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The Tattoo

Charlene and I met in the 60’s, married in the 70’s and moved to the suburbs with thousands of others of our generation. We now find ourselves in our late 40’s, our children in the process of leaving the nest and we are wondering what happened to our youth. Charlene is one of those girls that got better looking with age. When I met her in college she was a bit on the chubby side, but she was cute and had the best disposition of anyone I had ever met. She was always happy, liked to party and portrayed a quiet confidence that everything would work out for the best regardless of what we did. Her father was a doctor and she never wanted for money which added to her confidence.

I, on the other hand, grew up poor and lacked Charlene’s confidence. I was driven to succeed and, while we are not rich, we have lived very comfortably. Charlene has not had to work outside the home. Charlene has a great figure which has been enhanced with a little plastic surgery. She has always been a sun worshiper and maintains her tan year round.

Charlene and I have had a good sex life. We both enjoy sex and Charlene never refuses my overtures nor do I refuse hers. With few exceptions, neither of us have strayed. Several years after it happened, Charlene admitted that when she returned to her home town for her tenth high school reunion she blew five guys in the locker room. She had attended the reunion by herself and was looking great. She got a lot of compliments and one thing led to another. She was quite proud of her oral prowess which she developed in college. She told me that she had handpicked a guy with which to lose her virginity during her freshman year in college. The guy was rumored to be very well endowed and he did not disappoint her. The guy was kind of a rounder from the sounds of it and she was fascinated with him for a few months.