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Wife Fantasy

Randy and Gina had been married for around 12 years. Randy was a good looking guy with a good build. Gina was a beautiful Latin babe around five feet tall and about 100 pounds with long thick black hair flowing down below her ass.

Occasionally Randy would pick up a porno flick which they would watch together. Gina was never really into wild or kinky sex although she did enjoy getting fucked in the ass. Gina would usually have an overwhelming orgasm when Randy fucked her ass. One night Randy picked up a porno flick with a wide variety of kinky sex acts. As they watched the movie Randy noticed that Gina became more excited and interested when an interracial scene came on, particularly with a black man doing a white, Asian or Hispanic girl. As they watched Randy tried to see what in particular she seemed most interested in. Soon a scene came on with a black stud with a huge thick cock which hung about nine inches before it was even hard. As soon as Gina saw this huge black cock she reached over and started rubbing Randy’s cock.