Month: July 2010

Watching Them

Friday, I took a day off to lay in the sun. I live on the second story of an apartment complex. We all have small sun decks, hanging over the side of the apartment, a glass door takes you to the deck. There is a 5 foot tall wooden wall that seperates your deck, with you next door neighbors.

I was laying on my beach chair, when I heard my next door neighbor come out on his side. He is a single guy like me, but I could hear him talking to someone. There is a small knot hole in one of the boards that make up the wall between us. As I peeked over at him, I saw that he had a very pretty lady with him. The two of them sat in the chairs and where drinking cool drinks as they chatted with each other.

After maybe 15 minutes of talk, I was about asleep myself, I noticed things had got quiet over there.

I took another peek through the knot hole, they where making out!

Making Candles Threesome

I couldn’t have predicted what was to happen, there was no warning. My two friends, Bob and Anna, had introduced me to Nancy and Sandy the previous week while I was helping to make some bookcases. They were pretty, but didn’t impress.

Nancy surprised me with her call, asking to come over so we could make candles after I finished my evening work. I baked bread at the time, you see, so I could pay for those little extras that made a college education fulfilling, like dope and gas money. I’d bake 100 or so loaves a night while studying. Making bread involves a lot of waiting around for yeast to rise. I think sex is a little like that, too, except for the waiting. Nancy’s call was a surprise because I didn’t think she was any more impressed with me than I was with her and her friend. But what the hell, the approach was unique and, besides, I figured candlemaking might be fun.

Does this sound corny to you, my friend? I mean it’s twenty years later, the times are different and we don’t do those things anymore but, really, nobody’d think it wierd to have two girls over to make candles twenty years ago. Now it sounds like a ridiculous come on. Then, it was normal. When I mentioned to some of folks that Bob and Anna’s friends were coming to make candles tonight, nobody blinked, nobody got sarcastic, nobody cared. It was normal.

They showed up at nine, Nancy in jeans and a check shirt, Sandy in virgin polyester. They took over the front room and started cooking paraffin, taking out boxes of equipment, dyes and things. I quickly realized I had no interest whatsoever in paraffin, dyes or candles. Nancy, on the other hand, was more and more intriguing. Somehow, our bodies made contact a little more often than statistics would predict. Her tits would brush, accidentally, on my arm as she turned. She backed her ass against me as I was pretending to be interested in melting candlewax, and then did it again, without arousing Sandy’s suspicion as far as I could see.

Ride In the Country

It’s been close to a year since I met Tiffany. Our meeting was rather bizarre (ain’t it amazing what Greyhound can do for your sex life?) and we’d done some rather strange things with each other (like a different kind of synchronized swimming) so we decided to actually start dating. We decided that it would be a somewhat non-exclusive relationship but we wound up seeing each other more than other people.

She called me one afternoon. It was the day after my birth- day and she wanted to do something. I suggested a trip to Niagara Falls. It is one of my favorite places to go. She agreed and said she’d be over in about 10 minutes.

I got dressed and stepped out onto my porch to wait for her. It was positively beautiful outside. The temperature was about 72 degrees with light, cool breeze. Figuring it would be colder by the water, I went inside and got my wind breaker, slung it over my shoulder, and resumed my position on the porch.

She pulled up a few minutes later in her bright red 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. I hopped in, we exchanged the preliminary tonsil hockey-style kiss and we were off like prom dresses.

Terms Of Probation

I am 21 years old and have been married a little over two years. I’m blonde, blue-eyed, 5’6″ tall, and my measurements are 36-22-34. My husband, Scott, is a “10” in any woman’s book, but he has a serious problem – he can’t handle drinking. That’s how I became involved in my current situation.

Every time Scott drinks, he gets into fights, and because of this, he has been arrested on several occasions. The last time he went to court, the judge placed him on a supervised probation, warning Scott that the next time he was arrested, he would be facing serious jail time.

Well, Scott refuses to go anywhere for professional help with his problem, and sure enough, he got in trouble, again. We went out to dinner and of course, Scott couldn’t stop with one beer. I couldn’t stop him, and before I could get him out of the restaurant, he went over to a table where four guys were sitting and proceeded to punch two of them before he could be restrained.

Someone had called the police and they arrived shortly after the fighting stopped and questioned everybody involved. I went up to one of the guys my husband had hit and begged him not to press charges against Scott, telling him he was already on probation and I didn’t want him to go to jail. The guy’s name was Mark, and he walked me off to the side a little and said the only way he wouldn’t press charges was if I would put out for him and his friends. Seeing little choice in the matter, and wanting to get Scott home before he punched somebody else, I agreed to Mark’s blackmail. Mark talked to his three friends, and they told the police that they wanted to talk the matter over with their lawyer, before they proceeded. The police agreed and escorted Scott into our car with a warning. So, now I knew I was going to have to put out or else risk the possibility of Scott going to jail. Before I left, Mark got my address and then surprised me by saying that he would be by around nine in the morning.