Making The Grade

I can’t help but notice the blazing blonde hair flowing halfway down her back, surrounding a face which initially confuses me. While she can give off the “I’m-so-fucking-bitching” attitude, I shortly assess she’s actually a semi-innocent, cute, naive, and childlike — yet knowingly flirtatious — young woman, caring more about having fun in the moment than anything else.

Sitting in the front row (“Obviously a learning strategy she’s picked up somewhere,” I silently surmise, smiling to myself), her striking features and two-piece outfit scream for my attention. She’s dressed perfectly for the warm autumn days at the beginning of the school year. The bottom of the thigh-length black floral print skirt flutters innocently in the ever-so-slight breeze passing through the room, but when she spins to take part in the ice-breaker I’ve planned, I notice how the top wraps tightly around her flawless waist around stays snug until where it just passes the point where her perfectly-defined buttcheeks take form. My subtle (yet well-trained) observation skills notice the slight rise of the intended-to-be-invisible top flare of her thong under that silken wrap surrounding her ass. “Hmmm,” I think to myself, “lovely accentuation brought out by a comfortable — and lovely — skirt.” As well, I notice the match: what looks like one of Daddy’s lightweight white Oxford dress shirts. She has tied it off up just under her rack. And what a pair of gorgeous tits: They’re tight, firm, and just a little larger than what might be expected on a girl her size. The only button she’d bothered to fasten was the unique gold-covered change Daddy must have made: the Playboy bunny emblem. Consequently, because the shirt is a tad too big, she affords me an amazing view of her right breast. When she turns, the consequence of not-yet removing all the starch causes the left side to lap open slightly, providing an unobstructed view of her nibble ring and a rush of blood to my easily engorged cock.

By reading and following up on her “beginning of the year” questionnaire, I discover that not only is she on the spirit squad; she’s also one of the premier individual dancers in the state. Within days I learn that, in dance, she regularly wins competitions, showcasing her choreographic talent — and her crushing tendency to unknowingly incite the distracted judges (both men and women) to lust after her.

As the semester progresses, I find I (almost) unknowingly schedule any needed walk through campus at the same times as her practice. Her perfectly trained ass gyrates to the sounds of the music which carries her into erotic ecstasy — at least in my mind.

But it’s in class where her magic continues to capture my imagination and fuel the fantasy. It is a game day just like any other, and she’s there in that short skirt which easily gives way to her tight, pussy-outlining panties. It’s as if she forgets she’s wearing something so short, and lets herself spread those luscious powerful legs just a little too far. It’s then I can barely contain the blood rushing to my member. Needless to say, this makes it difficult to conduct class, as she slides her ass toward the front of the chair, oblivious that she’s giving me a peep show up her skirt. I find it hard to focus on the aesthetic consequences of Reductionism. My brain tries, but slips and stumbles. Ohh, that trimmed young beaver, barely covered by her panties.

I know all it would take: The class session ends, the other students file out considering the profound implications of what I’d presented that morning. Consequently, they’re oblivious that she’s remaining, overwhelmed. Their departure gives me the change-of-pace I need as I put away my notes, seeing the blur of faces exit the room.

At first, even I don’t notice her still sitting exactly where and how she had been less than a minute prior, but it doesn’t take long. I look up and see what I think is that look I’ve seen in the eyes of multiple struggling coeds like her before. But I’m wrong, and we are alone — with nobody needing the room for over an hour.

Tucked behind those those seemingly sad liquid blue eyes is a question. She looks at the floor, or so it seems. “Professor, you… well… you know my grade in this class isn’t so good, and well… I really need a good grade in here, and I’ll do ANYTHING to raise it.”

She slightly tilts her head, raises the corners of her mouth almost indiscernably and slowly works her eyes up my form to meet my eyes. Her smile nervously widens just a bit, and she works her eyes down my body, stopping at my crotch. “Anything,” she repeats, and slowly opens her mouth. She pushes her tongue forward, stroking her upper lip and teeth, then runs it slowly around her lips. She is still sitting in the same desk, and she slides forward even further, the seat bottom’s friction holding her barely-covering skirt, which causes her tender crotch to move forward freely. To offset this movement, she arches her back, pushing her melons to the sky.

