Neighbor Teen

David was a twenty-seven year old postal worker who lived in a quiet suburb. Across from him lived a widow named Jill and her nineteen year old daughter. The daughter was a tall skinny girl with pale skin and freckles on her cheeks. She liked to wear halter tops and short skirts which showed off her round bottom.

One Friday as David was coming home from work, he looked up from his newspaper and noticed that Jill’s daughter was sitting cross-legged across the way from him. She had on a yellow halter top with pink roses and a green, pleated skirt.

David pretended to be looking at his newspaper, but instead gazed intently at her long legs, shiny with glimmers of perspiration. Although she was thin, the girl had strong legs from all the walking she did weekends, as a waitress at a steakhouse. David’s hands began to feel wet and clammy. The sight of this nubile teen aroused feelings of lust. He thought about rubbing his hand up and down her tight, muscular calves. She was looking out the window watching the route the bus was taking and twisting her brown hair with her finger.

David felt jittery as he expected the young female to notice at any moment that he was staring at her. As the bus stopped at a red light, the cute teenager leaned over to scratch her knee uncrossing her legs. Her brown hair fell forward, covering her face. Forgetting to cross her legs, she leaned back and her skirt hiked up half an inch. From his vantage, David could see a strip of white cotton between her legs, covering her pussy. David saw the way the thin material was slightly raised by the outer edge of her young vaginal lips.

David waited for her to cross her legs again, but she kept them open. Seeing this pretty teen’s white panties made his lust grow stronger. David was getting an erection that dug into his thigh and he shifted his rump to make himself more comfortable from the ache of his manhood.

Just when David thought he was not going to be able to handle the lust that was overwhelming him, the skinny teen stood up holding the metal pole. Her white panties were covered again by the folds of the short, green skirt. The bus was nearing the stop that she meant to get off. David heard a screeching sound as the bus driver slammed on the brakes and turned to one side. The momentum sent her towards David and the skinny teen landed on David’s lap.

As she was falling, David dropped the paper, catching her right hip and the left side of her round bottom. She turned around and smiled at David, showing the glittering metal of her braces. David’s left hand was caught between his lap and her peach shaped butt. Through the cotton of her panties, David could feel the heat and sweat of her panty-covered ass.

David could also smell her hair: the mixture of natural oils and lemon shampoo had a powerful hold on him. She shifted on David’s lap and his pinky finger slipped into the warm fold of her ass cheeks.

“Thanks for catching me,” she said squeezing the strong muscles of David’s upper arm with her left hand.

David saw the bus driver get up and exit the bus. As she jiggled on his lap, David was tempted to squeeze her young ass with the hand that she had trapped beneath her.

“It was nothing, just my instinct to grab you as you fell,” David replied, noticing a slight tremor in his voice. He was having trouble disguising the lust he felt for this sexy, young teen.

She looked intently into David’s green eyes. “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

“I think…” David started.

Kelly continued, “Now I remember, you live on Hillcrest don’t you?”

“Yes, I do,” David smiled at the lovely teenager.

David saw the bus driver climbing back on the bus. “I’m sorry,” shouted the bus driver “We ran over a nail in the road, and the spare tire is also flat. I’ve called for another bus which should get here in half an hour.”

Several passengers in the bus let out a collective groan. David looked out the bus and saw a gas station which told him where he was.

“We are only six or seven blocks from Hillcrest” why don’t I walk you home.

She stood up. “Thanks,” she smiled again.

On the way home, Jill’s daughter and David talked about his job and her hobby of drying wildflowers.

“Well, here I am,” she turned to David at the gate of her picket fence.

David smiled at her and said, “My name is David, I didn’t catch your name.”

“I’m Kelly” she answered. “Bye.”

Kelly walked up the steps of her house and David started to walk home. “Hey!” he heard her call out. David turned around. She walked down the steps and stopped in front of the gate.

“David, I wanted to ask you if you were doing anything tonight,” Kelly grabbed tightly to the fence.

“I usually watch the weather and NewsCall at seven,” David looked at Kelly, remembering how good it felt to have is hand under her teen ass.

“My mom is out of town and I was going to cook some Chinese vegetables. You’re welcome to join me,” Kelly smiled showing her braces.

David and Kelly walked into her house and Kelly turned on the television. While Kelly cooked David heard that it was going to be partly cloudy with no rain. After dinner, they played some checkers. David won the first game and let Kelly win the next one. During their third game, David thought it was time get more familiar with Kelly.

“Kelly, do you have a boyfriend,” David asked.

“No, we broke up last year” Kelly answered. “How about you?”

“I’m not involved with anyone now.” David moved his chair closer to Kelly.

“David,” Kelly started.

“Shhh” David put his finger to his lip and leaned towards Kelly. Kelly closed her eyes and their lips met. David smelled the cherry flavor of her lip balm. Their first kiss was brief but the second was long and wet, David stuck his tongue between her rosy lips and held her head to his.

