Month: June 2010

Beth At Work

It started as any other typical day at work, I sat at my desk, toiling at the paperwork that stared me in the face. My reddish-brown hair needed to be cut, my miniskirt needed to be washed, and other errands needed to be done. A typical day, until he walked in the door. It was his first day, and my supervisor introduced me to him. “Beth, this is Chaz, he’ll be working with us.

“Hi,” he said with a smile. All I could do was smile back at him, with a slightly nervous “Hello.”

My immediate thought was, “Oh my GOD he’s so CUTE I can’t stand it!” I had to calm myself, and started to concentrate on the impending paperwork. But how could I? The cubicle next to mine was empty, and they were going to put Chaz there, I just KNEW it. God, he was so cute. He had dark hair, brown eyes, medium build, and he looked like someone famous but I wasn’t quite sure who. I wondered what he thought of me, did he think I was pretty? I had considered myself attractive, straight hair down to my shoulders, cute face, brown eyes, full, red lips, a figure with all the curves in the right places including a quite slender waist, and great legs (or at least my last boyfriend told me so!) I’d never felt like such a schoolgirl! But, duty called, and back to the grindstone, shuffle those papers…

My Wife in The Back Seat

This is a true account of an event that my wife and I shared a few years back. My wife and I had been married about 16 years at this point. We had often discussed my desire to watch her fucking and sucking other men. Over the years there have been some opportunities but nothing ever materialized. At least not up until the story that I’m about to relay.

My wife was 32 at the time. She was attractive then and I must say that she is more attractive now. She is about 5’6” and 125 pounds, very nice and suckable breasts with large nipples, smooth white thighs that lead to a very sweet and moist pussy, and a small cute ass. She’s very talented in the bedroom. An excellent cocksucker and the biggest turn on is watching her getting herself so hot as she sucks a hard cock. It always makes her cunt so wet.

One evening we ended up at a nightclub called JW’s. We often went there so my wife could dance the night away and for me, to watch her with other men. In the previous times that we went there she was often hit on by both Black and White men. Like I said before she never acted. Although there was one time that she got picked up by two sailors and as soon as they found that she was married, they chickened out.

Anal In Law

My wife’s mom moved with us when she divorced my father-in-law. Sheila is a very sexy woman of forty-five. She works out at the gym every day to keep her body firm and shapely.Even her daughter has little advantage over her in terms of body appeal.

One night,while Sheila was out, Tanya and I availed ourselves to an evening of a good old,knockdown, dragout sexfest. Anal sex is one of our favorite variations, and thats what we were doing when Tanya’s mother saw us.

Taking the empty house for granted, we had’nt bothered to close our bedroom door,and Sheila came home earlier than she was suppose to.

Tanya and I had our backs to the door as I pumped my cock in and out of her ass. Tanya was on the bed on her hands and knees, and I caught her mom’s reflection in the bureau mirror. Sheila didn’t know I could see her, and stood there fo quite a while with a look of surprise as well as fascination on her face.

Party Crasher

I crashed this formal party at one of the hotels in town with a girl friend of mine. As soon as we walked into the ballroom, I noticed this extremely handsome man across the room setting up some electrical equipment. He was in a tux — a nice tight pair of pants! Well, being the outgoing gal that I am, I decided to approach this master*piece*.

His name was Tom. He was there to set up the equipment for a photo and light show, but my impression was that he was there to have fun. After we spoke for awhile (you know, the surface type conversation: How about that weather? What do you do for a living? etc…) he asked me to dance. This is always my little test to see how well a man can move. He moved so well, all kinds of thoughts ran through my mind — “I wonder what his cock would taste like? I bet he could fuck for hours.”

We danced and drank throughout the evening, our chitchat becoming more personal. He asked me for my number (which always throws me into a panic “Will he call????”). He shook my hand and kissed my cheek and promised he would call. Yea, right! Sure he’ll call. A good looking man like this surely has several women — why bother with another one? Guess my self-confidence was a little out of joint.

Come the following Monday I get the call. “Hi, this is Tom.”