Month: January 2013

The Tattoo

Charlene and I met in the 60’s, married in the 70’s and moved to the suburbs with thousands of others of our generation. We now find ourselves in our late 40’s, our children in the process of leaving the nest and we are wondering what happened to our youth. Charlene is one of those girls that got better looking with age. When I met her in college she was a bit on the chubby side, but she was cute and had the best disposition of anyone I had ever met. She was always happy, liked to party and portrayed a quiet confidence that everything would work out for the best regardless of what we did. Her father was a doctor and she never wanted for money which added to her confidence.

I, on the other hand, grew up poor and lacked Charlene’s confidence. I was driven to succeed and, while we are not rich, we have lived very comfortably. Charlene has not had to work outside the home. Charlene has a great figure which has been enhanced with a little plastic surgery. She has always been a sun worshiper and maintains her tan year round.

Charlene and I have had a good sex life. We both enjoy sex and Charlene never refuses my overtures nor do I refuse hers. With few exceptions, neither of us have strayed. Several years after it happened, Charlene admitted that when she returned to her home town for her tenth high school reunion she blew five guys in the locker room. She had attended the reunion by herself and was looking great. She got a lot of compliments and one thing led to another. She was quite proud of her oral prowess which she developed in college. She told me that she had handpicked a guy with which to lose her virginity during her freshman year in college. The guy was rumored to be very well endowed and he did not disappoint her. The guy was kind of a rounder from the sounds of it and she was fascinated with him for a few months.

Furnace Room Fun

We had just finished an emergency call (I’m an EMT), and it was about 3:30am when we returned to base. “We” was my partner, our “ride-along”, and myself. My partner decided to go to bed as he was tired, but the ride-along (we’ll call her Monica, a 18 year old nursing student) and I were still riding the adrenaline rush of the call and decided to stay up and watch TV. We get HBO (great place to work eh?), and the movie Poison Ivy 2 was on; it wasn’t all that good, but there was quite a bit of sex, so it was good.

Monica and I had been flirting each time she went on calls with us, and tonight was no exception. I looked over at her and noticed her left hand was discreetly stroking the front of her pants! It was such a turn on to know she was as turned on as I was! I got up and walked over, and she pretended that she wasn’t doing anything. I dropped down on my knees in front of her and stared into her eyes. “Keep watching the show,” I told her as I undid her pants. She was shocked but offered no resistance as I slid her pants and panties down enough to access her sex. I lent down and teased her with my nose and tongue, exploring her thighs and pubic hair.

I could smell her scent and it drove me wild! I had just started to part her lips with my tongue when we heard my partner in the next room walking towards us! I pulled away and sat on the floor, and she threw a blanket over her lap. He stuck his head in long enough to tell us to turn the TV down, and then went back to bed. When I turned back to her she had already slipped to the floor, pants around her ankles. We embraced passionately, kissing like each of us held the last breath of oxygen in the world. I knew we would probably be caught if we continued here, so I pulled her to her feet and quickly got her dressed, then told her to follow me.

Mommy Daughter Frat Party

This is true story that was pasted to me by a women “friend” while we were lying in bed after making love. It was in response to a question I asked her about any interesting experiences she had had and could share with me. Her husband is not aware of this event or the times that we have shared together.

My daughter and I have always been best of friends; even through high school we were able to share with each other all our experiences and concerns. When she left for her freshman year at college 150 miles away I felt a hole in my life with her absents. About six weeks after she started school I decided to visit her for a long weekend. I ask my husband if he wanted to go with me, but he declined telling me it would ruin Kim’s and my opportunity to send quality time together. I was happy that he declined because this left Kim and myself free to talk and spend time together as mother-daughter, best friends. I left to visit Kim on Thursday afternoon knowing that she would have class on Friday for part of the time and I could look around the campus. Our plans were for me to stay in her room and be part of the college crowd again, even if just for the weekend. When I arrived I met Kim and was introduced to the other girls in her dorm. I felt like a young college student again, having to share a common bathroom and hearing the constant girl talk in the hallway.

I asked Kim and her friends if there were any big plans for the weekend and one of her friends said that some of the group was planning to go to a local frat party off campus. I asked Kim if she had planned to go and she “no” because she thought I wouldn’t be interested in a frat party, with a lot of drinking and loud music. After a short pause I told her that I wouldn’t mind going, if she wouldn’t be embarrassed having be there. So the plan was to go to a college frat party on Friday night, my first college party in many years.