Month: July 2009

The Treatment

The intercom buzzed on Miss Watkins’ desk, and a the soft voice of Dr. Winters nurse, Andrea Hartman, requested that the next patient be sent to the examining room. “Okay, Miss Mitchell, follow me please,” Miss Watkins ordered, as she held the open the door to the hall way leading to the examining rooms. “Sit right here,” the receptionist said, “and Nurse Hartman will be with you in a minute!” Sarah Mitchell nervously scanned the stark white walls and involuntarily shivered and said to herself, “What in the name of god am I doing here, I must have been crazy to even have dreamt of trying this!!!” She was quickly jarred back to reality when the door swung open and Andrea Hartman entered the room! “Hi, Sarah,” Andrea said brightly, while extending her hand, “I’m Andrea Hartman, but you can just call me Andrea, okay!?!” Taking Andrea’s hand and shaking it, Sarah merely smile weakly and nodded. “All right,” Andrea said as she sat down while reading Sarah’s history, “let’s see what we have here!!!” After flipping through several pages of Sarah’s medical history, Andrea intoned, “I see that the reason for your appointment is the inability to achieve orgasm, is that correct?!?” “Uh, yes, ma’am,” Sarah stammered!!! “Well,” Andrea replied, “that’s unusual for a woman of twenty seven, but I’m sure the doctor can help you, he has almost a ninety percent success rate with young women!!!” “Now,” she continued, “before the doctor comes in, remove all of your clothing and put on this gown, he’ll with you shortly!!!”

Wife Fantasy

Randy and Gina had been married for around 12 years. Randy was a good looking guy with a good build. Gina was a beautiful Latin babe around five feet tall and about 100 pounds with long thick black hair flowing down below her ass.

Occasionally Randy would pick up a porno flick which they would watch together. Gina was never really into wild or kinky sex although she did enjoy getting fucked in the ass. Gina would usually have an overwhelming orgasm when Randy fucked her ass. One night Randy picked up a porno flick with a wide variety of kinky sex acts. As they watched the movie Randy noticed that Gina became more excited and interested when an interracial scene came on, particularly with a black man doing a white, Asian or Hispanic girl. As they watched Randy tried to see what in particular she seemed most interested in. Soon a scene came on with a black stud with a huge thick cock which hung about nine inches before it was even hard. As soon as Gina saw this huge black cock she reached over and started rubbing Randy’s cock.

Well Fucked Wife

[ Story by tom neher ([email protected]) ]
My wife and I have been married for a little over eight years and it has been an enjoyable time together. But, she has always wanted me to add a little “spice” to our sex. I’ve tried doing different things like role playing and getting her naked in different places and being dominant and making her masturbate while she had my cock in her mouth, but I could tell that I was not quite hitting the mark. I racked my brains to think of something that would really turn her on and satisfy that need in her. I finally came up with a solution that was, shall we say, unusual and a turn on for me as well.

Gina likes sexy underwear – like a half cup bra that that pushes up her ample breasts and leaves her nipples bare. And very sheer panties so that you can see her unshaven pussy underneath. She likes me to take her out when she is dressed with those and a very short skirt and a top that you can see her hard nipples pushing through. I mean it drives the guys nuts and even though I’m sitting right there with her, the guys come up and hit on her and get an eye full. It was difficult for me at first, but then I began to relax and enjoy the show because I knew that she was going home only with me and I would get my brains fucked out when we got home or in the parking lot or somewhwere along the way. She would be so hot sometimes, I would have to pull over and satisfy her right there.

Indian University Librarian

[ Story by gonzalvez Just chill ([email protected]) ]
I am 26 old average looking guy from kerala, living in bangalore. I am a fun loving person,never miss any opportunity to enjoy sex.Though I have had sex with ladies of different age groups,I never revealed any data about them to my friends,since I always respect their privacy and confidentiality, after all they all gave their most valued assets to me :). It all started when I was back in my college during my teenage days.

In my second year Priyanka (name changed) came to our college as our new librarian. she was good looking,though not a hot girl like u guys say.She had 34 size boobs which was pretty hard. But there was always something in her,which made my cock erect when ever I see her.But I always hide my feelings since I dont know what will be her reaction. I used to smile at her,but she gave me those furious and unresponsive look. But I never lose hope, kept on smiling at her.She also started smiling one day and asked my name and about my classes.But I was waiting for the big moment,but she never came close to me.