Watching Them

Friday, I took a day off to lay in the sun. I live on the second story of an apartment complex. We all have small sun decks, hanging over the side of the apartment, a glass door takes you to the deck. There is a 5 foot tall wooden wall that seperates your deck, with you next door neighbors.

I was laying on my beach chair, when I heard my next door neighbor come out on his side. He is a single guy like me, but I could hear him talking to someone. There is a small knot hole in one of the boards that make up the wall between us. As I peeked over at him, I saw that he had a very pretty lady with him. The two of them sat in the chairs and where drinking cool drinks as they chatted with each other.

After maybe 15 minutes of talk, I was about asleep myself, I noticed things had got quiet over there.

I took another peek through the knot hole, they where making out!

I continued watching my neighbor kissing and fondling the pretty woman. I felt my own sex organ expanding my swim trunks as I was aroused by their love making. As I was just thinking, that he was going to stand up, and take her by the hand and led her to his bedroom and get lucky. He got out of his chair, and laid down on his back, on the deck floor. She knelt at his side, and unzipped his trousers. I watched as the pretty womans hand went in, taking his penis in her fingers, and pulled it free. Holding his penis in one hand, and with the other hand, she pulled her hair back, and leaned over and kissed his penis. I was so close to them, that I could see her lip stick on his penis. Then the woman went all out, giving him a nice blow job.

My hand was now inside of my swim suit, holding and squeezing my own penis. I was just hoping that I would get to see her naked, when she pulled her blouse and shorts off of her pretty body. She unclipped her bra, letting it fall down her arms, exposing a very nice set of boobs. She folded the bra, and placed it on the chair, and then pulled off her panties, yes, she was shaven! She placed her panties with the rest of her clothing.

The lady placed a knee on either side of my neighbor, and leaned down and kissed his lips. My neighbors hands cupped her breasts, and pulled one to his lips. The young lady, took her hand, grabbed his penis, and guided it into her opening. My neighbors ass lifted off the floor, I watched closely as his penis entered her.

After he had completed full penetration, their bodies began moving. I could hear their skin meeting, as their movement became faster and more forcefull.

I heard him moan, then her making a small quiet squeal. My hand filled with my own orgasam. I closed my eyes, and enjoyed the moment.

My next peek through the knot hole revealed her on her feet, scooping up her clothing. I noticed a glob of his sperm fluid running down the inside of her leg, as she raced back in the apartment.

I remained very quiet as they left. I was laying on my stomach, pushing my own penis hard into the chair, wallowing in my own sperm filled trunks.


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