Month: June 2011


Moria liked sex and she knew she was good in bed. So why did her boyfriend cheat on her with the slut assistant from work? How could the bastard do that to her!?

It was a drizzly night. But for Moria it was exciting. She had never done anything like this before, but it was time break out, quit playing it safe and go out and have some fun. Fuck her boyfriend, the sleazy bastard.

Moria had been with Bob since their senior year in high school. She had never even given a thought about straying away from Bob. But last night was the clincher, he had confessed all about his affair. The little shit even had the balls to ask for her forgiveness, like then everything would be alright.

Well, she made up her mind that she was going forgive him, then she needed to at least punish him and this was the way she’d decided to do it. The night was full of possibilities, the air was electric and tonight, she would cheat on her boyfriend.

She decided to start the evening out by going to a place she’d hear of from a friend at work, a kind of swinger’s bar. She had never even thought about going to a place like that before. She had driven by it many times, but tonight she was going to go in.

Prom Dress Fitting

“I’d love to go,” Fran said excitedly into the phone, “sure, sure, uh huh, okay, yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow at school then, and thanks for asking me, bye.” “Yipeeeee,” Fran shouted at the top of her lungs, “guess who just asked yours truly to the Prom?” “Let me guess,” her mother replied thoughtfully, “I’ll bet it was Stuart?.?” “Oh, mother,” Fran replied in exasperation, “you know who it was, it was Jack.” “Jack,” her mother asked playfully, “do I know him?” Fran playfully poked her mother in the arm and replied, “This is gonna be the best night of my life, Jack and a couple of the guys are renting a limo, I can hardly wait, oh my gosh, I’ve gotta get a dress. Her mother patted her on the arm and offered, “Don’t worry about a thing, honey, well start looking at dresses tomorrow, we can start at Marie’s place, she’s a good friend and will probably give us a deal.” Fran merely nodded happily and ran upstairs to call her friends to tell them the good news.

“Hi, Peggy,” Marie called out from the far end of her store, “long time no see.” “Hello, Marie,” Peg replied while making her way through the maze of dresses and gowns hanging in every nook and cranny of the small boutique, “you remember may oldest daughter, Fran, well she needs a dress for the junior-senior prom and we want something special as it will be her last high school dance.” “Of course I remember her,” Marie replied with a wide smile on her face, “but I think it’s been six or seven years, and I must say, my how you’ve grown.” “Thank you, ma’am,” Fran replied softly, “I hope you have something exciting for me to wear.” “Don’t you worry abou that,” Marie said emphatically, “if I don’t have it, then I’ll just have to make it.” Peg gave her daughter a playful poke in the ribs and offered, “See, what’d I tell ya, Marie’ll have exactly what you need.”

“So,” Marie asked, “exactly what type of dress did you have in mind?” Fran looked at her mother for a second, and after getting the go ahead, she replied softly, “Well we were kinda hoping to get something that was strapless, you know, something that shows a lot of shoulder.” “Mmmmmmmm, a good idea,” Marie said while moving over to a rack of dresses in the corner of the store, “how about one of these, they’re all strapless and I’m sure that you’ll find that one of them is just right for you?” Fran worked her way through the fifty or so gowns that were pressed tightly together, until she came to a black and white number that was truly stunning. “How about this one,” she asked excitedly while holding it up to her neck, “what do you think, mom?” “My goodness it certainly is low cut,” she replied to her daughter, “why don’t you try it on and we’ll see how it looks on you.” “Where’s the dressing room,” Fran asked? “Oh, you don’t need a dressing room,” Marie replied softly, “I’ll go and lock the front door while you get started changing.”

In Arrears

“Please sit down,” Nancy said to Miss Danon, “would you care for some coffee?” “This isn’t a social call, Mrs. Wyatt,” Ellie Danon shot back stiffly, I want to keep this meeting to strictly business.” “Uh, sure,” Nancy stammered, “I just thought….” Ignoring the flustered woman, Ellie Danon opened up her brief case and pulled out a thick file, the Nancy could see had the name “Wyatt” spelled out in big red letters. After opening the file and thumbing through a few pages, Miss Danon place the file on the kitchen table, crossed her arms, and said, “Your eight months behind in your mortgage payments, and from what I can see, you have absolutely no way making up what you already owe, let alone all your future obligations.” Nancy fidgeted in her seat, while waiting for Miss Danon to finish. “Now,” Miss Danon continued, “I feel that the bank’s only option is to repossess, but if you have anything to add, I’m listening.” “Well,” Nancy stumbled, “you see, we’ve had a lot of bad luck lately, with my husband’s passing away, and I’ve been sick and missed a lot of work….”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Miss Danon interrupted, “all of that’s in your file, and much as I sympathize with your predicament, the bank is certainly not a charitable institution, and even though your mother carried you for nine months, we at Bank & Trust will not.” Nancy was just about to respond, when her eighteen year old daughter Erin came into the kitchen to get a snack. “How’s it going, mom,” Erin asked, as she poured herself a glass of milk?” “Uh, okay, dear,” her mom replied, “could you please excuse us honey, we still have a lot to go over?.?” “No prob,” Erin answered, “I’ll be in watching television.” As Erin left the kitchen, Ellie Danon couldn’t take her eyes off the ass of the cute teenager, and asked, “What’s her name?” “Erin,” came the quick reply, “she’s my one and only.” “”She’s very pretty,” commented Miss Danon, “how old is she?” “She’ll be nineteen in about three weeks,” Nancy responded, while Miss Danon, still looking at the open door Erin had just passed through, just said, “Hmmmmm.”

My Boyfriend Left Me

My boyfriend and I had purchased a two bedroom rancher in a rather upscale neighborhood and had been in it about eight months when I came home from work to find he had left me. There was just a short note that said he wasn’t ready to settle down into family life, sorry. Of course my life came crashing down on me, I had no inclination that he felt that way, he always seemed happy and I was totally devastated by this turn of events in my life.

A couple of days later, I was sitting on my front step with the note in my hand, crying like a baby when my neighbor, Irene, came over to see why I was in tears. We weren’t really friendly but always said hello and sometimes made small talk, but it was a shoulder to cry on, so I told her what happened. She let me pour my heart out to her for which I was very grateful and gave me the attention I needed most right then, the fact somebody cared about my life. She wrapped her arms around me and consoled me so that I began to feel better about myself and my situation.

When I stopped crying she invited me over to her place for dinner, telling me that her husband traveled on business three to five days a week and she hated to eat alone. I was in no mood to cook but was certainly hungry, so I accepted without any hesitance and we went over to her house for dinner.