Month: November 2012

Learning How to Give Head

When I was a senior in college in the 60’s, several of my friends and I let a girl practice her blow job technique on us during a road trip. Jane was a freshman. Earlier in the year she had lost her virginity to one of my friends. He thought he was in love with her at first, but then he got tired of her. Bill told me that he had tried to get her to blow him several times, but he just could not talk her into letting him put his cock in her mouth. She was cute. She was a little plump in the ass, but she filled out a pair of bell bottomed jeans perfectly. I had no trouble believing Bill when he told me that doggy style was her favorite position. She had nice round tits. She dressed like a hippie and she never wore a bra. Jane lived in a sorority house, but even after she and Bill went their separate ways, she would occasionally come over to our apartment to party. Several of us tried to get in her pants, but Bill was the only one that ever succeeded.

For spring break in 1966 we decided to go on a road trip to Florida. Six of us piled into a VW bus and headed out. We did not have much money, but we had a lot of smoke. At the last minute, Jane asked if we would give her a ride to meet some of her friends who had left a few days earlier. It was fine by us, because she offered to help on gas money. We all kidded her and told her that she either had to pay for the gas or put out if she was going to ride. She blushed in embarrassment and told us she had plenty of money. Our plan was to drive non-stop and we figured it would take two days.

When we left Minnesota, it was snowing and sleeting. We could not wait for some warm weather. By the second day, we had driven to where the weather had warmed and everybody started stripping off cold weather clothes for shorts and T-shirts. We stopped for gas at a truck stop early on the second day. The sign advertised showers and Jane informed us that she was going to shower. While we waited, we toked up the hash pipe and got stoned. When Jane emerged from the showers, she was dressed in a pair of short white shorts and a cropped off T-shirt. Everybody had an instant hard-on. I could see the outline of her bikini panties beneath her shorts and I was sure she did not have on a bra. Things were looking up.

As we headed out, we offered Jane a hit from the hash pipe and some wine. It was not long before she was completely stoned. She had to lean up over the back of the front seat to hand off the pipe to the guys in the front seat. Every time she bent over the seat, we had a good view of her ass and her tits were clearly visible beneath the cropped off T- shirt. I was convinced that she knew she was giving us a show and was enjoying it. I finally gathered enough courage and asked her to show us her tits. She giggled and raised her top exposing her tits. She immediately put her top back down, but nobody was going to let her get away with that.

Ariel Feels Daring

I have always been a selective girl when it comes to sleeping with a guy. All through high school and college, I had mostly dated Asian guys, being of Japanese ancestry. I’ve dated a few white guys but have never slept with them. My parents, 2nd generation Americans, were always strict with me, so my sexual experience was pretty limited before college, and even then it took a while for me to feel comfortable with my sexual side. Now that I’m 23, I feel that I have really hit my stride, sexually speaking. I can say that in large part to what happened to me last weekend.

It was last Saturday that my best friend Eloise called me – she wanted to go clubbing that night, and who was I to say no? I love to go dancing, and there’s always a chance to meet some cute guys. That afternoon, I went to the manicurist – I always get a weekly manicure and pedicure to show off my long slender fingers and the toe cleavage on my small feet. Today it would be a French manicure for my fingernails and silver polish for my toenails. Then I went home and got into the shower, making sure I was freshly shaven. I left only a tiny wisp of hair above my pussy. I toweled off and dried my hair – I have the typical Asian straight black hair, which I keep long, down to my shoulder blades. Today, I decided I’d put my hair up in a bun, which I secured with two hair sticks. Next I put on makeup. I have raised, thin eyebrows, with large brown eyes that are round compared to many Asian girls, so I used a little eyebrow pencil and some mascara to highlight my large, round brown eyes.

My lips are fairly full, so I applied some fire engine red lipstick. I put pearl drop earrings in my pierced ears and put on a double strand pearl choker around my neck. (It’s all costume jewelry, but who knows the difference, really.) In my lingerie drawer I picked out a pair of black lacy panties and a matching strapless bra – 32C, not bad for someone with my genes! I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and wondered if anyone would see me like this tonight. It’s vain, I know, but sometimes when I’m at home getting dressed to go out I like to stand in front of the mirror and look at my body. For being only 5’1”, I think my best asset, though, are my legs and my butt. I’m especially proud of the little open space between my lean upper thighs right below my pussy. Any girl who has that little space right there is keeping her thighs in good condition, don’t you think?

We Take A Taxi

We immediately start making out; we are kissing, pulling at each other’s hair, touching and grabbing each other. I run my hands up under your shirt, my mouth against your mouth. You wrap your strong fingers around the back of my neck, grabbing my long, dark hair in your fist. You yank my hair to pull my head back, licking my warm, exposed skin and I start to moan. I kiss you again, sucking on your full lips, stopping to bury my nose against your neck, smelling your sweat. You tell me to take my shirt off and unbutton your jeans. I quickly get rid of my top and work my fingers inside your pants. Your fat cock is throbbing in my fist as I straddle you in my short skirt and black panties, my back to the driver.

He keeps driving, sneaking a few looks at us in the rearview mirror. I grind my damp panties against your cock, rocking my hips back and forth. You feel the wet spot of my silky g-string pressing against the head of your cock. You slip one of your huge fingers in me, getting it nice and wet inside my sticky cunt, and then stick it in my warm mouth. I suck my juices off your finger for a few seconds, deepthroating it, and that’s all you can take. You whisper in my ear, “Suck my cock.” I move off of you, sliding my head down. I hear you sigh as my expert mouth makes contact with your blood engorged cock. I give you deep, wet head, sucking your cock all the way down my throat. You pull my head up and we kiss again. You lean down to suck and bite my nipples and I arch my back, pushing my tits against your face. You slip your finger up my cunt again, finger fucking me. I’m so hot and so turned on, knowing that a stranger is just inches away, watching us preparing to fuck.