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Wendys Audition

Wendy was an aspiring actress. She moved to New York when she was 19 and spent two years trying to get a break into showbiz. She desperately wanted to be a stage actress, with the respect and professionalism that is admired throughout the entertainment world. But New York, just like LA is filled with aspiring actresses, all vying for the same roles.

It wasn’t that Wendy wasn’t attractive. As a tall brunette, 36c, tomboyish frame, off-the-farm fresh good loks, Wendy definitely turned her fair share of heads as she walked down the street. On most days she wore her hair up, especially on auditions as she wanted to be as versatile as possible. It was on her current audition that she realized just how versatile she’d have to be. She had told her temp agency she couldn’t come into work and took the subway to an off-off-off (might as well been in Jersey) Broadway theater.

The ad for the audition didn’t say too much about the production and none of her friends had ever heard of the theater, but she was desperate to get some performances under her belt so she would be taken more seriously at other auditions. As she walked up to the theater she noticed several of the other actresses – all attractive, various ages, various sizes. It was the nature of an open call, all of these women were desperate on some level to perform.

Wendy signed in with the assistant over seeing the group and tried to get some information from him regarding the nature of the play, what roles were open, anything, but all the assistant would say is “the director will give you all the information you need.” He then handed her a form to fill out for the director to look at during the audition.

Wendy took a seat and started going over the form. Most of the questions were what was to be expected: name, date of birth, experience, but some of them were a bit odd: Are you a virgin?, Have you ever done a nude scene?, Would you be adverse to doing a nude scene for a play?

She hesitated and decided that it wasn’t like it was a movie, it was a play in an out of the way theater that no one would ever see. So she indicated she would be willing to do a nude performance.

The auditions were moving quick. Most women went to the stage and returned minutes later rushing out of the theater. When they called Wendy’s name she took a deep breath and walked down the hallway and onto the stage. There were maybe 8 people sitting in the front row. One of them flipped through a stack of papers.

“What is your name, honey?”

“Wendy, Wendy Carlson.”

“Ah, here you are,” he said as he plucked on piece of paper from the small pile. “Let me see, it says here you’ve only done amateur productions with one bit part at the Tyler Theater.”

“That is correct.”

“It also says here that you are willing to perform nude.”

“Uh,” Wendy hesitated.

“Well, are you or aren’t you?”

Brides Night

Rebecca admired herself in the mirror. In a week she would become Mrs. Richard Peña in the wedding she had always dreamed of, but for now she could have a sneak preview of herself as a vision in white.

The dress was perfect. The patterned lace clung to her upper body and enveloped her arms, leaving her shoulders bare to the touch. The layers of material covering her legs made her laugh, but rustled pleasingly as she practiced walking down the aisle. And when she put on the tiara, she did indeed feel like a princess.

“No fucking way!” screamed Jenny as she stormed into the room.

Rebecca giggled at her maid of honor. “What’s the problem?”

Jenny slapped at her bridesmaid dress. “This is a nightmare! No fucking way am I going to wear this!”

By now Sara and Beth wandered in, matching Jenny’s outfit but not as angry – just resigned.

“Honestly, Jenny,” chimed in Sara. “This shade of blue could be making a comeback…”

“Bullshit!” she growled back. “This color was buried with lots of other toxic waste and laws were specifically passed against it.”

Beth pointed to the bunched-up material near her shoulder. “The flower-thing may have been going too far.”

Rebecca rolled her eyes. “Geeze, guys! It’s only for a day. Besides, everyone’s going to be looking at me, anyway!” she winked.

Jenny crossed her arms. “That’s it. We’re going on strike. We’re not being shown the proper respect with these dresses.”

Rebecca gasped. “Hey!”

“No. You brought this on yourself,” Jenny insisted. “I knew that bridesmaid gowns where supposed to be ugly, but you crossed the line, Becky.”

Rebecca narrowed her eyes. “You know, you can be replaced.” She turned to Sara. “You’re my new maid of honor, Lefty!”

Sara smiled broadly and clapped her hands for joy. Beth gave her a congratulatory hug and kiss on the cheek.

Jenny caved.

“O.K.,” grumbled the original maid of honor. “I won’t strike. But you’ve got a lot of making up to do for this.”

