Adding Some Spice

I realized, after something that happened last week, that it’s never too late to spice up your love life. And that you can get into a rut in terms of how you view your wife, sexually. My wife, Cathy is 30 years old, about 5’3″, with light brown hair and blue eyes. She stands a firm 37-24-36 with a really cute baby face. She works as the local regional manager for a national bookstore chain, so she usually dresses and acts in a fairly conservative fashion. Last Friday she had to fill in for one of her managers who called in sick. Normally she works from 9-5, but since she was filling in for a retail position, she had to close the store. The store is only 5 minutes away from our house, so when she didn’t arrive at home at 10:00 I became a little worried, because the stripmall closed at 9:00. I tried calling the store several times, but the phone was always busy. After calling the operator I found out the phone was off the hook. Well, upon hearing this I became rather nervous & decided to stop by the store to see if everything was alright. I got my wife’s spare set of keys to the stores and jumped into my car. When I got to the mall the parking lot was pretty empty except for my wife’s car and two others. I looked through the front window, but most of the lights were off except for the ones in the rear office. I checked the doors but they were locked so I started fumbling with Cathy’s keys. Fortunately, she only managed three stores, so it didn’t take long to get in. When I got inside I heard some muffled sounds coming from the back. Curious, I tiptoed back and was just about to walk into the office when I got the biggest surprise of my life!

There was my wife, lying across the desk spreadeagle with her skirt bunched around her waist, pantyhose on the floor, and blouse opened down to her naval. Papers were scattered all over the floor along with the phone. At the same time a young blond haired punk, no older than 18 or 19, was on his knees orally ravaging her gaping cunt. While he was doing a number on my wife’s pussy a totally naked 20 year old boy was shoving his cock into Cathy ‘s mouth. My first reaction was to pull these two punks off her and beat the crap out of them, but I soon realized that my wife wasn’t a victim but an active participant. As I stood there watching in shock, my breathing grew heavy and my cock was becoming hard as a rock. Damn, I was actually enjoying seeing my wife servicing these two boys. Not wanting to be seen, I stepped back into the darkness as I watched the blond haired kid took his Levis & briefs off and slid his prick into my wife’s dripping hole. As he slid in and out of her slippery snatch, I heard the familiar sounds of approaching orgasm cumming my wife’s lips. The brown haired boy who was feeding Cathy his cock climbed onto the desk and began to fuck Cathy’s mouth in unison with the dick pounding her cunt.

