Month: October 2010

Christis First Huge Black Cock

I’d like to tell you about how my wife fell for a young black boy…and she’s so in love with him, she’s having his baby. She finds much more satisfaction with him than she ever did with me, because of the way he makes love to her, and the sheer size of the cock he fills her with – its huge.

We took in an exchange student to help with the rent. He was an 18 year old black boy from Uganda. Now I’d had visions that all black men are tall, muscular and good-looking but Efan was none of these things. He was of medium height and quite pudgy, with thick lensed glasses.

I never regarded Christi as a femme fatale but since she’s been going with Efan she’s become insatiable and can’t get enough of his enormous weapon. Christi used to be quiet, almost shy but not any more. She has a nice figure for her age – 36. She has firm, well- shaped breasts and long, shapely legs. In our 15 years of marriage, neither of us had strayed before.

Efan soon settled in, almost one of the family. He soon began watching Christi who always wore stockings, at home or at work. Once I caught him ogling the tops of her thighs when she bent over. He smiled at me and winked and I saw the front of his pants tented out by a large bulge. I guessed he had what black men are renowned for, a big, big cock. Strangely enough, I got a hard on watching him eyeing up my wife so openly. The thought of him having her soon began to enter my mind.

First Black Man

Joni and I had been married several years when the subject of Black men first came up. She told me one night, while we were fucking, that she had fantasized about fucking a extremely well hung Black man. She said she had always wondered if what they said about Black men’s cocks was true. I told her what I had seen in the showers on-board ship while I was in the Navy. Some of those guys had cocks that would make a horse green with envy. This really turned her on. She got on top of my cock, shut her eyes and fucked my brains out. I could tell by her frenzied pace that she was thinking about what I had told her.

Quickly she started to come, I could feel her juices flowing down onto my balls as her first orgasm turned into her second. Then I started thinking about watching her get thoroughly fucked by a big Black cock. After about ten seconds of this I started cumming with her. Afterward we both calmed down and talked about the fantasy. She admitted that someday she would like to fuck a Black cock and sheepishly I told her I would like to watch. This was the first time we had ever discussed swinging. For several weeks after that we fantasized about it, but then it sorta faded away.

Several months later we were at a college football game. We got to the game early and were drinking from a flask Joni had in her purse. A couple of Black men came to claim their seats next to Joni. As one passed in front of Joni, his crotch was merely inches from her face. He had on very thin running shorts and she could easily see the outline of a huge cock. She stared at it with great interest. She looked up and saw that he had seen her and she quickly looked away. After a moment she looked at me and realized I also had seen her.

Big Black Trashman

Nancy watched through her kitchen window as the big trash compactor moved down the street towards her house. She lived in the last house on the block, and since it was a dead end street, the driver always backed into her driveway so he could turn his rig around and make his exit. It was hot out to day, and even though it was only ten in the morning, the thermometer in the window showed eighty five degrees. The truck was now only one house away and Nancy stared intently as the garbage man jumped out of the driver’s seat and hefted a fifty five gallon barrel like it was a pillow and dumped the contents into the compactor! She crossed and uncrossed her legs while admiring a light layer of sweat shining on his black chest and arms, so when he pulled into her driveway and dumped her container, she opened the back door and yelled out, “Say, it’s awful hot out today, how about some iced tea!?!” He finished emptying her barrel, glanced at his watch, and replied, “Sure, why not, I’ve got a few minutes to spare.

“Come on in,” she said, while holding open the door for him, “have a seat at the kitchen table and I’ll get the tea out of the fridge.” “Sugar and lemon,” she asked? “Just lemon,” he replied while flashing his million dollar smile. After handing him his glass, she settled down in the chair next to his and began, “I’m really sorry, but after all these months I don’t even know your name.” He took a long swallow of tea and replied, “It’s Henry, Bobby Henry!” Nice to meet you Bobby,” she said while extending her hand, “I’m Nancy Evans!” Both of them sipped on their tea for a few moments before Nancy offered while taking his glass, “Let me get a little more ice for you!” As she stood up, she purposely let her robe fall open giving him a generous peek at her naked body! She dropped a few cubes into his glass and returned to her chair, only this time, leaving the top of her robe open far enough so that her breasts were clearly visible. Bobby tried to keep from staring, but when a young woman practically begs you to look at he boobs, well, in that case you take advantage of the situation. In a very calm quiet voice Nancy asked, “Do you like the way my breasts look, Bobby?!?”

Dear Diary

Well it finally happened, and not at all like I ever imagined or fantasized it would happen. What, you ask am I talking about diary?

Until yesterday, I had never cheated on my husband of 21 years. For that matter, he is the only man I have ever had sex with in my life, since I was 16 and a virgin when we first met. That all ended yesterday and I still can’t believe it. Oh sure I’ve had the usual fantasies where I meet a handsome stranger while my husband and kids are out of town. He takes me out on the town and romances me then takes me back to his luxury hotel suite and makes love to me all night long. Well he was a stranger and very handsome but that’s where the similarities end. In fact it gets pretty sick and perverted but you, dear diary, have heard it all before.

I should at least give you some background. I am a 41-year- old woman, married with two kids who live an upper middle class life in a town that I won’t mention. I don’t have the body of a 21 year old but I haven’t let myself go either. I am 5’3″ natural blonde and I weigh 135lbs. I don’t know about best but my most noticeable feature is my chest. I wear a 36 DD and fill out every inch of it. And yes, they are real. Anyway diary, this all started when my husband and I took my oldest son to college. He is a freshman this year at a state university. While none of us had ever met his roommate David, my son Andy had talked to him on the phone several times. He referred to him as nice but kind of quiet.

Discovery of a Slut

Like many women, thanks to what our society promotes as attractive, Lisa did not feel she was beautiful. I didn’t agree, and told her so, many, many times, but to no real change in her view of herself. I finally persuaded her to buy some sexy clothes and go out with me for a night on the town. I asked her to get a very short, skin tight skirt. Finally I asked her not to wear any underwear. She hesitated at this, but then finally agreed. The day of our celebration Lisa went shopping. She called me at work to tell me about her new dress. She seemed very excited about wearing it for me. She wasn’t sure, however, that she would feel comfortable in public wearing such a sexy outfit. I assured her that she would be a big hit with anyone who saw her. I don’t think I convinced her. The plan was to go out to dinner and then go dancing.

I couldn’t wait to see Lisa in her new outfit. She picked me up from work at 6:30. When I saw her I was stunned. She looked like one of those glamour models. She gave me a shy smile when I whistled at her. She said, “I can’t believe I’m actually wearing this.” I said, “You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen. Lisa was wearing a red dress that barely covered her privates. Her large breasts stretched the top to its limits. The dress was low cut with a full one third of her breasts exposed. I said, “I hope those shoulder straps are industrial strength.” Lisa giggled and said, “I hope so too.” I continued to stare at her as she drove out of the parking lot. I noticed two bumps in the front of Lisa’s dress. I was happy to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I glanced down at her legs and wondered if she was wearing panties. Lisa noticed my stare and confirmed, “No, I’m not wearing panties.” I asked her to prove it and she pulled her hem up slightly revealing her neatly trimmed bush. Lisa said, “I have to be very careful when I get out of the car or bend over.” I said, “I’ll bet.”