Rebecca hugged her friend. “I’d kiss your feet if it would make you feel better.”

Jenny smiled slyly and nudged Rebecca to the floor. “Actually Becky, it would.”

2 Guys Are Better Than 1

My best friend Jake called me and asked if I’d fly up to visit him to help him move. I never turn down a free trip so off I went. We spent most of the first day putting all of his stuff in boxes, and by nightfall we were both ready for a few beers. We met up with some friends of his, including Darcy, a beautiful redhead with a great body. I flirted with Darcy all night as we went from bar to bar. I thought I was making pretty good progress, even though Jake kept giving me signals to back off, but I just figured he was jealous. Finally, I asked Darcy if she’d ever slept with a guy she’d just met. She laughed and asked if I’d ever slept with a lesbian. I stuttered, not knowing how to respond. She replied, “If you get the chance take it, we’re excellent.”

“Do you exclusively sleep with women, are do you sleep with men also?” I asked, hoping I still had a chance.

“I’d never do a guy. Woman are just so much prettier.” I had to agree with her, even though my hopes for the night were dashed. After that however, Darcy and I were still just as flirtatious, maybe even moreso now that I knew I wasn’t going to get any. Jake still had no idea that I knew, and kept trying to warn me, I played dumb and let him think I thought I still had a chance. The bars all closed down, and the whole group, about nine of us, all went for a night cap at a nearby apartment. We stayed up most of the night telling embarrassing stories and drinking. Darcy was sitting on my lap while Jake continued to give me silent warnings. I got up to use the restroom, and when I returned Jake had taken my place under Darcy’s beautiful backside. Knowing I wasn’t losing out on anything, I simply took the available seat and rejoined the fun.

Living Out My Fantasy

For years, I’ve been more than a little curious about sharing a sexual experience with another woman. My husband has been encouraging me to live my fantasy but I hadn’t had the courage or opportunity. But that all changed last week. So let me come out of the closet a little and give you some of the background to my fantasy and how I’ve lived it.

In addition to his regular job, Jeff is a certified massage practitioner and use to give massage lessons to singles and couples years ago. Through that work, he has a few friends in the massage business. A few months ago, after he gave me one of his wonderful sensual massages, I told him of my fantasy to give a sensual massage to a woman and see where it would go. When he was giving lessons, he sometimes used me as the model on the table for the students, but after seeing some of those great female bodies, I wanted to get my hands on one. Based on that thought, he arranged for a female friend of his, Cindy, to give me a massage. He told me she was an old friend of his and that they went to the same massage classes years ago. She had agreed to give me a massage and add some sensuality to it not normally given in a straight massage. This would give me some ideas from a woman’s point of view of what to do if I ever had a chance to live my fantasy with another woman.

I met Cindy one evening at her house. Before we got started, we talked for awhile getting acquainted. She was a very attractive woman, about 40 and easy to talk to. She said that Jeff told her that I wanted to experience a sensual massage from a woman and was that ok. I said sure thinking it would be nothing more than a slow sensual oil massage not much different than a normal one. I was hoping she would at least not drape me with a sheet like most professionals and maybe get close to my upper legs and breasts for some fantasy feelings. She then asked if it would be ok if she also was nude for the massage.

Showering With Cheryl

Cheryl had been my best friend since I joined the cheerleading squad at State College. We would go to the mall together, watch movies together, and study together, you know, just about everything.

Cheryl was about 5’9″ (I was a wee bit shorter), and had a figure that bespoke ‘Modeling Career Here’. I’ll admit that I wasn’t nearly as attractive, but the guys I dated never seemed to think so.

Anyway, Cheryl really surprised me one night after an exciting football game. We had gone back to the girl’s locker room, and I decided to get a shower before we decided what to do for the evening. Once I was nude and under the hot spray of the shower, I got very relaxed. I closed my eyes and stood there, feeling the heat soak into my tired muscles.

I was broken out of my bliss by the sound of another shower head turning on. Cheryl was standing at the next nozzle, rinsing her hair. I was surprised to see her buck-naked. Before, we had always pulled curtains between the showers for privacy.

