Month: November 2013

Taking Care Of The Pool Man

A lot of people don’t realize, but frosted glass is see-through. Only when it is daylight outside does it work as it is supposed to. If its night, and you turn a light on, anyone outside can see straight inside. My wife and I found this out a few years ago, when a female neighbor came and told us we should close the curtains on our bathroom, as she could see right through our window as clear as anything. Apparently she had a nineteen year old son who was having a good time looking through our window at my wife soaping herself in the shower, and no doubt bending over to put her knickers on as well. The thought of some pimply teenage boy pulling his hardon while staring in at my trim and prudish little Asian wife in her birthday suit turned me on no end.

My wife is Malay, and generally is very careful about covering her body and would never even step outside in shorts. But surprisingly, she wasn’t that worried about having been seen naked by some horny young man who no doubt came all over his hands while thinking about what it would be like to stick his sausage in my wife’s tight little cunt or bumhole. She felt if he had seen her like that, that was just his good luck and she hoped he enjoyed himself. This got me thinking, and I said to her, “Well, if you leave the blinds up, and some poor guy gets all hot and bothered because of it, then the next time that happens I think it’s only fair that you take care of it for him.” Feeling myself get hard, I told her that she must promise that if any guy ever came to the door and said he had seen her naked in the shower, she was to pull him in through the door, apologize and ask if she could take care of it for him. The she would drop to her knees, unzip his fly and pull his cock out and take it in her mouth, bringing him off. Shocking, my wife agreed to all this, although I of course just assumed that she was playing along with my fantasy and the situation would never actually arise. It was many years later that I realized how wrong I had been.

Wifes First Swallow

What turned my wife into a blowjob specialist?

I ask my wife the other night what made her crave sucking cock so much and this is what she told me.

First off she is a master of blowjobs. She says that sucking cock can actually bring her close to an orgasm. It doesn’t matter, stranger or me, to her the feeling of taking a wad in the face is pure bliss.

This is how she told me it started.

Suzan, her boyfriend at the time, Joe, her friend Kate and Kate’s boyfriend were sitting on a hill over looking the bay area. The sun had just gone down and they we getting ready to start the car to leave and go to Kate’s boyfriend’s apartment. Suzan was 18 at the time. All of a sudden a San Mateo patrol car pulled up behind them.

The large police officer got out of his car and shined his light into the window. “You kids are out late. Please step out of the car.”

Shaking with fear all four complied. This was the mid eighties and Suzan dressed exactly as you might think got out in her white skirt and white halter. The cop looked all of them over, “You got any drugs in there?”

“No sir.” Joe replied.

“It looks like you are all out after curfew, you boys head home now, and you two I will take home.” He said.

Joe said “Ok, Suzan, I will call you tomorrow.”

“Now” the large black officer said.

My First Threesome

Our first threesome was the greatest sexual turn on I have ever had. A friend of ours that came over just about every weekend was who I had my eye on.

Steve would come over, and my husband and I would drink, smoke, and talk on the ham radio till late at night. Steve would all ways hit the road about 2 am, and my husband and I would go to bed. This had gone on for about 3 months, but this evening he didn’t have a ride home, so my husband told him that he would take him home. Just as he was about to leave I called my husband back to the bedroom, and ask him what he thought about Steve going to bed with us. He was really shocked, but it was so sexually arousing that he loved the idea.

Now he had to get up the nerve to ask Steve what he thought, they got in the car, and just as they pulled out of the drive way, my husband, somehow ask the question, Steve was all for it.

They backed the car,into the drive and got out. My husband said he was getting so nervous that he was about to freak out. When they came back in the house, my husband ask Steve if he had any more of that smoke with him, he said yes, and pulled it out, My husband came back in the bedroom and ask me to come out and join them in a few tokes, I said Oh yes.

We sat and talked for about 30 minutes while we smoked and got a real buzz on. I said, I’m going to go get in bed. They followed me back to the bedroom and we all sat on the bed. We talked a little more as I took off my robe. I said, come on guys get your clothes off and get in bed. We all took off everything but our underwear and got under the covers, I ask Steve if he would light up another jay, and as he did I got up and got an ash tray, and slid back under the covers.