Month: August 2010

Housewifes Tale

Hi readers, this is my first time posting and it may be my last, but my life has changed over the past few years and I’m looking for an outlet for some memories. (I guess I am also looking for a way to replay them in my mind!) So here goes . this will be written as a letter from me to you.

First off I need to tell you a bit about me, not who I am today but who I was for the 7 years I spent chasing higher education. I had come from a small high school, where I did not deserve the reputation that I was given. The truth is, I fell in love and pursued those feelings. The trouble was that I fell for a boy with an inferiority complex (undeserved) who needed to act like a big man around his friends. Anyway, he talked and I paid the social cost. These things happen.

But they were not going to happen to me while I was in school. I am a fairly driven person and I had planned on competing in athletics, graduating near or at the top of my class, and getting accepted to a graduate program. A serious boyfriend would make this impossible by taking up time, making it difficult to apply to distant programs, and all the rest. So, no boys for me. No problem, right?

Wrong. It was easy for a while but eventually I missed the feeling of being on a date, of being held, of all of that. Well I was (and am) stubborn, so I hatched my own little plan that wouldn’t force me to go back on the promise that I had made to myself. Please don’t think poorly of me, but I decided to answer a few of those free adult Internet ads just for the attention.

Christmas Post Party Bang

Kim and I were married in our early twenties, and by no means was she experienced in any way sexually, having been intimate with only me. In most ways it was great because she’d learned sex exactly the way I liked it. Still, I’d always thought she had a terrifically hot bod, and was pleased when I caught someone else taking notice of her charms. Deep down inside I always thought it would be hot to watch someone bury their bone deep inside her, and bring out the slut in my faithfully hot little housewife. Also I wondered if she’d ever thought about what it would be like, but of course she wouldn’t ever admit to something like that.

Kim is about 5’3 with long dark curly hair, big brown eyes, and a smile that’d warm the cockles of your heart. It’s the rest of her body that warms most everything else. Despite her Italian heritage, she has the milkiest white skin, with huge perfect melon shaped tits. Rounding it all, she has killer thighs and just a great shape. I love it when she wears her boy shorts, or simply cutoffs with a tank top. Then again so does most all the guys I know.

Anyway, during the first year of our marriage, we decided to make as many Christmas parties as we could that season, mostly my friends, and of course the company parties. It was after her company Christmas party that our life changing event took place.

The Wifes A Beach

Caroline loves to display herself on beaches, but won’t admit it. “Not another nude beach. I don’t think I could stand being perved at,” she said peevishly.

“Come on, darling. It won’t be too bad I promise.”

We set off down the track in the cane fields of Kauai. It was a beautiful sunny day, and she soon forgot her qualms. As usual, she had no bra on – no bikini top either, as we knew it was a nude beach. As a walked behind her, I massaged her tits, and then started unbuttoning her short. The lack of resistance told me she was already aroused, and soon she was parading down the track with her shirt open and her breasts swinging freely.

After ten minutes or so the track narrowed and descended to the beach through some ironwoods, a beautiful crescent shaped bay with white sand and wild surf, with no development in sight. There were two couples already there, both naked, plus the usual collection of gay men that seem to frequent these places. There were lots of nooks in the bushes, but the best ones were occupied by the gays. We couples had to content ourselves with the open beach. Both the others seemed to be enjoying themselves but looked shy.

The Tits Next Door

I lived in an apartment complex in Los Angeles for several years. There was a woman who had moved in next door to me about four months ago, during the winter. I didn’t know a whole lot about her, since I worked at night.

I had never seen anyone else at her place, so I figured that she must live alone. I didn’t really care, either. I had been divorced for about five years, and didn’t really want to get involved with a female. I was content to rent an occasional big-tit video and beat my meat, watching the enormous melons on my television screen get covered by some enormous dick shooting cum all over them.

It was a Saturday afternoon, and it was my day off. I slept strange hours, and I seldom had any visitors. I was flipping the channels on the TV, looking for some tits on one of the cable channels, when there was a knock on the door.

I wasn’t wearing a shirt, and had on only a pair of loose shorts. I went to the door and pulled it open a crack. There stood my neighbor, in a short bath robe.

Karate Gets Kinky

“Hai!” Hiroshi shouted, turning neatly in the air and kicking Daniel in the face with her small, bare foot. Daniel collapsed onto the mat, clutching his nose.

“Oh, sorry!” Hiroshi said, dropping to her knees beside Daniel. Her long black braid tickled against his neck as she pushed his hands aside and examined his nose. “You’re fine, you big baby.”

“It hurts!” Daniel complained, grinning at Hiroshi. He wrapped his arms around her slender waist and pulled her on top of him. They wrestled on the thick blue mat until Daniel pinned Hiroshi under him. His cock was stiff, pressing against Hiroshi’s thigh through the fabric of his loose white pants.

Hiroshi giggled and then smiled, pressing her legs up against Daniel’s hard cock. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as his prick jerked at the pressure. He was holding Hiroshi’s hands above her head, but she wriggled out easily and slid her cool fingers under his loosely belted jacket.