After the kiss, Kelly looked at David as if in a daze. David stood up and lead her to the living room couch. Kelly sat on the couch and David pushed her so she lay down. He watched her for a minute with her legs and arms spread awkwardly about.

He kneeled by the couch yanked off her sneakers. While he did this he looked under her skirt and saw her white panties covering her pussy mound. He grabbed her ankles and spread her legs. Next, he pushed his head up under her skirt. He began licking Kelly’s white panties with long strokes of his tongue. Pushing in he made a crease with the panties at the cleft of her pussy. Kelly started to let off moans as her arms jerked around looking for something to hold onto.

David lifted Kelly’s firm teen ass and pulled her panties down to her knees. He inserted his index finger into her young pussy. Kelly gasped and grabbed onto the edge of the blue couch. David began slowly pushing his finger in and out of her tight pussy. With his other hand, he pulled her panties completely off.

David could feel how tight she was with his fingers. He enjoyed giving her pleasure pushing his finger in and out. At the same time, he licked the edges of her vaginal lips. Her pussy juice began to flow and he removed his finger. With two fingers he spread the lips of her pussy and licked at the opening thrusting his tongue in and out of her tight teen pussy. Her moans were getting louder and he knew she was on the verge of cumming. He placed his free hand on her ass cheeks digging his fingers into her firm teen flesh. Her ass was damp with sweat.

Kelly could not believe the pleasure she was getting from David. She grabbed his head with both hands trying to pull his tongue into her moist pussy. At the same time she thrust her ass up pushing against his head.

Kelly’s moans got louder and higher pitched as David pleasured her with wild licks from his hungry tongue. “Oh God,” she cried. She squeezed her thighs on David’s head crushing his ears with her leg muscles. More juice flowed from her tight pussy as Kelly started cumming into David’s mouth. David enjoyed the pleasure of tasting her sweet cum dripping on his tongue and down his chin.

David leaned back and saw Kelly twist her head from side to side still in the throes of ecstasy from her orgasm. David moved to the armrest of the couch and reached over to pull off Kelly’s halter top. Kelly was wearing a pink strapless bra under her yellow top. Kelly opened her eyes and looked up at David with a question on her face.

“Take off your bra, dear,” David spoke to her sweetly.

Without hesitating, Kelly removed the pink bra, revealing two perky teen tits. Kelly’s breasts were small and pointy, curving up at him. He reached forward and cupped them with his hands.

“Do you like them?” asked Kelly.

David smiled to show his approval. He kicked off his shoes. With one hand, he pulled her nipples and with the other, he reached under her skirt. This time he stuck his finger in deeper than before and encountered some resistance.

“I’ve never,” Kelly spoke, looking up at David with worry in her face.

“Relax,” David replied, “I’ll be gentle.” He took off his shirt and unbuckled his belt, stepping out of his boxers and slacks.

Kelly nodded reassured. David unbuckled Kelly’s skirt and looked down at the pale skinny teen with small tits.

David leaned forward and took one of her tits in his mouth licking on the nipple. With one hand he fingered Kelly’s pussy. Kelly started to moan again as David moved his mouth assaulting both breasts, teasing her sensitive nipples. David enjoyed the feel of her tight pussy pulling on his finger as she neared her second orgasm.

Before Kelly could cum, David removed his finger and kneeled between her legs. He leaned forward and held his cock with one hand and her hip with the other. He pressed his cock at the entrance of her pussy, coating his head with her juices. Instead of pushing in, he rubbed the length of his cock up between her pussy lips, rubbing on her clit. Kelly cried out as she felt his prick pushing up and down on her clit.

Next, he pressed his cock into the tight folds of her teen pussy, so that his head disappeared, but the shaft was outside. Without going any deeper, he pushed in and out of her pussy, enjoying the tightness. David was bringing her again to the verge of an orgasm. He waited for the right moment, then pushed forward just as she started to shake with her second orgasm. David’s thrust broke her hymen and she cried out in pain and pleasure as he took her virginity.

David relished the tightness of the Kelly’s pussy staying still for a moment and she grabbed his back, digging her nails into his skin. He started slowly moving in and out of her pussy. David had never been held so tightly before.

Kelly’s pussy was pulling on his cock like a glove, trying to milk him with each thrust. David kept pushing into Kelly faster and faster enjoying her sweet, young pussy. Kelly looked into David’s green eyes and saw the look of pleasure as he neared his orgasm.

David started to moan. The pleasure was incredible sending waves as Kelly’s pussy gripped and squeezed David’s cock. David moaned louder. At the last second, David pulled his cock out of Kelly’s wet pussy and shot a stream of cum onto her belly. The second stream landed on her breast and her chin. David took a facial tissue from the coffee table and wiped the cum of her pale skin. Kelly smiled at David showing of her shiny braces.