We Take A Taxi

We immediately start making out; we are kissing, pulling at each other’s hair, touching and grabbing each other. I run my hands up under your shirt, my mouth against your mouth. You wrap your strong fingers around the back of my neck, grabbing my long, dark hair in your fist. You yank my hair to pull my head back, licking my warm, exposed skin and I start to moan. I kiss you again, sucking on your full lips, stopping to bury my nose against your neck, smelling your sweat. You tell me to take my shirt off and unbutton your jeans. I quickly get rid of my top and work my fingers inside your pants. Your fat cock is throbbing in my fist as I straddle you in my short skirt and black panties, my back to the driver.

He keeps driving, sneaking a few looks at us in the rearview mirror. I grind my damp panties against your cock, rocking my hips back and forth. You feel the wet spot of my silky g-string pressing against the head of your cock. You slip one of your huge fingers in me, getting it nice and wet inside my sticky cunt, and then stick it in my warm mouth. I suck my juices off your finger for a few seconds, deepthroating it, and that’s all you can take. You whisper in my ear, “Suck my cock.” I move off of you, sliding my head down. I hear you sigh as my expert mouth makes contact with your blood engorged cock. I give you deep, wet head, sucking your cock all the way down my throat. You pull my head up and we kiss again. You lean down to suck and bite my nipples and I arch my back, pushing my tits against your face. You slip your finger up my cunt again, finger fucking me. I’m so hot and so turned on, knowing that a stranger is just inches away, watching us preparing to fuck.

“You want him to watch this, don’t you? Fucking slut.” The sound of your voice saying those words to me makes me desperate to get your big dick inside me. I wrap my fingers around your cock and quickly push it up inside my wet, creamy slit. It feels soooo good and I can’t help but moan as you sink all the way up my soft, warm cunt. I move up and down on top of you, hungry to feel your huge cock moving in and out of me, inch by inch, over and over. I am looking at your face .You are watching the driver watch us in his rearview mirror .

“Turn around.” I slide off of you and turn around, now facing the driver . I straddle you backwards so the driver can see my face as I fuck you. I push my big tits together, squeezing my hard little nipples. Your big hands are around my waist, holding me, guiding my ass up and down. I lean back against you, opening my legs as far as I can. When I slide up, the driver has a perfect view of your wet cock coming out of my cunt. The cum on my inner thighs is shiny, visible in the streetlight. I’m hoping the driver notices all the juices dripping out of my cunt, down my legs and on to his backseat. I’m such a raunchy little whore that I hope he sees every little detail. I want him to remember this clearly when he goes home later and jerks off thinking about me. You slip a wet finger over my clit, lightly rubbing it as I continue to slide up and down your dick. I lean forward again, grabbing both of the headrests in front of me. I hold on to them tightly and start fucking you harder. The driver has pulled into a residential area and is driving the cab as slow as possible, watching our every move. It’s so late and it’s pitch black outside and so quiet. I am in ecstasy , sighing and moaning, loving being watched by this stranger. You know exactly how turned on I am and just lay back and let me fuck you.

I turn around to face you, quickly stuffing your huge cock back inside me. I bury my face in your chest and my breathing is so loud and hard. My hot, dripping cunt pumps up and down on your cock. You’re so deep inside me, filling me, fucking me. You whisper to me in my ear, saying all of those things you know I love. Very, very quietly you say, “He’s watching you, you dirty little whore. He’s right behind you, Meg. He’s right there.”

You’re driving me insane and I just want to flood you with my slippery cum juices. Your huge, strong hands are pressed against the bare skin of my lower back, holding me, bracing me. I wrap my arms around your neck and press my ass down against you, grinding my cunt against you as hard as I can. You feel my cunt muscles start to squeeze and contract, pulling your cock deeper inside. My warm, sticky juices are dripping all over your legs. “Are you gonna cum for him? Fucking whore.” I hold my breath, digging my nails into the back of your neck, flooding your cock with my cum juice. You feel my pussy contractions gripping your fat cock, squeezing you over and over again. You wait for me to calm down just slightly before nudging me off your cock and guiding my head down to receive a face-full of your thick, creamy cum. I open my pretty mouth and you shoot it in me, coating my tongue with your massive load of warm sperm. You point your cock at my face, making sure to spray some cum on my cheeks. I turn around to face the driver, my face a mess of smeared makeup and a rope of your thick jizz sliding down my chin. He watches my cum-drenched tongue slide out of my mouth and lick my swollen lips before I swallow your entire load down my throat. I stick a finger in my cunt, coating it with my cunt juice and smear it all over my fat, pink lips . I kiss you so you can taste both of us on my mouth.

You hand him a piece of paper with a map back to my house and say “Take us home.”