Alexis Makes An Office Visit

Monday was a bright, sunny spring day. Pink and red and lavender flowers bloomed in the back of my office, as bloomed the love in my heart. My secretary was leaving early and this afternoon Alexis was coming to visit me at my office. I am in love with her. The sexual tension between us had been building all day. It started with a “Good Morning” e-mail from “Nancy” saying how much she wanted to see me. Alexis calls her pussy, “Nancy”. Alexis assured me that she was leaving as quickly after work as was possible. In response, I e-mailed her back telling her to take off her panties before she left work and instructed her to drive to my office with her skirt up to her waist, making sure her pussy was fully exposed. I also told her that under no circumstances was she to play with herself while driving to meet me at my office.

As usual, I was nervous. I expected her at any minute. I am always nervous before I see her. There is no rational reason for this, but I get butterflies in my stomach until I see her walking down the pathway to my back door. As she does, my heart leaps. I know she can barely see me because of the reflection in the window, but she knows that I am there. I see her smile.

She was wearing a light cotton skirt and, of course, sandals. She was also wearing a sleeveless turtleneck top that accentuated her thin waist and magnificent breasts. They are proud, firm and full, a true D cup. Her long wavy blond hair was in a ponytail that swung behind her head as she walked toward me. She often wears a ponytail when she visits me so that her hair doesn’t get in the way when she takes my cock into her mouth. She also wore her glasses; I think they make her look young and innocent. She was cute, adorable and very sexy.

I should point out that Alexis is only 24 years old and single; I am in my mid–fifties and married forever to a woman who is only interested in sex when she is drunk. Divorce was never an issue because my wife and I share very complex social, financial and family backgrounds. Actually, we get along very well most of the time.

Alexis is also a virgin. She has a serious young boyfriend her own age who she anticipates will propose to her one day. He is a skinny and very serious dork who thinks it is critical for both of them to be virgins when married. I rue that day as it will be the end of my affair with her.

We have been having very intense oral sex every few weeks for many months. Our relationship began when I ridiculed her interest in some young hunk, saying he probably had a tiny little dick and probably didn’t what to do with it other than wack himself off, and he certainly wouldn’t know how to properly please a woman like her. Alexis is a very competitive woman who is not one to back off any perceived challenge. Ultimately, we fell in love, a frustrating state that neither of us feels we can do anything about. So, we both have good reason for discretion. Thus, our plight as secret lovers.

I have made a small study of what pleases women. I try to provide it with competence and flair. Without being overly conceited, I am real fuckin’ brilliant, moderately powerful, moderately wealthy, moderately good looking, moderately overweight and intensely horny. In my small town, I am well known and respected. Almost everyone who doesn’t know me very well calls me “Mister”, regardless of their age or status. Certainly, no one knows about my affair with Alexis.

We usually meet in my office after she gets off work. I am self-employed and have only one employee, a very sharp and rather spunky and gorgeous Hispanic girl who I am in deep lust with, but who is firmly and seriously married. She has to leave shortly after 3:00 every day to pick up her children from school. My office occupies a 150 year-old two-and-a-half-story Federal style red brick house on a tree-lined street; the other houses in the neighborhood are occupied half by homeowners and half by lawyer’s and doctor’s offices. My parking lot is in the rear so that Alexis must walk on the stone path through the garden to get to my back door. I take joy in watching her walk through my garden on her way to our liaison.

As soon as she was inside the door, we were in each other’s arms. I held her tightly and felt her warmth. Our lips touched, lightly at first, then with a rising hunger that had been building for weeks. There had been many frustrations recently that left us boiling with desire for each other. My pulse raced and my heart pounded in my chest. Everything around us dissolved, leaving us together alone in the universe. We broke off our kiss. Alexis’s eyes shone with a fierce passion and deep love that was unmistakable. I melt when she looks at me like that. That look tells me all I want to know, how much she loves me and how much she wants me. I love her so much.

“Did you follow my directions?” I asked. She told me to check for myself, so I dropped to my knees in front of her and ran my hands up and down her smooth legs. No stockings. As my hands went up her thighs, she gave a little shiver. Then as I got near her pussy I could feel her wetness. No panties and she was almost dripping with anticipation. She gave a bigger shudder as I gave her pussy lips a little tickle with my fingers and then stood up to kiss her again. Before I did though, she took my hand and licked my fingers clean from her juices and looked at me with the fire of her desire burning in her eyes.

