The New Dress

I stopped at the mall to surprise my wife with a new dress. She always likes when I surprise her with a new dress before a party.

I was going through the rack when I saw a lady we knew most likely shopping for the same party. Her name is Kim and I had been seeing her out jogging quite a bit lady and she was looking very hot with her new toned body.

Her and her husband have kids in the same school as ours and we have known them for 10 years or so and she is one of my wife’s best friends and I play golf with her husband all summer. I would guess she is about the same age as me, 38.

Kim and I talked for a while and then she asked if I would let her model the dress for her. She was not sure about the size since she had recently lost 18 pounds. When the door open she stood there and I think my tongue hit the floor.

She was in an almost skin tight skimpy light colored dress. She had removed her bra and her hard nipples were showing their way through the flimsy fabric. She said, “How do you like it?”

I was almost at a loss for words and I said, “There’s no way you can wear that to the party. If you do, I’ll be staring at you all night that dress really shows off your new hot body!”

She just smiled and then said come here and then she pulled me into the room and shut the door and we started kissing immediately. Our hands were all over each others bodies and hers quickly found my belt and zipper and had my pants pushed down and then she stood back, undid her dress and let her dress fall to the ground exposing her hot naked body.

Suddenly she dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth and started working on my cock. Then after a bit of oral work she stood up turned around and pointed her ass toward me and said, “Okay stud, fuck me now.”

I closed my eyes and slid my cock into her from behind and just let it sit in her wet pussy and I grabbed her hips and started thrusting gently. She soon began to moan, “Faster! Harder! Fuck me faster!”

I rammed into her as hard and fast as I could. In less than a minute I groaned and told her I was going to cum. She said, “Not in me!” and she pulled away and went back onto her knees and grabbed my cock. She looked up into my eyes as she put my throbbing dick back in her mouth and stroked me until I erupted.

I came for what seemed like a lifetime pumping my cum down her throat, but she had no problem handling all I had, swallowing as fast as I could cum. Finally, I collapsed onto the bench and said, “Fuck! That was good!”

She stood and leaned over giving me a kiss and said that we should get going. She dressed and left the room, telling me to wait a couple minutes before I left.

When I finally left the room she was gone, so I bought my wife a dress and headed home.

A week later I saw her at the dinner party and she did look hot in her new outfit. Her husband caught me looking at her ass. I told him he was one lucky guy. He said the same to me and then he joked that maybe we should switch wives for the night for a little variety.

Of course nothing like that happened, as far as he knows at least.


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