Just Friends

I looked out of my office window, it was far too nice a day to go to the works canteen, I decided I would go out for lunch instead. I told my colleagues that I had a dental appointment, and would be back for two.

As I walked out of the office I switched on my mobile and decided to call Judy, I had known Judy for about seven years and although I found her attractive, nothing had ever happened apart from some friendly flirting.

We were both happily married and our partners knew nothing about out friendship. We did not sneak around behind their backs, but we did not ever bring the friendship up in conversation, I think we both enjoyed the elicit side of our friendship.

Judy was in, and more importantly her husband was out, I asked her if she would like to go out for a walk, and perhaps stop off at a pub for lunch.

I’ll be ready in five minutes she laughed.

I turned down her lane and saw her waiting for me, she was wearing a simple cotton summer dress and a cardigan.

I drove out into the countryside we decided to drive to a path that would take us to a quaint pub, probably after about a two-mile walk.

Judy sat down next to me her dress riding up her thigh, her sparkling blue eyes filled with fun she did not pull the hem down.

Every time I changed gear my hand was tempted to reach over to her knee, but I resisted.

We pulled off the road and parked the car, under the midday sun, I decided I did not need a jacket, and I took off my tie unbuttoning my shirt, now I really felt like I was away from work.

Judy looked up into the clear blue summer sky, her shoulder length blonde hair looked stunning, she took off her cardigan and dropped it into the car. This gave me a chance to admire her slim figure, she had a classic shape, curves in all the right places. The dress had a halter neck revealing her ample cleavage, it was buttoned down the front with a split up the front showing off her firm tanned legs, and was tied at the back in a neat bow exsentuating her slim waist.

She turned to me and started walking down the path, her brown sandals kicking up the dust. I caught up with her and walked by her side, dropping behind her if the path narrowed, I loved watching her hips sway as she walked.

In the gentle breeze I caught a waft of her sensual perfume, and realised that a bulge was beginning to form in my trousers. To be honest Judy often turned me on, she had a naughty sense of humour, and could be quite smutty at times. This combined with her stunning looks would be enough to tempt any man.

We chatted and laughed as we walked, and before we knew it we were at the pub, then I realised I had left my wallet in my jacket in the car. Judy had nothing on her, but I had just enough change in my pocket to buy two pints of cider and a couple of packets of crisps that we ate on a bench outside the pub. This seemed to make the day seem even more special, she said that I really know how to show a girl a good time.

As Judy sipped her drink, leaning forwards on the table I realised that I could see down her cleavage, I could see the edge of a lacy white bra, and the tanned skin of her breasts. I wondered what her nipples were like, I had the idea that they were large and pink, as on a cold day you could often see the outline of them even though she always wore a bra.

My thoughts were interrupted when Judy said, be careful you are beginning to drool. I blushed like a schoolboy who had been caught staring at his teacher, but tried to dig myself out by saying I was just admiring the stitch work on her bra. She said she was glad that I was taking such an interest, I said to really complete the study I would have to closely examine her panties.

She laughed and said not today I’m afraid, I felt suitably told off and a little sad that my flirting had been cut off just when it was getting interesting, then she said that she wasn’t wearing any, the weather was too nice.

To be honest I was shocked, but also probably more turned on than any other time I could remember.

She said drink up I had better take you back to work, and stood up and started off down the path to the car.

I caught up with her but this time I walked closer by her side, we had only had one drink but the lack of food meant that it had gone straight to out heads.

Ouch she stopped in her tracks, she had a stone in her sandal and bent over balancing on one leg to remove it. I naturally put an arm under her arm to support her, my hand being so close to her breast I couldn’t resist cupping it and feeling for her nipple, she didn’t pull away, but turned to kiss me.

We weren’t timid, we know each other well but never physically, but we seemed to click.

Without breaking our embrace we walked into the field next to the path, I pushed her down on the grass and lifted her skirt, she had not been lying in the pub, she spread her legs exposing her trim bush and pouting lips already damp and glistening. My head went down on her my tongue working her into a frenzy.

I couldn’t believe it but in minutes I could feel her inner pulsation’s that showed she was getting near, her gasps and cries, reinforced the fact. I knew there was no stopping her, so I pulled away, there was a look of almost despair in her eyes she was so close, but when she realised that I was ripping out my manhood she shouted, Do it now! I was so hard it hurt and plunged into her in one stroke, this immediately pushed her over the edge and I felt her muscles tighten around my member, I bucked in fast but long strokes, almost pulling out then ravaging her depths. Within seconds I was coming with her, grunting with pleasure, my seed jetting into her. I had come so quickly, but it seemed like it would never end. Eventually in a shudder we collapsed into each other’s arms.

We laughed, it seemed the only thing to do, almost in a state of shock we staggered back to the car, and I drover her home.

She climbed out at her house, then turned back and gave me a kiss, can we do that next week.

No I said, What’s wrong with tomorrow?