Prom Dress Fitting

“I’d love to go,” Fran said excitedly into the phone, “sure, sure, uh huh, okay, yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow at school then, and thanks for asking me, bye.” “Yipeeeee,” Fran shouted at the top of her lungs, “guess who just asked yours truly to the Prom?” “Let me guess,” her mother replied thoughtfully, “I’ll bet it was Stuart?.?” “Oh, mother,” Fran replied in exasperation, “you know who it was, it was Jack.” “Jack,” her mother asked playfully, “do I know him?” Fran playfully poked her mother in the arm and replied, “This is gonna be the best night of my life, Jack and a couple of the guys are renting a limo, I can hardly wait, oh my gosh, I’ve gotta get a dress. Her mother patted her on the arm and offered, “Don’t worry about a thing, honey, well start looking at dresses tomorrow, we can start at Marie’s place, she’s a good friend and will probably give us a deal.” Fran merely nodded happily and ran upstairs to call her friends to tell them the good news.

“Hi, Peggy,” Marie called out from the far end of her store, “long time no see.” “Hello, Marie,” Peg replied while making her way through the maze of dresses and gowns hanging in every nook and cranny of the small boutique, “you remember may oldest daughter, Fran, well she needs a dress for the junior-senior prom and we want something special as it will be her last high school dance.” “Of course I remember her,” Marie replied with a wide smile on her face, “but I think it’s been six or seven years, and I must say, my how you’ve grown.” “Thank you, ma’am,” Fran replied softly, “I hope you have something exciting for me to wear.” “Don’t you worry abou that,” Marie said emphatically, “if I don’t have it, then I’ll just have to make it.” Peg gave her daughter a playful poke in the ribs and offered, “See, what’d I tell ya, Marie’ll have exactly what you need.”

“So,” Marie asked, “exactly what type of dress did you have in mind?” Fran looked at her mother for a second, and after getting the go ahead, she replied softly, “Well we were kinda hoping to get something that was strapless, you know, something that shows a lot of shoulder.” “Mmmmmmmm, a good idea,” Marie said while moving over to a rack of dresses in the corner of the store, “how about one of these, they’re all strapless and I’m sure that you’ll find that one of them is just right for you?” Fran worked her way through the fifty or so gowns that were pressed tightly together, until she came to a black and white number that was truly stunning. “How about this one,” she asked excitedly while holding it up to her neck, “what do you think, mom?” “My goodness it certainly is low cut,” she replied to her daughter, “why don’t you try it on and we’ll see how it looks on you.” “Where’s the dressing room,” Fran asked? “Oh, you don’t need a dressing room,” Marie replied softly, “I’ll go and lock the front door while you get started changing.”

In Arrears

“Please sit down,” Nancy said to Miss Danon, “would you care for some coffee?” “This isn’t a social call, Mrs. Wyatt,” Ellie Danon shot back stiffly, I want to keep this meeting to strictly business.” “Uh, sure,” Nancy stammered, “I just thought….” Ignoring the flustered woman, Ellie Danon opened up her brief case and pulled out a thick file, the Nancy could see had the name “Wyatt” spelled out in big red letters. After opening the file and thumbing through a few pages, Miss Danon place the file on the kitchen table, crossed her arms, and said, “Your eight months behind in your mortgage payments, and from what I can see, you have absolutely no way making up what you already owe, let alone all your future obligations.” Nancy fidgeted in her seat, while waiting for Miss Danon to finish. “Now,” Miss Danon continued, “I feel that the bank’s only option is to repossess, but if you have anything to add, I’m listening.” “Well,” Nancy stumbled, “you see, we’ve had a lot of bad luck lately, with my husband’s passing away, and I’ve been sick and missed a lot of work….”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Miss Danon interrupted, “all of that’s in your file, and much as I sympathize with your predicament, the bank is certainly not a charitable institution, and even though your mother carried you for nine months, we at Bank & Trust will not.” Nancy was just about to respond, when her eighteen year old daughter Erin came into the kitchen to get a snack. “How’s it going, mom,” Erin asked, as she poured herself a glass of milk?” “Uh, okay, dear,” her mom replied, “could you please excuse us honey, we still have a lot to go over?.?” “No prob,” Erin answered, “I’ll be in watching television.” As Erin left the kitchen, Ellie Danon couldn’t take her eyes off the ass of the cute teenager, and asked, “What’s her name?” “Erin,” came the quick reply, “she’s my one and only.” “”She’s very pretty,” commented Miss Danon, “how old is she?” “She’ll be nineteen in about three weeks,” Nancy responded, while Miss Danon, still looking at the open door Erin had just passed through, just said, “Hmmmmm.”

