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Just Friends

I looked out of my office window, it was far too nice a day to go to the works canteen, I decided I would go out for lunch instead. I told my colleagues that I had a dental appointment, and would be back for two.

As I walked out of the office I switched on my mobile and decided to call Judy, I had known Judy for about seven years and although I found her attractive, nothing had ever happened apart from some friendly flirting.

We were both happily married and our partners knew nothing about out friendship. We did not sneak around behind their backs, but we did not ever bring the friendship up in conversation, I think we both enjoyed the elicit side of our friendship.

Judy was in, and more importantly her husband was out, I asked her if she would like to go out for a walk, and perhaps stop off at a pub for lunch.

I’ll be ready in five minutes she laughed.

I turned down her lane and saw her waiting for me, she was wearing a simple cotton summer dress and a cardigan.

I drove out into the countryside we decided to drive to a path that would take us to a quaint pub, probably after about a two-mile walk.

Judy sat down next to me her dress riding up her thigh, her sparkling blue eyes filled with fun she did not pull the hem down.

Every time I changed gear my hand was tempted to reach over to her knee, but I resisted.

Watching Them

Friday, I took a day off to lay in the sun. I live on the second story of an apartment complex. We all have small sun decks, hanging over the side of the apartment, a glass door takes you to the deck. There is a 5 foot tall wooden wall that seperates your deck, with you next door neighbors.

I was laying on my beach chair, when I heard my next door neighbor come out on his side. He is a single guy like me, but I could hear him talking to someone. There is a small knot hole in one of the boards that make up the wall between us. As I peeked over at him, I saw that he had a very pretty lady with him. The two of them sat in the chairs and where drinking cool drinks as they chatted with each other.

After maybe 15 minutes of talk, I was about asleep myself, I noticed things had got quiet over there.

I took another peek through the knot hole, they where making out!

Ride In the Country

It’s been close to a year since I met Tiffany. Our meeting was rather bizarre (ain’t it amazing what Greyhound can do for your sex life?) and we’d done some rather strange things with each other (like a different kind of synchronized swimming) so we decided to actually start dating. We decided that it would be a somewhat non-exclusive relationship but we wound up seeing each other more than other people.

She called me one afternoon. It was the day after my birth- day and she wanted to do something. I suggested a trip to Niagara Falls. It is one of my favorite places to go. She agreed and said she’d be over in about 10 minutes.

I got dressed and stepped out onto my porch to wait for her. It was positively beautiful outside. The temperature was about 72 degrees with light, cool breeze. Figuring it would be colder by the water, I went inside and got my wind breaker, slung it over my shoulder, and resumed my position on the porch.

She pulled up a few minutes later in her bright red 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. I hopped in, we exchanged the preliminary tonsil hockey-style kiss and we were off like prom dresses.

Concert Quicky

We were at an outdoor concert in late spring. The concert was being held out in the hill country, really back in the sticks, outside of New Braunfels. It was a rock concert and we were standing up close to the stage, her with her date and me with mine. It was evening, and it was dark except for the lights on the stage and we were dancing to the music just like everybody else around us. Every now and then I would see a glimpse of her breasts swaying beneath her flimsy blouse. I didn’t know her though she was a stranger who was very pretty. She attracted me like a magnet.

I danced a little closer and we bumped once or twice as we danced to the music. The soft fabric of her dress did nothing to hide the smooth and supple curve of her ass as I moved to the music, just behind her. We touched again, and by now I was developing a decided stiffness in the front of my jeans. Again we touched as we danced and bounced. This time I imagined that I detected a distinct rubbing of her soft butt against my hard crotch.

Alas the song ended and the moment passed without another en- counter. During the next song though, I again feel her press against me again, this time more insistently — trying to find out if what she was rubbing against was indeed what she thought it was. When I felt the touch come again I moved my hips forward and grind a little. Let there be no doubt, I thought. Yes, that is a hard cock you feel in my jeans. Yes, it is YOU that is making it so hard.

Watching My Wife For The First Time

Kathy and I had fantasized about her fucking another guy for a while. She and Mike, a married friend of ours, had become friendly to the point of being flirtatious. One night in bed Kathy told me Mike had made a pass at her and she thought seriously about fucking him. I said rather than her doing anything behind my back, I would agree if she would tell me about it in bed afterwards, I could watch, or participate.

Kathy had kissed and petted other guys before me, but I was the first guy she had ever fucked. This is the story of the first time she fucked another guy, while I watched! Please contact me if you have the same interests and want to correspond.

There I was, opening up the shades. From my vantage point of our upstairs bedroom window, I could see down in front of our apartment at Mike’s car. The position from the window afforded me a perfect view through the windshield of the front seat of his car. Mike was sitting in the driver’s side facing my wife, Kathy. They had just driven up and parked.

Backyard Spa Experience

My wife and I moved into a new house with a pool, and it wasn’t long before we decided that we needed a spa to go with it. We opted for one of the aboveground types with a redwood gazebo around it. Gina and I loved the new spa; I planted jasmine vines around it, hoping that soon, they would grow and take over the redwood latticework, adding a fresh sweet smell, and adding further privacy.

We decided that there was never any reason to wear clothes in the spa, since our back yard was bricked in, and no one could see us any way. We had not known until then that the only way to really enjoy a heated spa was in the nude. I planted long stands of bamboo around it, giving it a very oriental look, along with some birds of paradise and a few other tropical-looking plants. It looked very Oriental, somehow, and one would almost expect to hear twanging Oriental music in the background.