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Webcam Fun

Matt was a pretty cool guy. I had chatted with him online for over a year now, and due to the distance between us we hadn’t met each other yet. He was a computer tech based out of Silicon Valley, and I was an Administrative Assistant living in Florida. However, that was all about to change.

Matt had it all. He was smart, good looking, funny, and a good friend. Our chats had started out completely innocent. Mostly stuff like ‘how was your day’, and, ‘ what do you like to do for fun’. As months passed by, though, our chats became more serious. We had discussed everything from what we want in life to how many kids we’d want to have. Also, around this time, our chats got a little more risqué. We began exchanging fantasies and having cybersex.

We had done everything that people do when they first chat. Exchanging pics back and forth. As in our chats, the intial pics were purely innocent. Pics of us with our friends, at the beach, of us with our families. Normal stuff. However, just like with our chats, our pics became less and less innocent. From me in my lingerie, and him in his boxer briefs…to nothing at all. We eventually got to the point where we would specify how we wanted each other to be positioned in the pics we were taking.

About a month into our chatting, we had both decided to purchase a webcam. Unlike the chatting and the pics, this didn’t start off innocent. We knew exactly why we’d each purchased the cams, and what we wanted to do. I told him for my first inital act, I’d like to perform a striptease for him. I told him the song I was planning on stripping to, and how we could, through online microphones, be able to hear each other while performed.