The Tattoo

Charlene and I met in the 60’s, married in the 70’s and moved to the suburbs with thousands of others of our generation. We now find ourselves in our late 40’s, our children in the process of leaving the nest and we are wondering what happened to our youth. Charlene is one of those girls that got better looking with age. When I met her in college she was a bit on the chubby side, but she was cute and had the best disposition of anyone I had ever met. She was always happy, liked to party and portrayed a quiet confidence that everything would work out for the best regardless of what we did. Her father was a doctor and she never wanted for money which added to her confidence.

I, on the other hand, grew up poor and lacked Charlene’s confidence. I was driven to succeed and, while we are not rich, we have lived very comfortably. Charlene has not had to work outside the home. Charlene has a great figure which has been enhanced with a little plastic surgery. She has always been a sun worshiper and maintains her tan year round.

Charlene and I have had a good sex life. We both enjoy sex and Charlene never refuses my overtures nor do I refuse hers. With few exceptions, neither of us have strayed. Several years after it happened, Charlene admitted that when she returned to her home town for her tenth high school reunion she blew five guys in the locker room. She had attended the reunion by herself and was looking great. She got a lot of compliments and one thing led to another. She was quite proud of her oral prowess which she developed in college. She told me that she had handpicked a guy with which to lose her virginity during her freshman year in college. The guy was rumored to be very well endowed and he did not disappoint her. The guy was kind of a rounder from the sounds of it and she was fascinated with him for a few months.

After he taught her the finer points of college fucking, he tried to convince her to advance to blow jobs. Charlene refused to do it for a long time. However, she agreed to accompany he and several of his friends on a road trip to attend a rock concert. They smoked a lot of pot and it was the time of free love. At any rate, she told me that by the time they got back to campus she was an expert at giving head. I can attest to that.

Recently, Charlene has been considering a tattoo. She vacillated about whether to do it or not. Her girlfriends were afraid of disease, but Charlene has always been the adventuresome one and finally made up her mind that she was going to get one. She checked out a few of the local tattoo parlors and decided that she was going to get it on her butt cheek. She would not tell me what design she had decided on, but she told me that she did not want any of the local tattoo artists doing it because she heard that you had to let them take a photo after they were finished and she was afraid someone she knew would see it. She was planning a shopping trip to a major city about three hours from our home and she decided she would check out their parlors.

Charlene left on a Friday for her shopping trip. She went alone which was not unusual. She said she hated shopping with her friends because they did not have the same taste as she did, but she always gave in and did what they wanted to do. When she was serious about shopping she always went alone. Friday night she called me. She sounded excited over the phone. She told me that she had found the best tattoo parlor and the best design. She was going to get it the next day and head home.

Saturday night, Charlene returned. She could not wait to show me her tattoo. She dropped her shorts revealing a red devil with yellow horns and forked staff. Beneath the devil were three black stars which seemed somewhat out of place. Her skin was a little puffy and red from the effects of the needle, but the artistry of the tattoo was impeccable. It was obvious that she had chosen the artist well. I asked her about the three stars and, to my complete surprise, she broke into tears. I thought maybe she was remorseful about choosing to be tattooed, since it was permanent and I knew some people immediately regretted having gone under the needle.

Charlene, however, was regretting something else more sinister. I poured her a drink and gradually the story came out. She described the tattoo artist as one of those big burly guys with a great gift of bullshit. They hit it off immediately and he helped her choose the tattoo design. What she had not anticipated is that when she showed up on Saturday to get the tattoo he told her that she would have to remove her panties if she wanted it on her butt cheek. She protested but he convinced her that her panties would get in the way and could contribute to causing an infection. That, of course, was a lie but Charlene explained that the excitement of getting the tattoo and the embarrassment of having to choose between getting naked or leaving caused a momentary loss of judgment.

She had chosen not to wear a thong because she thought that it was too revealing. She told me that besides thongs, her only back up was a sheer pair of white string bikinis which covered her crotch better than the thongs and that is why she chose that pair to wear to the tattoo parlor. Charlene was clean shaven with only a strip of black pubic hair above her snatch. How she wished she had chosen the thong when confronted with the choice of removing her panties or forgoing the tattoo. She never imagined she would have to show her bare snatch to the tattoo artist. She said his eyes about popped out when she removed her panties revealing her well tanned snatch.

Charlene laid on the table face down with only a T-shirt on to cover herself. The tattoo artist excused himself for a moment and when he returned, he was not alone. Charlene tried to cover up. She demanded an explanation about who the two additional guys were and why they were in the room. The artist explained that they were his assistants and because this was a color tattoo, he needed the additional help. Charlene decided that the other guys had already seen her since she did not have anything to cover up with, so she might as well go along with it. She rolled back over.

