Month: April 2013

Blowjob Contest

I work construction most of the time, but for the past eighteen months or so, I have been working as a male stripper. The hours aren’t bad, the money is good, and it’s kinda fun in a way. Having all of those women fixated on my body is quite a turn-on for me. I work out almost every day, and the way that these women appreciate my muscular frame really gives me the inspiration to work harder in the gym. Looking into their wanting faces while I shake my package in front of them usually gives me a hard-on, which makes the party even better.

Last Saturday night I was working a bachelorette party in a nearby college town. The girls were younger than usual, and seemed to be part of one of the sororities. They had rented out a small bar, and were putting it to good use. The booze was flying, and most of the girls were drinking shots instead of the usual glasses of white wine I usually see at these things. The girls were hot too. This sorority obviously recruited girls who could take care of themselves. Every ass in sight was college-tight, and most of them wore those short tops that showed off their flat, tanned stomachs. It is these tight tummies that really turns me on, and I could tell that this would be a good night.

I did my usual three-song set on the makeshift stage in the corner of the dancefloor. I was dressed in a firefighter outfit for the first song. In the second song, I stripped it off, leaving me only with a gold g-string. The chants of “All the way! All the way!” were flattering, but I didn’t comply. Not that I would have minded. I was getting hard, and the g-string was making me increasingly uncomfortable.

For the third song, I arranged with Kelli, the bride’s maid of honor, for something special. When I met Kelli, I was disappointed that she was not the bride-to-be. I would have liked to strip for her. She had blonde hair, a cute face, and gorgeout perky tits that she showed off well in her lowcut blouse. Instead, Kelli got up on stage and asked Renee, the bride, to join her. When I got a look at the bride, I almost forgot about Kelli.

Alexis Makes An Office Visit

Monday was a bright, sunny spring day. Pink and red and lavender flowers bloomed in the back of my office, as bloomed the love in my heart. My secretary was leaving early and this afternoon Alexis was coming to visit me at my office. I am in love with her. The sexual tension between us had been building all day. It started with a “Good Morning” e-mail from “Nancy” saying how much she wanted to see me. Alexis calls her pussy, “Nancy”. Alexis assured me that she was leaving as quickly after work as was possible. In response, I e-mailed her back telling her to take off her panties before she left work and instructed her to drive to my office with her skirt up to her waist, making sure her pussy was fully exposed. I also told her that under no circumstances was she to play with herself while driving to meet me at my office.

As usual, I was nervous. I expected her at any minute. I am always nervous before I see her. There is no rational reason for this, but I get butterflies in my stomach until I see her walking down the pathway to my back door. As she does, my heart leaps. I know she can barely see me because of the reflection in the window, but she knows that I am there. I see her smile.

She was wearing a light cotton skirt and, of course, sandals. She was also wearing a sleeveless turtleneck top that accentuated her thin waist and magnificent breasts. They are proud, firm and full, a true D cup. Her long wavy blond hair was in a ponytail that swung behind her head as she walked toward me. She often wears a ponytail when she visits me so that her hair doesn’t get in the way when she takes my cock into her mouth. She also wore her glasses; I think they make her look young and innocent. She was cute, adorable and very sexy.

I should point out that Alexis is only 24 years old and single; I am in my mid–fifties and married forever to a woman who is only interested in sex when she is drunk. Divorce was never an issue because my wife and I share very complex social, financial and family backgrounds. Actually, we get along very well most of the time.

Alexis is also a virgin. She has a serious young boyfriend her own age who she anticipates will propose to her one day. He is a skinny and very serious dork who thinks it is critical for both of them to be virgins when married. I rue that day as it will be the end of my affair with her.

On The Road Again

It’s a long straight stretch of road; not another car in either direction for quite some time. With my lady asleep in the back seat its hard to stay awake as we make our way into upper Canada. I was surprised she agreed to go fishing with me, but the load of books she brought along pretty much explained her plans.

I rounded a corner and almost hit the kid on the shoulder. I swerved away from him and hit the brakes. He ran up alongside the car and I rolled down the window. “Sorry, man,” I said,” I didn’t see you around the curve.”

“No problem,” he grinned, “You missed me. How about a lift?”

He seemed safe enough, maybe early twenties, a bit smaller than me. I could use the conversation I thought, and popped the lock on the door. He climbed in, buckled up and we were back on the road.

He had noticed my girl in the back, so we kept our voices low. He turned out to be from near the area I was headed to, hitching home from college for a few weeks. We talked about where the locals fished, places the motel owner probably wouldn’t send me to. As we drove my lady slept soundly, spred out on the seat.

I noticed he was having a hard time not looking in the back as we talked. I adjusted the mirror and saw what had caught his eye. Her blouse had come unbuttoned and her breast was completely exposed.

The Sex Train

I always took the Metrolink to work in downtown Los Angeles. I lived about forty miles from downtown, and I found that taking the train was a lot faster, easier on my nerves, and easier on my budget than sitting in rush hour traffic for a couple of hours. From the train station, I took the subway a few miles. That took about five minutes.

It was great. The train was seldom crowded at first, till people got wind of it, and soon, it was crowded, so they added more trains. Then, they added more trains going back in the afternoons, and more people started taking the Metrolink.

What happened, though, one early summer afternoon, was very interesting.

I had half the day off, and I left work early. I waited for the train, and I knew that the early trains going back toward my home were usually quite empty. I would have plenty of room to stretch out in one of the upper cars that had a small table in the center.

When I got on the train in Union Station, it was virtually empty. There was no one in the table car at all, and I went and sat down, putting my briefcase on the table in front of me. The train wasn’t going to be leaving for another fifteen minutes, so I took the opportunity to go over some paper work from my briefcase. I got lost in what I was doing, and my reverie was broken by the voice of the engineer, telling us we would be making our first stop in twenty minutes.

I looked up as the train started out of the station. For the first time, I noticed that I wasn’t alone in the compartment. There was a rather youngish looking black man sitting across from me and one seat up. He smiled as I looked over at him. I smiled back, and his smile got a little broader. He nodded his head, as if to say, “Hello,” and I nodded back.