Month: December 2012

2 Guys Are Better Than 1

My best friend Jake called me and asked if I’d fly up to visit him to help him move. I never turn down a free trip so off I went. We spent most of the first day putting all of his stuff in boxes, and by nightfall we were both ready for a few beers. We met up with some friends of his, including Darcy, a beautiful redhead with a great body. I flirted with Darcy all night as we went from bar to bar. I thought I was making pretty good progress, even though Jake kept giving me signals to back off, but I just figured he was jealous. Finally, I asked Darcy if she’d ever slept with a guy she’d just met. She laughed and asked if I’d ever slept with a lesbian. I stuttered, not knowing how to respond. She replied, “If you get the chance take it, we’re excellent.”

“Do you exclusively sleep with women, are do you sleep with men also?” I asked, hoping I still had a chance.

“I’d never do a guy. Woman are just so much prettier.” I had to agree with her, even though my hopes for the night were dashed. After that however, Darcy and I were still just as flirtatious, maybe even moreso now that I knew I wasn’t going to get any. Jake still had no idea that I knew, and kept trying to warn me, I played dumb and let him think I thought I still had a chance. The bars all closed down, and the whole group, about nine of us, all went for a night cap at a nearby apartment. We stayed up most of the night telling embarrassing stories and drinking. Darcy was sitting on my lap while Jake continued to give me silent warnings. I got up to use the restroom, and when I returned Jake had taken my place under Darcy’s beautiful backside. Knowing I wasn’t losing out on anything, I simply took the available seat and rejoined the fun.

Soaked Panties

Claude was a lonely 45 year old man. He lived all by himself in a nice house in the suburbs of Phoenix. His wife had left him years ago for a man who made more money, taking his 2 sons with her. Claude was constantly depressed, constantly seeing his suburban neighbors spending time with their families, playing games, having barbeques, going to church, school. Especially his next door neighbors, the Swansens. The Swansens were seemingly a perfect family: Jake Swansen worked at a law firm and Marie Swansen owned her own pool shop. Their daughters, Katie and Becky were beautiful. Katie was a gorgeous 19 year old sandy blonde who excelled at tennis and had many friends. Becky was also popular. She was an 18 year old high school cheerleader with blonde hair and a great tan complexion. Claude would watch the successful Swansens return home from work, school, practice, and vacations, and admire how beautiful they all were.

But then Claude would have to return to his own pathetic reality. He spent most of his days drinking and looking at porn on the internet. He was so consumed by the babes he’d see on his screen, that he didn’t have any motivation to go out and talk to real women. But porn made him happy.