in their late-twenties and have had a pretty stormy relationship since moving in three years ago. This is the second marriage for both of them. They have been separated a couple of times that I know of, but always end up back together. Shelly is a hot number with nice tits and a full round ass. She looks like she is made for fucking but Bill always acts like his sex life is only average. Bill is a great guy who likes to hunt and fish and is gone most weekends enjoying his recreation. His being gone seems to contribute to the stress in his marriage.

It was a hot Saturday and I had committed to Jane that I would build a patio and rock fireplace in our back yard while she was out of town with one of our sons at a basketball camp. A few of my friends had volunteered to help. As the day wore on, it got hotter and hotter. About the time we were all ready for a break, one of the guys reported that my neighbor was laying in the sun in a very small bathing suit and encouraged us to take a look. I felt like a dumb shit spying on my neighbor, but I had seen Shelly’s ass before in a bathing suit and it was truly worth seeing. Well, we were too loud and Shelly saw what we were doing. She rolled over on her back and raised up. There were four or five of us staring at her through the fence and I am sure she could make us out.

She yelled “enjoying the view!” I was totally embarrassed and yelled out an apology. To my surprise, Shelly got up and walked over to the fence and told us it was perfectly alright. She said she enjoyed having men admire her body. She was wearing a white thong two piece suit which left little to the imagination. Her nipples were sticking out and I swear I could see the outline of her cunt through the bottoms. I apologized again and we retreated. For the rest of the afternoon, all the guys could talk about was Shelly.
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The Hot Spot

January 4th, 2014

I am a 26 year old marketing consultant who works in New York City and lives in the suburbs. I have always done very well for myself with women, I am “boyishly” good looking, very well built, and what some call a smooth talker . I have charmed many a woman into bed, but, The experience that I had a few weeks ago was by far the best of my life.

I have just gotten out of a relationship with a 22 year old woman, she was unbelievably good looking and was great in the bedroom. Unfortunately we didn’t see eye to eye on relationship issues and we parted ways. Now, I was a bit upset I cant lie, we had spent a lot of time with each other’s families and had really grown fond of the set-up. My friends trying to cheer me up convinced me one night to meet them at a club in the City they have been frequenting.

I hopped the train after work and hit the Club. It was an old theater and it was really nice from the inside, the techno music was so loud that you felt every beat in your chest. I had been to a few Raves before, but, this one was the livest so far. I bellied up to the bar and began to notice all the hot young women around. Dressed in hardly anything they were grinding to the music and doing shots all around me.

I guess this is what I have been missing not going out and all I said to myself as I ordered a drink. Just then I spotted my friends and went over to them. My one friend handed me a little tablet and smiled as he popped one in his mouth as well. I tried to ask him what it was but the music was way to loud. I mouthed the word Ecstasy to him and he smiled and nodded. I popped the pill and swigged my beer to wash it down and we high-fived and laughed. We had quite a few drinks at the bar when finally I had to go to the bathroom . It was so jammed packed with people I could hardly move. I was definitely feeling the effects as I made my way through the crowd. The girls in the club were absolutely beautiful. when I brushed up against a girl as we tried to pass each other in the club I felt waves go through me. The bass was sending waves through me as well. I watched as a girl belly danced to the beat, the dance floor was a sea of people grinding and that’s when I saw her. My ex-girlfriends sister was grinding on the dance floor!!!

She looked amazing. She was blonde and very very petite. Green eyes and pouty lips. She wore a metallic silver half shirt which not only showed off her pierced belly button, but, her hard nipples and her small perky tits as well. She wore tight leather pants and swayed her hips rhythmically to the droning Techno beat.

I always fantasized about making love to her. We would exchange a kiss hello and goodbye at family functions, but, I always thought there was something more to the hugs and kisses and looks we exchanged.

I started to notice how sexually she was grinding to the music and decided I was gonna go for it. I danced my way over and “accidentally ” bumped into her. She turned around and when she saw me her face lit up.
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