Coed Showers

“See you tomorrow morning Nicki,” Leah yelled as she headed to the shower after her early morning run. “This has to be the only part of dorm living that I can’t stand,” she thought, “coed showers. You know it’s bad when you have to get up at 5 o’clock in the morning to actually get a shower to yourself. I wouldn’t mind sharing that much, if it was girls I’d be sharing with. There’s just something wrong about showering with a guy.” When Leah reached the showers, she realized that she had forgotten to stop back to her room and get her shower supplies and clean clothes. As she was walking towards her room, she saw Matt, a fellow student heading to the showers.

“Well,” she thought, “do I skip my shower or do I just give up and share the room with a guy? I guess I’ll just have to share and be friendly.” With that thought, she hurried in to her room.

“Damn it, where did I put my shampoo Leah asked as she frantically looked around. “There it is. Great, now I have everything. On to the showers.”

When Leah got back to the showers, she carefully checked around to see if anyone else was in the shower. After she was sure no one was there, she selected a shower, turned on the water, took off her clothes and got in. Once she was used to the water, Leah began her shower routine. She started with her long blond hair, lathering it with foamy suds and then rinsing it clean. Next she worked in the conditioner. Leaving that it, she began to wash her body. Leah squirted a small amount of body wash on to a body puff, worked it into a lather and began to scrub her body.

While Leah was busy washing herself, Matt had walked in, and noticed she was there. For weeks Matt had noticed Leah, how sexy she looked when she walked, how blue her eyes were, how soft her hair looked, and how nice her tits looked when she wore some of her more revealing tops. In fact, Matt had slowly but surely become infatuated with Leah. He had been hoping for weeks to find her alone and be able to introduce himself but it just hadn’t happened. Now here was his chance, but what could he say to her? Then it dawned on him, he’d peek through the curtain and ask her if he could borrow her shampoo. It was worth a try.

So Matt got in the shower next to Leah, took off his clothes and got wet. Then her got out, walked over to Leah’s shower, pulled the curtain aside and stuck his head in.

“Excuse me,” he said, “but I seem to have forgotten my shampoo, could I borrow yours?”

“Well here’s my chance to be friendly.” thought Leah. “Sure you can, just a second, let me get it for you.” she said. “Wow he’s really hot, maybe this coed thing isn’t so bad after all. I should see if he interested in me. This might actually be pretty fun after all.” Leah thought. Then she turned to Matt and said,

“You know, I kinda need someone to wash my back for me. If it’s all right with you, why don’t you just join me in here. You could wash my back for me and then you could use my shampoo. Heck, if you want I’d even wash your back for you.” “If you’re sure its ok with you that be great.” said Matt. When he saw he nod, he got into the shower with her, “Now turn around and give me your soap so I can wash you back.”

Leah handed him the body puff and turned around. When she first felt the puff on her back, she tensed up but after she realized that he wasn’t going to hurt her, she relaxed. Matt started at her shoulder and worked his way down to her hips. Then he went back up the sides. “Raise your arms.” he told her huskily and Leah obeyed. He washed underneath her arms and the sides of her breasts. Then he got some soap on his hands and began to wash her ass. When Leah felt Matt’s hands on her ass she moaned and reached behind and gently began to massage his quickly stiffening dick.

“Oh god Leah,” Matt said and turned her around and kissed her. Suddenly, Leah felt his hands on her tits. She arched her back so Matt had even better access. When he saw her do that Matt bent down and began to suck on her nipples which earned him a long moan of pleasure from Leah.

“Oh God Matt, I need you now, Please fuck me, please Matt I need you so much.” Leah whispered.

“Right here Leah?” Matt asked with amazement.

“Yes, right here. I can’t wait long enough to get anywhere else. Just please stop talking and fuck me Matt, please do it now. I need to feel your hot cock inside of me.”

“All right Leah, anything you ask.” Matt said. He sat back on the shower bench, spread her legs, and pulled her down on to his cock.

“Oh yes, that’s it Matt. Your cock feels so good.” said Leah as he began to thrust back and forth within her.

“Leah, you feel so good I don’t think I can last very long.”

“Neither can I. Just don’t stop. Ohhhhh my god Matt, I’m cummingggggggg.” And as Matt felt her pussy begin to spasm around his cock, he lost his control and spilled his seed into Leah.

A little bit later, when they both could breathe again, Leah slid off Matt, stood up and turned off the shower. When she turned back around, she found herself in Matt’s arms.

“Oh Leah, that was amazing, I been fantasizing about doing that for the past several weeks.”

“Was it as good as your fantasies?”

“Nope, It was even better. Is there any chance I might see you again?” “Well, do you always shower this early Matt?”

“No but I certainly can start to.”

“Than I’ll meet you here tomorrow,” Leah said as she wrapped a towel around herself and gathered all of her bath supplies. “Just remember your own shampoo next time.”