Month: May 2013

Bukkake Dee

It was a set up. My lovely wife Dee had always stirred me that she wanted to be gang banged. She is 39, almost 40 actually- her birthday being in June 15th. She stands 5’10’ tall and is a stunning long-legged blonde with nice perky breasts and the most amazing blue cock sucking eyes I have ever had the pleasure of gazing into.

Our sex life was speckled with multi-partner adventures. She loved cock…what can I say?

I told her to meet me at the Bouncing Balls pool parlour. We loved to play pool and had our own table. I told her some friends were meeting us there. I told her to dress sexy – short skirt and heels. I knew she would, as she loved to tease other guys and make their wives shitty with her flirting. The name of the pub was a strange coincidence…because before long balls would be bouncing all over my hot wife’s chin.

Without letting her know, I had booked the back room of the Bouncing Ball. It was famous for wild parties and buck’s night celebrations. The owner pretty much turned a blind eye to what went on in there, as it was separated from the rest of the place by two security doors, and as long as he got paid, what the hell.

When Dee arrived, she as shown through to the back room by the bouncer, Tony. I’d paid him an extra $50 cash to look after things on the night.

For three weeks I’d been organising the men. I didn’t want anyone that either Dee or I knew. I’d posted a few ads on the internet and managed to find twenty blokes that met the criteria. Without going into it in too much detail, they had to be young, well muscled and clean of disease. Dee has a thing for muscled guys, and I was insistent that they were proven disease free before letting them loose on the wife!

After the Wedding

I had a hectic Saturday night with all my shows out and I was short an assistant DJ for my show. I had a wedding to do in Rockford and it was going to be a big group and an assistant was really important. Fortunately, my wife had the night free so we drove down to the hotel and set up. The show was a huge success and the bride and groom had a great group of guests. All through the night we interacted with the guests and the bridal party, even accepting requests to dance. By the end of the night we had had as much fun as the guests did!

As we were tearing down our equipment after the last dance, the bride and groom were saying their goodbyes to the last of the family. Once we were done, we went over to them to wish them good luck and say good night. Jeff and Lynn (the groom and bride) were there with three of the groomsmen. They asked if we would care to join them in a little relaxation so they could wind down before trying to sleep. We had so much fun throughout the night; we accepted and followed them to their suite. The groomsmen were Pete, Jack and Mike and we remembered them as all being pretty good guys.

Jeff and Lynn had a beautiful suite with a sofa, two chairs and a huge king sized bed. There was a small stocked bar and refrigerator, and a nice entertainment system. Jeff went to the bar and started taking orders and Lynn turned on the stereo and put on a CD. We were all talking about the fun we had at the reception and Lynn complained that she did not get to dance very much since everyone kept talking to her all night. Jeff told Mike to dance with her while he made the drinks and Pete asked my wife if she would like to dance. She said sure and left me on the sofa to relax. I had been on my feet for the last 7 hours and it felt good to kick back. One of the nice things about being an assistant, Kathi (my wife) had the opportunity to sit down several times during the evening so her legs and feet were not tired yet.

Jeff passed around the drinks and gave me Kathi’s vodka & sour and my diet Pepsi since I don’t drink. He sat down on the edge of the bed and had some of his drink while Mike danced with his new bride and chatted with Jack and myself about various things. Lynn must have put in a disc of slow jams because the next song was another good one and Lynn grabbed Jeff and pulled him out to dance with her. Kathi & Pete came back over and grabbed their drinks and sat down. Jack asked Kathi if she would dance with him too, so she quickly downed her drink and grabbed his hand and pulled him out of his chair.

Subway Ordeal

Hi, my name is Ana. I was born in Argentina and came to the USA with my parents at the age of 18. My supermarket experience at the age of 39 can be viewed under Ana’s Ravishment. As a single parent I was no longer nervous and timid of sex after the supermarket experience, however, I was still apprehensive and shy due to my strict upbringing in Argentina. This is the story of my N.Y. subway experiences that I encountered shortly following the supermarket incident.

I stand at 5 feet tall and weigh 105 lbs. My long curly jet black hair and full lips enhance my attractive looks. My breast size is 34D and as a result of my Argentine upbringing, I was never allowed to wear a bra which resulted in sagging breasts. My large hanging breasts, full lips, and tight ass are a perfect match for my small frame.

It was a Tuesday morning in September as I stepped into the extremely crowded subway car on my way to work. This was the express train and was always jammed full of riders. I was dressed in a green button down blouse tucked into a white knee length skirt. My nylons ended above the knee and I wore my usual white bra and panties. Nearly 10 minutes into the 40 minute ride I felt something brush against my ass as I stood holding onto the pole in the middle of the car. When it happened again I knew it was no accident. The 3rd time something just leaned against my butt and I knew that it was a cock inside someone’s pants. The subway was in the middle of a turn that forced my ass further into the cock. In no time the cock was gone and for the next 5 minutes I was horny as hell just thinking about what had occurred. I was breaking out in a clammy sweat and my stomach was extremely nervous.

Suddenly, someone whispered in my ear to stay still, not make a sound, and enjoy the ride. I immediately felt a hand on my small tight ass working it’s way down and under my skirt targeting my panties. Fingers went inside my panties and down the crack of my ass to my asshole. The next thing I knew my asshole was rammed by the longest finger I could ever imagine. The finger rammed my button hole to the knuckle and paralyzed me with nervous sweat and emotion. My ass was being finger fucked in a fluid motion for what seemed like an eternity. It then stopped and was removed from my ass. As I quietly begged for its return, my invader suddenly drove his finger in as far as it could go and left it there for the remainder of the ride. Upon departing the subway I refused to turn and seek out my intruder for fear of being alarmed by his appearance. I arrived at the office and remained horney the entire day. That evening after putting my daughter to sleep I masturbated myself to sleep and came at least 3 times that I remember.