Month: June 2013

Hot Tub Fun

Edwina could suck cock as good as any person I ever had blow me. First of all, she did it with an enthusiasm that made me know that she was aware of the feelings that were going through my body and she acted as if she were feeling the excitement in her own body right along with me. In fact, she came during one of my climaxes even though she had one hand on my shaft and the other under and around my balls.

She was sitting next to me with her knees together and as she told me later, she could come if she were excited enough and she squeezed her legs together rhythmically. Her method was to run her hot mouth firmly down my rod to the base and then slowly withdraw it with enough suction to make a pop when the head slipped out. Then she would slowly run her tongue over the shiny blue head curling the tip so that it moved around just under the edge of the cap, stopping at the seam on the bottom.

Flicking her tongue ever so rapidly, along the seam, she would find the hole where the clear fluid was coming out and it would feel like she was trying to get her tongue into that little sensitive hole. Then she would stop and wait, just long enough for the thrill to course through my body and once more down the shaft, each time bringing me closer to an explosion.

Finally, and she knew when the time was right, she would omit the tip licking and just concentrate on the up and down motion, holding my cock tightly in her mouth and moving at an ever faster rate as my orgasm progressed. Then, she never changed pace when the come spasms started, moving up and down just like a machine and she would keep that motion up at the same speed until I indicated that I was ready to rest.

My Wife Fucks Her Old Classmates

My wife Debbie had received an invitation to her high school reunion, it was to be held in a small town in Florida. We thought it’d be fun to see how well her old classmates were doing so we planned to attend.

It was interesting to watch Debbie getting ready, she was all nervous and tried on at least 10 different outfits before deciding on a short black body clinging knit dress, black stockings and heels. Even black panties, and bra. Her red hair had been freshly styled and she looked great!

Debbie was by far the best-dressed and best-looking woman there. A well-dressed black man approached Debbie; he had a broad smile, “Remember me?” he asked.

Debbie hugged him tightly, his name was Terry and they’d been school chums back in the old days. Debbie and Terry talked about their senior year, recalling the senior prom. Then soon another black guy approached, and I watched as she hugged him like an old friend. Then the three of them continued to reminisce about prom night and high school happening.

To my surprise their conversation came around to after the prom and the fact that several of the guys had gone up to a lake where a beer party was being held. Apparently Debbie and Terry had gone there but they ended up in Terry’s car making out and soon they both were naked in the back seat.

My jaw dropped when Terry recalled how he had enjoyed seeing her tits and red hair-clad pussy. He went on to say that he had just about gotten half way in her cunt when someone had shown a flashlight through the car window. It was a Sheriff.

Adult Book Store

Hi, my name is Kathy, and this story is one I’ve wanted to relate to the group for some time. Hope you like it.

About 5-6 years ago, I walked into my first “Adult Book Store”. To say that I was apprehensive would have been an understatement. I was anxious to see what these “Book Stores” were all about though… so I went along with my husband.

Wearing my low cut, wrap around dress with no bra and underwear as my husband had requested, we entered the store. There must have been 7-10 guys browsing through the magazine racks. All of the magazines had “graphic” type pictures on them, such as women with “big tits”, some with “milking breasts”, others being fucked in the ass, some being gang-banged, and others with other women etc. We browsed through a few, when he made the sug- gestion that we should go in the back to see some “movies”. As we walked up to the counter to get some quarters for the machines, I couldn’t help notice all of the toys (dildos, creams, games, inflatable dolls) that were in the glass counter. After getting our 5 dollars worth of quarters we stepped into the back.

Walking down a narrow aisle of about 10 feet, we came upon 3 bulletin boards that listed the movies along with some pictures and the number of the booth that they were being shown in. Walking down the 3-4 aisles we finally came to one of the booths that had a movie that we had chosen to watch. We entered the dark booth and somehow he found the slot to put the quarters in. This movie showed a girl with two guys, she was on her knees sucking one guy’s cock while the other was fucking her from behind. After a couple minutes of fucking and sucking them, they climbed up on to the couch. With the first guy laying down, she slowly sat on him, guiding his cock into her cunt. Once again they started fucking. The other guy walked up and started to rub Vaseline all over his cock and started to play with her ass.