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2 Guys Are Better Than 1

My best friend Jake called me and asked if I’d fly up to visit him to help him move. I never turn down a free trip so off I went. We spent most of the first day putting all of his stuff in boxes, and by nightfall we were both ready for a few beers. We met up with some friends of his, including Darcy, a beautiful redhead with a great body. I flirted with Darcy all night as we went from bar to bar. I thought I was making pretty good progress, even though Jake kept giving me signals to back off, but I just figured he was jealous. Finally, I asked Darcy if she’d ever slept with a guy she’d just met. She laughed and asked if I’d ever slept with a lesbian. I stuttered, not knowing how to respond. She replied, “If you get the chance take it, we’re excellent.”

“Do you exclusively sleep with women, are do you sleep with men also?” I asked, hoping I still had a chance.

“I’d never do a guy. Woman are just so much prettier.” I had to agree with her, even though my hopes for the night were dashed. After that however, Darcy and I were still just as flirtatious, maybe even moreso now that I knew I wasn’t going to get any. Jake still had no idea that I knew, and kept trying to warn me, I played dumb and let him think I thought I still had a chance. The bars all closed down, and the whole group, about nine of us, all went for a night cap at a nearby apartment. We stayed up most of the night telling embarrassing stories and drinking. Darcy was sitting on my lap while Jake continued to give me silent warnings. I got up to use the restroom, and when I returned Jake had taken my place under Darcy’s beautiful backside. Knowing I wasn’t losing out on anything, I simply took the available seat and rejoined the fun.