My Boyfriend Left Me

My boyfriend and I had purchased a two bedroom rancher in a rather upscale neighborhood and had been in it about eight months when I came home from work to find he had left me. There was just a short note that said he wasn’t ready to settle down into family life, sorry. Of course my life came crashing down on me, I had no inclination that he felt that way, he always seemed happy and I was totally devastated by this turn of events in my life.

A couple of days later, I was sitting on my front step with the note in my hand, crying like a baby when my neighbor, Irene, came over to see why I was in tears. We weren’t really friendly but always said hello and sometimes made small talk, but it was a shoulder to cry on, so I told her what happened. She let me pour my heart out to her for which I was very grateful and gave me the attention I needed most right then, the fact somebody cared about my life. She wrapped her arms around me and consoled me so that I began to feel better about myself and my situation.

When I stopped crying she invited me over to her place for dinner, telling me that her husband traveled on business three to five days a week and she hated to eat alone. I was in no mood to cook but was certainly hungry, so I accepted without any hesitance and we went over to her house for dinner.

Bar Room Slut and Stripper

“Do you really have to go out now, Den?” said Janet, her lips forming into a sullen pout, “can’t you stay home just this once? I could make it worth your while!” She playfully lifted her short skirt, giving her husband a quick glimpse of her black lace panties and creamy white thighs.

“Oh, Janet!, you know I always go out for a quick beer on a Sunday lunchtime. It’s like a religion! It’s one of the few times all the guys can get together these days.”

Dennis had to admit, the sight of his wife’s panty covered crotch rarely failed to get his blood pumping. But he had to be strong. He could see that Janet was feeling sexy, and in this mood, if she got her way, he wouldn’t see the inside of his local pub until next week.

“I’ll be back before you know it baby!” he said as he slipped his jacket on and made a movement towards the front door. His wife, though, was not about to give up so easily.

“Fine! I’ll come with you then!”

In a near panic, Den searched his mind for an excuse for her not to join him, but he was a blank.

“You won’t enjoy it much, it’s just a bunch us guy’s talking and drinking”, he said somewhat lamely. But his wife seemed to have made up her mind and was already searching for her coat. He briefly thought about agreeing with her initial demand and dragging her back up to the bedroom for a good session of sex, but he thought that would be too obvious. There really was nothing he could do to stop her now!

Janet had not bothered to change out of her short skirt and thin halter top, and as they entered the dark pub, a few heads turned to look at her. Den could hardly blame them. At thirty four, his wife was still a great looker. Her blonde hair framed a heart shaped face and tumbled over her shoulders in wispy curls. Her legs were long and slender, an extra two inches added to her height with the heeled sandals that she wore and the halter top did little to conceal the ample charms of her breasts. He felt proud when other men looked at her.

The After School Special

“How do you think he’ll like this one,” Jenna asked while leaning over and giving her big tits a little shake while settling them gently into her low cut bra? “Good grief, Jen,” Holly replied, “do you wanna just turn him on or give him a heart attack?” Jenna looked at her reflection in the full length mirror that hung on the back of her bedroom door and replied with a giggle, “I haven’t decided yet, can’t you just picture the headlines in the paper, “Man Dies From Too Much Tit”, now that would sell some papers.” The two eighteen year olds roared with laughter at the prospect of Jenna’ s boyfriend actually passing out at the mere sight of seeing her 36DD’s filling the low cut pink bra, but Holly was thinking to herself that it was more than just possibility. “Toss me the while one,” Jenna asked while slipping out of the pink one, “do you think I’m getting fat, my butt seems a little bigger than ususal?” “Oh, please,” Holly quickly shot back, “you’re perfect and you know it.” “I wouldn’t say that,” Jenna replied while hooking the catches on her next bra, “but as long as Jeff thinks so, that’s all tha really matters.” (more…)