Month: May 2010

Concert Quicky

We were at an outdoor concert in late spring. The concert was being held out in the hill country, really back in the sticks, outside of New Braunfels. It was a rock concert and we were standing up close to the stage, her with her date and me with mine. It was evening, and it was dark except for the lights on the stage and we were dancing to the music just like everybody else around us. Every now and then I would see a glimpse of her breasts swaying beneath her flimsy blouse. I didn’t know her though she was a stranger who was very pretty. She attracted me like a magnet.

I danced a little closer and we bumped once or twice as we danced to the music. The soft fabric of her dress did nothing to hide the smooth and supple curve of her ass as I moved to the music, just behind her. We touched again, and by now I was developing a decided stiffness in the front of my jeans. Again we touched as we danced and bounced. This time I imagined that I detected a distinct rubbing of her soft butt against my hard crotch.

Alas the song ended and the moment passed without another en- counter. During the next song though, I again feel her press against me again, this time more insistently — trying to find out if what she was rubbing against was indeed what she thought it was. When I felt the touch come again I moved my hips forward and grind a little. Let there be no doubt, I thought. Yes, that is a hard cock you feel in my jeans. Yes, it is YOU that is making it so hard.

Marks Sister Michelle

My buddy Mark and I have been friends for a long time. We’ve been thru a lot together, and have done a lot. Up till last Saturday, though, I wouldn’t have believed what happened could happen. I started going out with his sister Michelle about five months ago. His Dad Married her Mom about twenty years ago, and they became brother and sister that way, when he was 14 and she was 10. Mark’s 34 now, and I am 32.

Ever since I had known Michelle, she was a total slut. But she had a nice body on her, straight blonde hair and large tits. I decided I wanted a crack at Michelle, so I began turning up the charm whenever she was around, and eventually, we got together. Michelle is great as a fuck-mate, cuz she will do so much more than other women. I don’t know if it comes from the fucked-up life she had with her Mom before she married Mark’s dad or what, but she just looks like the kind of girl you wanna treat with disrespect. I have taken pictures of Michelle, in different outfits, and doing things like sucking my knob, or fingering herself. And we have sometimes watched pornos together and re-enacted what was on the screen.

Anyway, since her brother Mark and I have been buddies longer than I have known her, Mark still comes over to my apartment a lot, whether Michelle is there with me or not. Sometimes he sleeps over too. I remember one morning when Michelle came out to the living room wearing only her robe, her white cotton panties, and a beat-up old white tanktop. Her top was showing a lot of cleavage, which both me and Mark could see while we ate breakfast to try and get rid of the hangover we worked up the night before. Mark says to her, “Hey, Michelle—show us your tits, eh?” Michelle told him to fuck off, and called him a pervert, but later when she took off the robe and put on clothes for the day, she wore the very same top, with a pair of faded denim cutoffs. Man, her tits were very visible, hanging there in her old white tanktop! You could practically see the entire shape of her tits, as if she had shown Mark her knockers. I let her wear it, since I liked the way her tits looked in them, too, and who cares if her brother got a look at ‘em too, right? I was the one who got to feel them. I remember really wanting to fuck Michelle that afternoon. I got her while she was in the bathroom, putting on make-up. I began to run my hand up in between her tits, under her shirt, feeling them up royally, and kissing her face and mouth. I ended up pulling her shorts down, pulling her tanktop up, and fucking her on the bathroom carpet, while her brother watched Star Trek: The Next Generation out in my living room.

Adding Some Spice

I realized, after something that happened last week, that it’s never too late to spice up your love life. And that you can get into a rut in terms of how you view your wife, sexually. My wife, Cathy is 30 years old, about 5’3″, with light brown hair and blue eyes. She stands a firm 37-24-36 with a really cute baby face. She works as the local regional manager for a national bookstore chain, so she usually dresses and acts in a fairly conservative fashion. Last Friday she had to fill in for one of her managers who called in sick. Normally she works from 9-5, but since she was filling in for a retail position, she had to close the store. The store is only 5 minutes away from our house, so when she didn’t arrive at home at 10:00 I became a little worried, because the stripmall closed at 9:00. I tried calling the store several times, but the phone was always busy. After calling the operator I found out the phone was off the hook. Well, upon hearing this I became rather nervous & decided to stop by the store to see if everything was alright. I got my wife’s spare set of keys to the stores and jumped into my car. When I got to the mall the parking lot was pretty empty except for my wife’s car and two others. I looked through the front window, but most of the lights were off except for the ones in the rear office. I checked the doors but they were locked so I started fumbling with Cathy’s keys. Fortunately, she only managed three stores, so it didn’t take long to get in. When I got inside I heard some muffled sounds coming from the back. Curious, I tiptoed back and was just about to walk into the office when I got the biggest surprise of my life!