Subway Ordeal

Hi, my name is Ana. I was born in Argentina and came to the USA with my parents at the age of 18. My supermarket experience at the age of 39 can be viewed under Ana’s Ravishment. As a single parent I was no longer nervous and timid of sex after the supermarket experience, however, I was still apprehensive and shy due to my strict upbringing in Argentina. This is the story of my N.Y. subway experiences that I encountered shortly following the supermarket incident.

I stand at 5 feet tall and weigh 105 lbs. My long curly jet black hair and full lips enhance my attractive looks. My breast size is 34D and as a result of my Argentine upbringing, I was never allowed to wear a bra which resulted in sagging breasts. My large hanging breasts, full lips, and tight ass are a perfect match for my small frame.

It was a Tuesday morning in September as I stepped into the extremely crowded subway car on my way to work. This was the express train and was always jammed full of riders. I was dressed in a green button down blouse tucked into a white knee length skirt. My nylons ended above the knee and I wore my usual white bra and panties. Nearly 10 minutes into the 40 minute ride I felt something brush against my ass as I stood holding onto the pole in the middle of the car. When it happened again I knew it was no accident. The 3rd time something just leaned against my butt and I knew that it was a cock inside someone’s pants. The subway was in the middle of a turn that forced my ass further into the cock. In no time the cock was gone and for the next 5 minutes I was horny as hell just thinking about what had occurred. I was breaking out in a clammy sweat and my stomach was extremely nervous.

Suddenly, someone whispered in my ear to stay still, not make a sound, and enjoy the ride. I immediately felt a hand on my small tight ass working it’s way down and under my skirt targeting my panties. Fingers went inside my panties and down the crack of my ass to my asshole. The next thing I knew my asshole was rammed by the longest finger I could ever imagine. The finger rammed my button hole to the knuckle and paralyzed me with nervous sweat and emotion. My ass was being finger fucked in a fluid motion for what seemed like an eternity. It then stopped and was removed from my ass. As I quietly begged for its return, my invader suddenly drove his finger in as far as it could go and left it there for the remainder of the ride. Upon departing the subway I refused to turn and seek out my intruder for fear of being alarmed by his appearance. I arrived at the office and remained horney the entire day. That evening after putting my daughter to sleep I masturbated myself to sleep and came at least 3 times that I remember.

The following friday I made arrangements with the baby sitter to sleep over as I was attending a retirement party after work and would be home late. I was dressed in a low cut, button down powder blue dress alnog with my usual white bra and powder blue panties. The party broke up at 11PM and I was fortunate to get a ride to the subway station. I drank 2 long island ice teas and my head was spinning the moment I hit the air. I departed the car and hurried down the stairs as I heard the subway pulling into the station. I jumped into the last car for privacy as the door closed behind me and I sat down in the empty car.

The top 2 buttons of my dress were unknowingly open as I sat down and closed my eyes while my head continued to spin. I must have dozed off for a few seconds and was suddenly awakened by the voices of 4 Latin men in their mid 20’s. Evidently they were talking about the size of my breasts and whether or not they were real. All at once I was approached by 3 of the men while the 4th one stood by the entrance door to the next car. Julio, the best looking one of the 4 asked me to stand up and do him a favor. As I nervously stood, Julio asked his 2 friends to each take one of my arms so I didn’t fall. Julio stood in front of me, looked me straight in the eye and told me that no one believed my breasts were for real. He asked me to show them my breasts and when I refused he said that he was sorry to talk to me like a slut and would not ask me to do something like that again. He leaned forward and looked down the front of my dress while laying his hand on my breast outside my bra. When I started to complain he proceeded to stick his long Latin tongue in my mouth and suck on my tongue while I became nervously hotter by the second.

Julio then unbuttoned the next 2 buttons on my dress while each of his friends groped their fingers under my bra and attacked my bare breasts. Julio stopped tongue fucking my mouth and unhooked my bra. All 4 men yelled in Spanish as my large sagging breasts came tumbling out. My dress was now being unbuttoned to the waist while all 4 men took turns and changed positions while sucking on my tits. Julio then slipped his hand inside my dress inside my panties and slipped 4 fingers into my extremely long pussy lips. His fingers slipped in without hesitation because I was so wet and horny. Julio took his fingers out of my slit and again ravished my mouth with his long tongue while the other 2 men stick their tongues in my ear. As Julio cupped my breast and played with my nipple I was on the verge of cumming when all 3 stopped and Julio told me to get on my knees. I immediately knelt down and was met by his bare cock which was very long and slim. He shoved the entire cock in my mouth and I sucked it like a vacuum cleaner. Julio immediately pulled out of my mouth and proceeded to show me how to suck cock. He told me to just suck on the tip of his penis while sticking my tongue into the slit. He told me to take little sucks at first and build up to longer ones, all the while running my tongue along the slit to suck out the pre cum. Julio then held my head in his hands while climaxing in my mouth. He told me to keep his cock in the back of my throat until all of the cum traveled to my stomach. I proceeded to do this with all 4 men and enjoyed the last Latino the best as his cum went down quickly and tasted the best. I was unaware that he had also urinated in my mouth at the same time he came, until I heard him tell his friends that he was peeing while cumming in my mouth at the same time. I was so hot that it made me cum just to hear what happened.

My dress was now pulled off completely and I was standing in just my powder blue panties. Julio pulled my panties down, knelt in front of me and sucked my cunt juices out my cunt and down his throat. His friends pulled my one leg up and apart while he turned me around to check out my tight butt. All 4 remarked about my tight ass with the unaccented black hair protecting it. They bent me over to my waist while Julio slipped his tongue into the crack of my ass and pumped it in and out of my asshole while the 3 other Latinos waited their turn. This drove me absolutely wild and when I was asked to sit on the edge of the seat, I immediately obeyed. Julio and his friends now took turns fucking me and commenting in Spanish about how long and deep my pussy was. They also took turns slipping all five fingers in my slit up to the knuckle and french kissing me at the same time.

Next I was told to turn around and kneel on the floor facing the subway car seat. I had to place my elbows on the seat and spread my legs while they took turns fucking me doggie style, sucking my asshole and sticking their cock in my mouth. Then Julio fucked me in the ass and proceed to cum in my ass and did not pull out until his cock was dry. I now had a cock up my small tight cum filled ass, a mouth on each tit, and a cock in my mouth as one of the men sat on the back of the seat. Everyone proceeded to cum on me and in me and then pulled up their pants and got off at the next stop. I was barely able to stand and dress myself but somehow I managed.

I arrived home and took a long hot shower. I could not believe what had just happened to me and how I seemed to enjoy it.