My Wife Sharing Story

As promised, I relate another true story of me sharing Ann with another man. As usual we had planned to go out that weekend for some strange fucking on Ann’s part and some good watching on mine.

We went back to a motel about 60 miles out of town where we had great success in the past but had not visited for a couple of months.

The last time we were there Ann had picked up a young man about twenty five who was well built, well hung and had exceptional staying power. We wondered if he would be there that weekend and the anticipation had us fucking like Meeks all week. But as we drove down we talked about that we would have fun no matter who she fucked, we always did.

As usual we checked into the motel and she went to the bar while I waited in the room. In a short time she returned with the same young man. I saw he was pretty drunk as he had been the last time and he could remember Ann but was not sure about me. He kept asking me if it was alright with me for him to fuck Ann. I reassured him it was as long as he didn’t mind me watching the action.

Ann was taking off her short skirt and top exposing her wonderful firm breast and stood there in just her brief panties. “Are you going to spend all night talking to Bill or are you going to fuck?” she asked. He lost interest in me and started removing his clothes as fast as he could.

In the meantime she had removed her panties and laid down on one of the queen sized beds. The room was somewhat dark with only the light from the bathroom on and she looked so hot laying there. I wanted to fuck her myself but I knew my turn was coming so I could be patient.

He quickly finished undressing and I noticed that his erect cock hadn’t shrunk since we saw him last. He fell across the bed and started sucking Ann’s tits and rubbing her pussy. She reached down and took his cock in hand and started playing with it, making sure to keep it where I could get a good view.

He had forgotten all about me it seems and he was busy at the task at hand. I took advantage of this and stood up and removed my pants so I could have ready access to my meat. Then I sat back down and started to really enjoy the show.

They played around for awhile and I was kind of wishing she would suck his cock for awhile but he got so hot that he mounted her and stuck it right in. I say stuck it right in, but in reality he had to work it in a little at the time. Ann has always had a tight vagina and while she can take whatever anybody wants to stick in, it still has to go in slow.

But it is great for me seeing a big cock working its way into my wife’s pussy.

He must have fucked her for twenty minutes or more before he let go his load of cum and buried it deep in her belly. She had already had so many orgasms that I had lost count. He had fucked her in the old missionary position but I got a good view, as her ass would come up off the bed to meet his every thrust.

As he had the last time, he collapsed beside her and passed out. I went over and knelt beside the bed and turned on a bedside lamp. He didn’t even blink and I could see that he was out cold. I needed the light on because there is nothing I like better than watching fresh cum seeping out of Ann’s pussy. It took a while to start coming as he had shot it in up to the hilt. She laughed and said, “Don’t forget what happened last time.”

She was referring to what had happened with him previously. It was almost the same as this time and I had watched his cum leak out and put my mouth on her pussy and gave a big suck. So much came out I thought I was going to strangle.

I vowed not to make that mistake this time and before too long it started coming out. I put a pillow under her ass to elevate he pussy so it would not all run out onto the bed. It looked so good, it was nice and thick the way I liked it. I took my time and licked more that I sucked and soon had her spick and span.

I sat in the chair and she came over and sat on my lap and we just cuddled for a while. She said look at that, his cock is still hard. Of course that is a condition we knew well. Often certain men stay hard after they pass out drunk and he had done that the last time. I said we should hire him as a chauffer or something and keep him drunk and you could have round the clock hard cock.

She said, “I think I’m going to get me some more of that while the getting’s good. His cock really feels great to me. OK with you?” she asked.

“I think I can stand watching you some more,” I smiled.

She went over to the bed and sitting astride him, facing me she inserted his cock and starting riding it up and down. She got carried away and it would slip out at the top of her push. I went over and took a hold of his cock and guided it back in every time it slipped out.

She fucked him so long that I was mesmerized watching it slide in and out. I think that was ten times longer than I had ever had a cock in my hand except for mine.

But then she too got tired and finally slid off him. She said, “Just let me lay her for a minute and catch my breath, that was incredible.”

I held her and soon she perked up. “What else do you want to do night except fuck me?”

“I would like to see you suck on his cock a couple licks.”

She went over and his cock at last was not rock hard. It was sort of semi hard and she worked it into her mouth for me. “Do you want to share?” she said waving it towards me.

“No,” I replied. “I thought my arm was going to fall off holding it for you, I have had enough cock for tonight.”

Then we went over to the fresh bed and I fucked her for a long time, alternating between slow and easy and hard and rough. That is always the way we end a Sharing Ann Night and what makes it work for us.

It was late when we woke up the next morning and our friend was still asleep. So we took baths, dressed and left him there still asleep while we stopped in a little while and had a big breakfast.

This is another in a continuing series of true experiences. If you enjoyed it please send me your comments. Also if you have a special request let me know and I will see what I can do.


  1. I always enjoy your adventures,what a sexy wife,you are a lucky guy and she is lucky to have a husband who loves the same sex life as hers.

    I do wish you could go into more detail when she is fucking her partners though.

    Can`t wait for your next story.

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    Salute to you from communist China.

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