Month: December 2010

Smooth Teen Pussy

Samantha sat on the edge of the tub with her legs spread wide apart while she very carefully maneuvered the safety razor along her bulging vaginal lips, using tiny short strokes to remove the final remnants of hair from her eighteen year old pussy. A knock on the bathroom door made her pause as she asked who it was. “Just me,” shouted her best friend Priscilla through the closed door, “can I come in?!?” “Sure, Pris, come on in, I’m almost finished here anyway,” intoned Samantha as she went back to her barbering!

Priscilla nearly burst through the door and took a seat on the closed toilet lid and asked, “What in the hell are you doing, Sam, it looks like your taking it all off!?!” Continuing with her shaving, Samantha replied, “That’s right, babe, I’m getting rid of all of it, with summer coming up, I want a nice clean look for my new bikini.” Priscilla didn’t answer for awhile, but watched intently as her friend scraped away her remaining pubes. “Doesn’t it sting,” she finally asked, “it looks like it burns like the dickens.” “Not too badly,” Sam replied, “and I’m going to rub it with baby oil when I’m finished, that should take away the sting!” Pris looked doubtful, but held her tongue as Samantha wiped away the excess lather and dabbed away the remaining moisture with a fluffy towel.

“Well,” asked Samantha, “how does it look!?!” “Like a five year old,” Pris retorted quickly, “but I have to admit that it does look sexy in an odd sort of way, how does it feel?” “Mmmmm, very erotic, the air is really cool on it,” Sam replied softly, “look at my clit, it’s all puffed up.” Priscilla leaned forward for a better look, and was astounded at what she saw. There at the top of Sam’s crack, poked out the head of her very erect clitoris. “My god, Sam,” she moaned quietly, “you must be on fire.” Sam’s breathing was now becoming labored, and along the length of crack moisture appeared in small droplets, looking for all the world like a string of small pearls! Without asking, Priscilla picked up the baby oil, turned on the hot water and held the bottle under the faucet for a minute or so to warm up its contents, and then squeezed a generous squirt into her hand, where upon she rubbed the warm oil gently into Samantha’s freshly shaven mound.

The Dirty Dance Floor

When I saw them dancing out on the floor together, I didn’t think anything of it. Girls can dance together all the time and people don’t give it a second thought. In fact, it made them look available and care free. The light show enveloped them, and the dark corners seemed to be their playground. I watched as the strobe made their movements surreal, downed a couple of beers and went out onto the floor.

Dancing nearby, I began to see the stares coming from all around the room. Other men and women were watching them with fascination. Their bodies swam in fluid sensuality and my heart started to pound when they moved over to me. Their movements enveloped my own. The taller girl leaned over to me and introduced herself as Jen in a husky voice. Jen was a brunette dressed in a short dark skirt and gray baby-t. Her breasts bounced freely as if no bra restrained them. She gestured to her friend and told me her name was Laura. Laura glanced around and looked relieved that my presence had gotten rid of some discomforting stares and gave me a welcoming smile. Laura appeared less at ease with her body than Jen, but still looked hot in her fitted black jeans and a black top that was only held closed by a single button between her breasts. The cleavage she showed led me to believe she wore a push-up and my eyes were drawn to her breasts repeatedly. . I told them my name was Jon then began to dance near them, my nervous energy being released as I let myself move in time with the driving beat of the music. I could feel the bass thumping the floor beneath me, and I could feel myself growing aroused watching the two of them eye one another, then sweep their gaze down my long form.