We almost ran upstairs. I have a second floor sitting room adjacent to my private office with a couch, a few chairs, a coffee table and a few other pieces of furniture. It was barely used, except for my meetings with Alexis. Off went our glasses. Then we kissed, hard, passionately, intensely. Our hands touched each other. She looked me straight in the eye while she unbuttoned my shirt and unbuckled my belt. My shirt and pants fell to the floor. Alexis dropped to her knees before me. Her hands and fingers just barely touched me, everywhere. Inside my boxers. They too fell to the floor. My heart pounded. It was almost hard to breathe. She touched my cock with her fingers, lightly stroking its length. I was hard and aching with my need for her. She took me into her mouth. Her fingers caressed my balls and tickled lightly between my butt cheeks. I gasped. My knees were weak and started to buckle.

Before I fell over, I pulled her to her feet. There was plenty of time later for me to come. The teasing and repeated build up just made the final orgasm more explosive. At my age, I don’t reload instantly as I did as a kid, so I usually only come once on her visits. It was my turn to remove her clothes. My fingers gently grazed her breasts, always just barely avoiding her nipples. I pulled her top over her head and undid her bra; they dropped to the floor. Her nipples were hard and pink, flushed with the need to be touched. But not yet. I kissed her neck and down to the swell of her breasts. She could feel my breath on her nipples, but not my touch, not yet. My fingers lightly touched all over her breasts, teasingly close, but just missing her nipples. I saw the need in her eyes. She will have her way. My tongue flicked quickly over the very tip of her nipple. My fingers pinched her other nipple at the same time. I pinched her hard. She moaned deeply as her head flung back, thrusting her sensitive breasts towards me. I sucked an erect nipple hard into my mouth.

I too dropped to my knees before her. I undid her skirt and pulled it down over her hips and off her feet. She stood before me totally naked. I love her body. My hands stroked her legs, her calves, her thighs, gently caressing those sculptural curves of soft skin. My lips kissed her thighs. I felt between her butt cheeks. It was very erotic; it is so forbidden, so private. My hands felt her upper thighs, her lower stomach, the fresh-shaven mound above her pussy, the soft globes of her butt, the delicate crease between her cheeks, gently grazing her anus. All so lightly, teasingly, softly. And always just passing near, but not touching, her waiting lips.

Then, I stood up and asked her if she had indeed followed all of my orders. Specifically, did she play with her pussy on the way here? She gave me a sheepish look.

“Roger, I couldn’t help it. With my pussy uncovered as I drove…it was so naughty…and with the wind from the open window, I just got real excited.” She said.

“Show me what you did”. I ordered. She didn’t want to and looked at me quizzically. I repeated the order in a very stern tone of voice. Then very tentatively, she reached down and placed her finger between her pussy lips.

“Show me how. Now!”

“Like this.” She said as she started to rub herself.

“How long did you play with yourself?”

“Not very long, I promise. It was just while I was at stop lights.”

“Did you come?”

“Not really…. No”

“Not really? What does that mean?”

“Well, I got kind of close but the light changed and someone was honking behind me.”

“Did anybody see you? I didn’t say to stop. Keep showing me what you did to yourself.” She was slowly rubbing her fingers through the lips of her pussy while she shifted back and forth on her feet.

“There was one guy in a pick up truck stopped next to me at a light. He saw me playing with myself just as the light turned green. I think he was going to follow me so I quick turned left so he couldn’t follow me.”

“You are a very bad girl.”

“I know. I am sorry.”

“You are a very naughty little girl and you must be punished for disobeying me. You know what that means, don’t you?” I acted quite cross with her.

“It means I must get a spanking, doesn’t it?” There was a fire in her eyes as she continued to stand before me naked and rubbing her pussy.

Alexis has this real close connection between pleasure and pain. She really likes to have her nipples pinched very hard, even to the point of bruising them. She has even had an orgasm from just that. She has been curious about getting a spanking, but she always felt it was a little too silly to actually try it. Now was her chance. I sat on the edge of the sofa and made her bend over my lap with her butt in the air.

Her butt was smooth, round and very firm, without a blemish. Her legs were close together protecting her pussy. My dick was pretty hard and stuck up into her stomach. I raised my hand and slapped her butt fairly hard, at least hard enough to leave a red hand print in her soft white skin. She didn’t react too much to that, so I gave her another swat, much harder this time. She just said “Ohh” with sort of a gasp. After five more, she was starting to squirm and her legs had spread wide apart.

“Does it sting, Alexis? Dou you want me to rub it?” I asked.

“Yes, please rub it for a while, but I think I still need some more spanking.”

I started to rub tenderly where I had spanked. As I did so, my fingers would sneak down the crack of her ass to her anus and even to her pussy. She was cooing as I suddenly struck again, hard, over and over. Alexis started panting and crying and squirming and bucking her hips as the blows fell. Then she started yelling, “rub it, rub it, rub it.”