Remembering that I had forgotten to lock the front door, I quietly snuck up to lock it in – just in case. When I got back, the boy plowing my wife cunt was straining to keep pace with her bucking hips. From the sight of his quick short thrusts, I knew he couldn’t last much longer. With one final lunge he shoved all the way into Cathy’s love tunnel and released his youthful load as his body shook with pleasure. His hot young cum brought my wife over, and she started to convulse in orgasm. Her breast were heaving and she was writhing and moaning in ecstasy. Dark hair’s cock fell out of her mouth and Blondie remained in the same position with his cock buried deep in my wife’s cunt, savoring the post orgasmic tremors as my wife’s cunt milked him dry. The dark haired boy got off the desk and nudged Blondie aside as he prepared to pump my wife. As Blondie pulled his softening meat out of my wife’s pussy a thick glob of white cum oozed out of it. They stepped back for a second to admire my her cum filled twat. It was such a turn on to see her wide open pink cunt glistening from a mixture of her juices and sperm. I silently wished that I had my video camera with me. The two kids then helped Cathy off the desk and onto the carpeted floor. As they did this, the dark haired kid helped her remove her skirt and blouse. They flipped my wife over onto her tummy. With her ass arched slightly and pussy wide open, dark haired positioned himself for easy access. I then noticed Blondie was hard AGAIN!. Ahha, to be young and full of spunk… He was hard again in less than 5 minutes! The horny fucker crawled up front and laid himself down and had my wife lick his rod clean of their previous encounter. The kid behind Cathy thrust his cock into my wife’s snatch in one quick motion – causing her to gasp. I guess she wanted to finish her oral duties quickly and concentrate on her own pleasure, because started to deep throat Blondie and used her throat muscles to milk his cock. In less than two minutes Blondie was shuddering in orgasm, unloading his cream down her throat. She swallowed EVERY drop. Not a bit of spunk was left on his cock as he withdrew from her mouth. Exhausted, the blond kid got up and collapsed onto one of the office chairs behind them and took on the role of a spectator. After a few minutes of pumping Cathy, Darkie, being a “head” man, stopped ramming his tool, dismounted and proceeded to get the same excellent blowjob that Blondie just had. Up until this point I was content being a voyeur, however, my straining hard-on was getting really uncomfortable. I pondered for a moment and decided to join the fun. With Cathy still sucking on dark hair’s tool with abandon, I quietly stripped and got behind her luscious ass. The boys froze when they saw me. Without saying anything I motioned for them to keep quiet and pointed to my wedding band and back to the wife. Needless to say they got the picture but were still in shock. I think they finally realized that I all I wanted was a piece of my wife’s well used ass. As Cathy continued to orally service her young stud, I began probing her drenched pussy with my fingers. She was so wet that I had no problem getting three fingers in her hole. I continued to tease her until she started begging to be fucked. All this time she had her backside to me so she thought it was Blondie doing her. I adjusted her ass for a perfect trajectory and mounted her doggy style. This brought squeals of pleasure from her well stuffed mouth and gave her all the more incentive to get the cock in her mouth off. Her hard work quickly paid off as the dark haired kid tensed up and started pumping a huge load into her mouth. Cathy swallowed what she could but a lot of it spilled out over her lips and chin. Being true to form she licked the boy clean. All his time I was using long slow strokes on her cunt to savor the extra smooth feeling of sloppy seconds. Every time I stroked, our privates made these obscene noises that spurred me on. I increased my tempo which caused my lovely piece of ass to mew with pleasure. She turned her head slightly and opened her eyes. Then our eyes met. She was briefly startled, but suddenly she started cumming and contracting around my cock. All the while staring me right in the eye and making lewd facial gestures. I couldn’t hold back any longer and began ramming furiously at her hot little hole. My body tensed and all I was for that moment in time was one big fucken cock plowing into my wife’s well lubed pussy. I felt my pent up load building and suddenly I was having one of the best orgasms of my life. It seemed like I was squirting gallons of cum into her beautiful pussy which just kept on milking me for more cum. I came so hard that I literally saw stars. As I came to my senses, I saw that Cathy was still staring at me with lust in her eyes and grinning from ear to ear. I was still buried in her and she was using her vaginal muscles to suck on my shriveling cock.

After everyone finally caught their breath, my wife introduced the blond as Joe & the other as David, a couple of part-timer’s for the store. Needless to say they already knew who I was. Embarrassed, they quickly mumbled their hellos, got dressed and said their goodnights. After they left, my wife who was still completely naked, told me what had happened. It seems that, after the store had closed, they were doing the usual vacuuming and straighten up. She was replacing some books on the top shelf when she lost balance on the step ladder. Luckily Joe was nearby and caught her, but in the process of doing so, he accidentally bunched her skirt up to her waist. Since all she had on underneath were sheer pantyhose, almost everything was exposed. She continued to tell me that Joe froze for a moment and all of a sudden began to caress her thighs & mound which had her quivering with pleasure. Soon he had his hands all over her body, fondling her tits and probing all her nooks and crannies. The other boy, David, happened in on them and quickly joined in. She said that after 5 – 10 minutes of some hot & heavy petting & kissing in the isles, the boys carried her into the back office, set her on the desk and proceeded to ravage her body, and I knew the rest. Upon hearing this I got hard again. Cathy and I had another quickie in the office before we straighten up the place & left. This time I lasted a bit longer and really enjoyed her sloppy pussy. That was a week ago, Cathy and I have been going at it like newlyweds since. It really has spiced up our 10 year marriage. She and I have even been planning for a next group session…I can’t wait!


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