On The Road Again

It’s a long straight stretch of road; not another car in either direction for quite some time. With my lady asleep in the back seat its hard to stay awake as we make our way into upper Canada. I was surprised she agreed to go fishing with me, but the load of books she brought along pretty much explained her plans.

I rounded a corner and almost hit the kid on the shoulder. I swerved away from him and hit the brakes. He ran up alongside the car and I rolled down the window. “Sorry, man,” I said,” I didn’t see you around the curve.”

“No problem,” he grinned, “You missed me. How about a lift?”

He seemed safe enough, maybe early twenties, a bit smaller than me. I could use the conversation I thought, and popped the lock on the door. He climbed in, buckled up and we were back on the road.

He had noticed my girl in the back, so we kept our voices low. He turned out to be from near the area I was headed to, hitching home from college for a few weeks. We talked about where the locals fished, places the motel owner probably wouldn’t send me to. As we drove my lady slept soundly, spred out on the seat.

I noticed he was having a hard time not looking in the back as we talked. I adjusted the mirror and saw what had caught his eye. Her blouse had come unbuttoned and her breast was completely exposed.

“She has a great set, doesn’t she?” I asked him. He seemed surprised, but answered that she did. “Firm too,” I said, “like a woman half her age. And she loves to show them off, rarely bothers with a bra.” He turned in the seat to get a better view. “Can you reach her?” I asked. “Go ahead, give it a squeeze.”

He leaned back over the seat and couldn’t quite touch her. He unbuckled his seat belt and stretched his arm out again. This time he was able to get a nice handful of tit, and gave it a gentle squeeze. He yanked his hand back like he was burned when she moaned. “Hahaha,” I laughed, “She sleeps like a fucking log, that won’t wake her up. She’ll cum in her pants first. Go ahead”

Eagerly he reached for her again, giving her a more forceful squeeze this time. She moaned again, and rolled slightly. Her blouse fell wide open and both jugs were out now. “Pinch her nipples,” I told him, “She loves that.”

He was kneeling on the seat now, both hands on her tits, rubbing the smooth firm flesh. He took a nipple between his fingers and gave a little pinch; she groaned and shifted her hips on the seat. “I wonder what she’s dreaming now,” I laughed, “Probably a nice thick cock in her mouth.” It was tough to drive and watch them, but I was doing my best to keep the car on the road. “Pinch her again.”

He was working her tits pretty good now, and she was sure enjoying it. I wasn’t kidding about her boobs; they are huge and stand up nicely, with big pink nipples. “Why don’t you see how wet she is?” I said. “I bet her pants are soaked.”

“Oh, yeh,” he gasped, “Her pussy is dripping.”

“Great, rub it for her,” I said, “Let’s see her cum in her sleep.”

She had a pair of loose running shorts on, the light nylon kind. I readjusted the mirror to watch him rub her crotch, and I could see the material darken as she wet it. Damn, it was hard staying on the road. He pushed her legs apart a bit more and got his hand between them. She moaned louder, and arched her back. He stopped, looking from her to me. “Oh, she’s out like a light,” I said,” Car rides put her to sleep, don’t worry. Do what you want with her cunt.”

That was all the invitation he needed. He pushed the leg of her shorts aside and slid his fingers into her panties. “Do you like your pussy hairless?” I laughed. ” She keeps it as clean as a teen. I love the way her lips look when they are wet with her cum.” He lifted the fabric to look at her slit. “Fucking beautiful,” he grunted, “Fucking beautiful.”

I grinned into the mirror; he wasn’t the first guy completely taken by my baby’s cunt, with its gorgeous pink lips and swollen clit.

“She likes her clit teased too, if you really want to see her go. Just roll it in your fingers and stand back.” He did just that, and her ass came right off the seat. This time he didn’t shy away, but stayed right on her button. Her mouth was wide open, and a stain was spreading on the seat. “Jesus,” he whispered, “My fucking hand is soaked!”

“Congratulations!” I said, “She just squirted! You made her cum in her sleep.”

“No shit,” he said, “fucking ay. What’s she gonna do when she wakes up all wet?”

“Nothing,” I told him, “It won’t be the first time she’s had a wet dream. That’s one horny woman there.”

“Hey, I bet you got one hell of a hard on right now. I fucking do. Why don’t you climb back there, carefully, and take care of it.”

“How do I do that?” he asked. “What ever you want, why don’t you jerk off on her tits.”

“Are you kidding?” he asked. “Why would I kid you now?” I said. “There’s no way she’ll wake up, and you can clean her up when you’re done.”

I thought he was going to kick me in the face diving in the backseat. It took him a moment to get himself set on the seat, and pulled his zipper down. Too bad she was asleep, he had a pretty good sized dick, with the big purple head she likes to wrap her lips around. He started stroking his cock, slowly at first, then quicker as he stared at her tits. He leaned forward and rubbed his cock on her nipple, leaving a smear of pre-cum on it.

Holding on to the back of the seat for support he pounded his fist up and down on his rod. He threw his head back and bit his lip to stay quiet. Suddenly a huge jet of sperm splashed onto her chest, followed by another. He kept pumping and a third shot hit her right on the chin. He shook the last drops off onto her. “Wipe it off on her lips.” I told him, “Bet she licks it off.” He rubbed his cock across her mouth, leaving his last drops of cum on her lips. He sat back, and in a moment her tongue slipped out and she licked her lips. Did I know my woman or what??

“What do I clean her up with?” he asked. “Don’t worry about it, just get back up here for now.” He tucked his cock back into his pants and climbed over the seat. As he settled in he looked back at her, sound asleep, with rivers of cum dripping off her breasts. “Shit,” he said, “No one will ever believe this.”

“Nope, they won’t,” I said, “But you know its true. Hey, I think our turn is up here a little bit, so let’s get your gear together”

“Hey, thanks for the ride, man,” he said as he got out of the car glancing into the back seat again. “Oh, no, thanks for entertaining my girl,” I said, “It’s been a long boring trip for her. Maybe a good dream made it better.” I pulled away from the roadside, rapidly leaving him behind.

“So, that was fun.” a voice from behind me said. “I was having so much trouble staying asleep,” she giggled.”I wanted to see his cock so badly. Mmmm, he tasted good too”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, babe. I can’t tell you how many times I nearly ran off the fucking road.”

“Oh, you’re such a good driver.” she laughed. “Let me find a towel and I’ll climb up there with you. I bet you’ve got a hell of a hard on that needs to be taken care of too. Are you up for a little road head?”

“Oh, I’m up all right, get your ass up here!”

As she settled in to her seat, tugging at my belt, she reminded me of our deal. “Don’t forget, on the way home I drive, and maybe we’ll find a girl hitching so you can sleep.” She buried her face in my lap and I just grinned as we sped down the road.