I began rubbing her again. Her pussy was so wet that the wetness quickly spread over her entire bottom. I scooped a big glob of her come from her pussy with my finger and spread it directly onto the center of her asshole. The sticky goo made it easy for my finger to wiggle into her tight hole. My finger lightly pressed into her hole, helped by the slippery pussy juice. Alexis squealed with surprise. I have often tickled her ass before; she finds it very erotic, but I have never actually penetrated her there before. She has always told me to stop. Now, as I wiggle my finger in and out of her asshole, she was squirming and gasping. I can feel her sphincter muscles clamping spasmodically over and over around my finger. I think to myself. This feels too good for her. She may disavow any interest in anal sex, but it won’t be long before I will be doing this with my cock and not my finger. It wasn’t long before she started to come, and come hard and long. Finally, she collapsed on my lap. So far I had only barely touched her pussy and I was still hard and needy.

Normally, spankings don’t do much for me; I never saw much point in domination and bondage. I always thought it was for people who basically had no power in their own lives and needed to express it or pretend to have some in a fantasy situation. I have plenty of power in my everyday life, I didn’t need to bully around a woman to get my jollies. But Alexis’s climax turned me on. I get very turned on by making women have orgasms. To me, that is an exercise of power that I can relate to.

Finally, Alexis rolled off my lap and onto the floor where she kneeled before me.

“My God, I didn’t expect that. Maybe I should rethink my stance on anal intercourse.” I made a mental note to stock up on some good lubricant.

I spread my legs as she moved toward my throbbing cock. Her hands caressed my thighs and tickled my balls before tenderly stroking my cock with her fingertips. Her touch was like little feathers and made my cock twitch and jump. Then she bowed her head and sort of slurped me into her mouth and deep down her throat. She was quite accomplished at oral sex for having only tasted two men, her boyfriend and, the other, me. At first, she had some difficulty taking all of me, saying I was a lot bigger than what she was used to. That made me giggle, I am just a solid six inches and fairly thick. I thought with some amusement and satisfaction that her boyfriend must have just a little piss ant dick.

But now, she was extremely talented and the rough taste buds on her tongue felt incredible on the sensitive underside of my cock. Then she shoved me back against the sofa and started to lift my legs up to reveal my ass. As I held my knees to my chest, her head bobbed up and down on my cock while her hands and fingers caressed my balls and down to my anus. She tickled my asshole, her index finger slightly pressing for entry. Then, she reached beneath her and scooped some of her own come from her pussy to use as a lubricant. As she rubbed it into my asshole, I started getting closer and closer to coming. Finally, she got a fingertip inside of me and stroked it in and out. She could tell when I was ready to come and as I did, she thrust her finger deep into my asshole as I had done to her. All of my sensations exploded with an amazing climax. Sperm shot down her throat and she continued to greedily sucked up every drop as my cock slowly deflated.

We had to rest for a few minutes after such an invigorating appetizer of each other’s bodies. But, it wasn’t long before I was ready for the main course. I anticipated that we would try a little 69 while also fingering each other’s assholes. The thought of that made me hard and ready to go quite quickly. I thought I would start off by kissing her pussy before flipping around so that she could take me into her mouth.

Alexis lay on her back on the sofa. I knelt before her, ready to kiss her thighs. My cock was almost painfully hard. She looked at me, the fire burned intensely within her. Her eyes were ablaze with desire and love.

She whispered just one word, “Please.” She looked intently into my eyes and her knees parted exposing her precious gift.

I must be sure. I asked, “Are you sure?”

“It is all that I have ever wanted since we met.”

As I leaned over her, the tip of my cock fell into place only a fraction of an inch from her glistening lips. I moved my hips forward just slightly and we touched. The feeling was electric. The head of my cock fit gently between her lips. They were warm and wet, impatient with desire. Alexis gasped deeply as I pushed forward very slowly, just the head penetrating her completely. She was very tight around me. Slowly I withdrew and reentered her. At first, just the head, then just a little further. I did this several times, each time going a fraction further inside of her. She was writhing in ecstasy beneath me. Her breathing was fast and hard, with gasps each time the head pulled out and pressed in. I pulled slowly out then pushed firmly and faster until I was deep inside of her. Alexis yelled with the exquisite joy of becoming a complete woman. Her arms held me to her with amazing strength.

For a long time I lay motionless on top and deep within her. She was so tight around me. After a few moments, I started the slow movement of pumping in and out of her. Deeply. Completely. There was nothing else around us. The walls had given way to an empty blackness. We were alone, drifting in space, just Alexis and me. We were together as one; she surrounded and consumed me into her soul. The intensity of our feelings, the love, the sexual crescendo, the sense of being together blinded us to all but each other. We climaxed together, our orgasm shared as a moment in time when we were as one. I continued to slowly slide in and out of her, gradually slowing and easing back into reality when we collapsed in emotional and sensory exhaustion.

Finally, Alexis said, “Next time, I’m on top.”