Wife Fantasy

Randy and Gina had been married for around 12 years. Randy was a good looking guy with a good build. Gina was a beautiful Latin babe around five feet tall and about 100 pounds with long thick black hair flowing down below her ass.

Occasionally Randy would pick up a porno flick which they would watch together. Gina was never really into wild or kinky sex although she did enjoy getting fucked in the ass. Gina would usually have an overwhelming orgasm when Randy fucked her ass. One night Randy picked up a porno flick with a wide variety of kinky sex acts. As they watched the movie Randy noticed that Gina became more excited and interested when an interracial scene came on, particularly with a black man doing a white, Asian or Hispanic girl. As they watched Randy tried to see what in particular she seemed most interested in. Soon a scene came on with a black stud with a huge thick cock which hung about nine inches before it was even hard. As soon as Gina saw this huge black cock she reached over and started rubbing Randy’s cock.

He knew she liked this studs cock. Randy reached over and started to feel her tight little pussy which was already soaked with cunt juice. He had never seen her pussy so wet. As the movie went on, a small little brunette started slurping on this huge black cock. As soon as Gina saw this she immediately started sucking Randy off while watching the movie as she sucked. That night Gina gave Randy the best suck off she had ever given.

After the movie, Randy asked her if she wanted to try some black cock. Gina hesitated but then said only if Randy was there to participate. She also said she wanted to make sure the black guy had a huge cock before they committed to do anything. Randy asked Gina if she wanted to go to the other side of town, rent a hotel room and then go find a black stud. Gina said that would be great and they decided they would do it the next day.

Just before noon the next day they got ready to go. Gina was obviously excited because Randy watched her getting dressed and saw her throw her panties and bra aside not wearing any. They headed to the downtown area and rented a hotel room at an off the wall, halfway clean hotel. Now they were on a mission to find a well hung black stud. As they drove, Gina noticed a young black guy walking down the street and excitedly shouted, “there’s a black guy, there’s one”. Randy had to drive around the block because he was on the other side of the street. By the time they were around the block the guy had vanished. They continued their search. After about thirty minutes they saw a black guy riding a bike. He was a stocky black guy with dark skin.

Randy asked Gina if that was what she wanted and she smiled and said, “oh yes!”. They pulled up next to the guy and Randy asked if he wanted to make forty bucks. The black guy asked, “doing what?”. Gina quickly said, “I want to try some black cock”. The guy looked surprised but then said, “sure”. They were on a deserted back street so Gina asked him if he was well hung. The guy said shyly, “I think so”. Randy was driving and the black dude was on the drivers side of the car. Gina crawled across almost on Randy’s lap and said to the guy, “let me see”. The guy looked shocked for a minute and then looked up and down the street to make sure no one was around. He nervously unzipped his pants and slowly stuck his fingers in his pants pulling out a massive, thick cock. His cock was jet black with a bright pink head. The bright pink head looked kind of funny on such a black dick. His dick was almost as big as Randy’s hard on when the black dick was still soft. Randy imagined how big it must be when it got hard and Gina seemed to be wondering the same thing because she got an instant smile. He said he needed to put his bike away and would meet them at the hotel so Randy gave him directions and the room number.

Randy and Gina returned to the hotel and waited. Gina was very excited because she kept looking out the window waiting for the black stud to arrive. Finally, there was a knock at the door. Randy opened the door and let him in. As soon as the door closed, Gina took off her clothes and laid on the edge of the bed. The black guy started taking off his clothes and so did Randy.

Randy said, “we are both going to fuck her”. Randy and Gina watched in amazement as the black guy pulled off his pants. His cock was about half hard already and was at least ten inches long. Randy got down between Gina’s legs and began eating her pussy. The black guy was fully undressed but just stood by the door where he had got undressed.

Gina said, “come here……get over here……come here”. She had her hand out as the stud slowly and nervously walked over. When he got close enough Gina put his cock in her hand and slowly guided it into her mouth. Randy was watching every move as he ate her pussy. Gina began sucking this massive cock like she had never sucked Randy. She slowly sucked it in and out and then licked around the head slowly licking down the long thick shaft to his balls. The more she sucked the harder his cock became. Soon his cock was so huge it was stretching Gina’s mouth. It looked as though she could barely fit it in her mouth but she didn’t seem to care as she kept working on his huge tool.

Watching her suck this huge black cock was making Randy extremely horny and by now he had a long drip of pre-nut hanging almost to the ground. It was only a few minutes before Gina had an orgasm from the pussy eating. She shook violently and juice flowed from her already wet cunt. Randy lifted up her legs and spread her ass cheeks licking the cunt juice from her asshole. Gina always liked to get her ass eaten. When Randy was done eating her ass he stood up and asked the black stud if he wanted to try her tight pussy.

He said yes and tried to pull his cock out of Gina’s mouth but she didn’t want to let go. Finally she asked him to fuck her hard. When he got between her legs that cock looked so big in contrast to her little body Randy wondered if she could take it. He slowly slipped in the pink head and Gina made a little “mmmmmmm” sound. Randy had his cock in Gina’s mouth and was watching as this huge black cock slowly disappeared into her tiny little pussy. Randy couldn’t believe that Gina had over ten inches of thick cock in her little hole.

As the black stud started pumping his cock in and out of Gina’s hole, Gina started rocking her hips pushing her pussy towards the stud as he pushed in. Randy was hornier than ever watching this huge black cock stretch out his wives cunt and watching her enjoying the fuck of her life. Randy started fucking his cock in and out of Gina’s mouth. He was so horny watching his wife getting fucked by a huge black cock he shot his load in just about two minutes. He shot such a huge load that Gina couldn’t hold it all in her mouth. His cum started dripping out of the corner of her mouth and down her chin. When the black stud saw this it must have triggered his load because he quickly pulled out his cock and moved it toward her mouth. Randy pulled his cock out of her mouth and Gina quickly grabbed his huge black meat and pulled it into her mouth. As his cock began jerking from the orgasm, Gina moaned as he shot his load in her mouth. She jacked his cock off as he shot squirt after squirt into her mouth. Randy’s cum was still on her chin but soon more cum dripped out down onto her chest running down on her hard tits.

Gina continued sucking him for several minutes until his dick was completely limp. She licked the bright pink head for a minute while she looked him in the eyes and then said, “I like your cock”. Gina asked him if he had a phone because she would like to do this again. The stud, whose name they never did get, gave them his number and got dressed.

After the black guy left, Randy asked Gina how she liked it and if she wanted to do it again. She said she had four orgasms and even had an orgasm when he was cumming in her mouth. She said she would like to do it as often as possible but next time wanted to try his cock in her ass. Next she offered to let Randy do a black girl because Randy had a fetish for black girls but that’s another story


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