The artist spread her legs slightly and began the process of sketching the outline of the tattoo on her ass. Charlene said that she became incredibly turned on laying there and knowing that three strangers were staring at her pussy. She could feel herself getting wet and the harder she tried to control herself, the wetter she got. She said she imagined that the juices were escaping her bare pussy and she was sure they could smell her womanhood. The sting of the needle sent her over the edge and she had an orgasm right there in front of them. She said that she could not believe that she was grunting and writhing in front of these guys as her pussy spasmed uncontrollably.

When she regained her composure they asked her if she was enjoying herself, to which she responded that she hoped they were not getting the wrong idea about her. They assured her that they were not getting the “wrong idea” about her and resumed the tattoo. When they were finished, one of the assistants gently cleaned the finished tattoo with a disinfectant and applied an antibiotic. As he did he slipped two fingers up her slippery snatch. She was out of control again and responded to his boldness. When he was sure she was willing, he announced to everyone present that she was ready to party.

Charlene said she was powerless at that point. She started humping his fingers like a wanton whore as she heard the men unzipping their pants. They pulled her to the edge of the table, spread her legs and a cock replaced the assistant’s fingers. The first assistant unloaded in her snatch pretty quickly, but he was quickly replaced by the second assistant whose cock was much larger. Charlene admitted that she had not been fucked like that since college. I assumed that she meant he was larger than me, but I let the slur pass because Charlene was becoming flushed and short of breath as she told me the story.

It was obvious that she was enjoying reliving the details. The grand finale was the artist himself. He was gigantic and plowed her for twenty minutes or more before he unloaded in her. She lost track of how many orgasms she had. When they were finished with her, she tried to look for her clothes. The artist told her that they were not finished. She thought they wanted to fuck her again, but the artist explained that he had to add the finishing touches to his creation – the three stars!!! Then he photographed the finished product and confiscated her panties. He told her she was going in the hall of fame and pointed out several pairs of panties with photographs of their owners sporting new tattoos which were displayed on the walls of the room. She was in no condition to argue, so she paid him and left. She sheepishly added that she left the assistants a cash tip.

I was enraged. This was nothing short of rape and it was obvious that this was not the first time this predator had done this. I resolved that I was going to confront this guy on Monday. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but I wanted to see the guy that took advantage of my wife. I did not tell Charlene. I called in sick on Monday and took off. When I arrived, the parlor was not open. I saw that its hours of business were from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., six days a week. I only had a half hour to wait, so I left for lunch. When I returned the “Open” sign was lit and I entered. A big burly guy came out of the back and I recognized him as the artist.

I blurted out “You fucked my wife Saturday and I’m here to get even!”

The artist was as surprised as I was at that point and started stammering. He said “Mister there must be some mistake.” I jammed the receipt in his face, to which he responded “I admit I fucked your wife, but she asked us to fuck her.”

Well, that was the part of the story my wife left out, but I did not trust this guy and could not believe that it happened that way. He could see that in my eyes. He came around from in back of the counter and approached me. He was big and I thought maybe he was going to pick me up and throw me out the door. Instead, he locked the door and invited me to come with him. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was in too deep to quit, so I followed. He took me into the tattoo room. There proudly displayed on the wall was a framed picture of my wife’s ass next to her white panties.

He told me that it was not unusual for some women to get so turned on during a tattoo session, especially their first, that they would fuck a room full of guys. He told me that he recognized my wife as one who would probably get turned on by the experience. He pointed out a few of the other photos on the wall with as many as five stars added to their tattoos. He told me that he liked my wife, so he only invited two of his friends to join him for the gang bang he knew would follow the tattoo session. He then plopped in a video. I first heard Charlene’s voice and then the picture came into focus. She was clearly the aggressor begging them to fuck her. She unzipped the pants of one of the assistants and proceeded to give him a sloppy blow job – her specialty. This was another detail Charlene left out. I guess she did not expect me to follow up on her story.

I stood there in amazement as I watched her fuck and suck all three and was begging for more when they told her they were spent. She asked them to call some friends but they convinced her that was not a good idea. The artist stopped the video and produced a form. Amazing!!! Charlene had signed a form in which she stated that she had willingly engaged in sexual relations with the three of them. Their names were printed in her handwriting and it was signed by her. The artist gave me the video and told me that I was a lucky guy to be married to a fox like Charlene.

I left and returned home. Charlene was a bit upset when she heard what I did, but she soon got over it. We watch the video often. To my amazement, it turns me on to watch my wife service three strangers and I find myself fantasizing doing some of my friends. Charlene has grown comfortable with the tattoo on her ass and recently asked me if she could show it off. Who knows where that might lead.