I waste no time thinking; the next position I know is my engorged, clothing-caged cock thrusting forward and my face buried between those milky white, beautifully conditioned inner thighs. It takes just a few seconds, and her panties’ crotch becomes a rich, musky mixture of my saliva and her tender young womanhood. I nearly gasp in disbelief as my hands reach to grasp her rock-hard, panty-covered ass and find no material — except the thin line running up her crack. My testicles quiver in pure desire to unleash the cum they’re just barely holding back. Her head tilts back, letting that brilliant blonde hair fall back behind her. Her hands move in two directions: the right moves to the bottom of her sweater and begins to glide it upward, revealing those luscious, tight bra-less breasts my mouth has nuzzled many times in my private mental-fantasy moments before now. She slowly caresses her breasts, alternately pinching her nipples, which quickly become swollen and rock-hard. Her left hand pulls her skirt up to her waist, softly touching my hair … face…. As I train my eyes on her, she briefly smiles and giggles, but her pleasure is too strong to remain distracted and she begins to let forth a deep growl as her hand slides to the point just above where my mouth meets her mounting moisture. The frothing frenzy mere microfibers from her rapidly spreading pussy lips call her fingers closeby. Her index and middle finger move deftly underneath to straddle her barely-covered clit and begin to rub in a way that tells me they are not strangers, but friends.

As she begins to writhe in the morning’s growing heat, her position on the desk becomes unsteady, making me fear what would happen if the desk fell over, injuring one or both of us. As if she reads my mind, she grabs my head and pulls me over to the floor. This change of position reminds me of the raging hard-on I’m enjoying but wanting to free. Again, she arrives at the place before I can say anything. She scrambles frantically at my belt and pants, like she believes there won’t be any treats in the bucket if she’s not through the cage in 2.5 seconds. Before I can gasp in relief, my pants and underwear are strewn on the floor some ten feet away.

Now, my prize pupil is teaching me about the power of determination. She cups my shaved balls in her left hand and takes my entire cock into her mouth like it’s her reward for staying after class and talking to teacher. As she works her way up and down on my thick engorged monster, her saliva runs over my balls. Her left hand slippery from the magical potion of saliva and her own cunt juice, she slides her fingers to my asshole and coaxes my anus to relax — all the while rolling my stirring volcano in her right hand. She slows her pace, silently telling me there’s so much more to cum. I smile in bliss. Slowly, she works her middle finger into my aching asshole. When she sees I’m about to blow my wad, she abruptly stops and slaps my mountain.

As I lay on my back, momentarily stunned, this powerful, flexible, sweet bitch swings around on her right leg, and in one unbelievable acrobatic flying move, removes her musky, moisture-laden panties, exposing the buried treasure I coaxed open moments earlier. This sight of the young coed some five feet from me, now bent over fingering her pussy, sends me over the edge. Once again, my crotch leads my body’s movement from where I am to where she is.

Hearing the charge of the rhinoceros, she spins around and stands straight up, asserting her power. I dip down, picking her up at the waist. As I begin to carry her, the sweater she is wearing slides over her head, fully releasing those amazing tits, so round, firm, and upright. Again, her nipples spring to attention. Once more standing on the floor in victory, she laughs, grabs my balls, and speaks for the first time since telling me she’ll “do anything.” “Come with me,” she commands. We both laugh. I grab her skirt and pull it straight down.

As she hears it rip under the strain of moving past her rock-hard ass, she laughs again. “Fuck it. I’ve got four more of those in my room. Besides, it’ll be fun giving the boys a show as I dance over to my room.” She laughs again and tugs my nuts. While I’m bent over forward in shock, she jumps on my back like a kid on the playground. Laughing, she squeals, “Give me a ride!” Our intermingling sweat along with the added moisture of her sweet juices press on my lower back and I feel them trickling down my butt crack toward my balls. Before I can prepare myself, the dancer masterfully uses that same slickness to slide to the left. By instinct, I widen my stance, thrust my hips forward, throw my torso back, and bend at the knees in preparation to catch her. That adjustment causes her movement to increase. She spins around me like I’m a stripper’s stage device, and sweeping her right hand below her, catches my joystick, effortlessly mounting and sliding her tight, hot, sweet cunt lips all the way down to my hips, while her slick canal envelopes my fleshy invader.

Wrapping her legs around my ass, she lays back in midair, her body parallel to the ground. All the while, she’s squeezing her legs around me, taking full advantage of the ability to pull her body back and forth on my rigid tool. I lean back and claw at her ass, attempting to be a counterbalance to the soon-screaming and fully-thrashing wildwoman increasingly lost in the waves of orgasm as her body shudders under the weight of her head exploding in pleasure.

As she screams in ecstasy, her cum glides over my cock and balls, dripping off my scrotum. She momentarily relaxes, then quickly spins 90 degrees so that the top of her right foot catches behind my head and her left leg slides between my legs. Not only does this force my cock into an uncomfortable position, but she slowly begins to squeeze my balls between her legs. Reeling to take in this delicious pain and not fall over, I spread my toes, throw back my head, and moan deeply. Seizing the moment further, she flies headfirst for the big toe on my right foot while swinging her right hand around to take hold of my backside. In a split second, she simultaneously digs her razor red fingernails into my ass and forcefully bites down on the toe. All the while, she increases pressure on — and in — my aching balls.

When I squeal from the pain, she sucks the toe, then lets it go. I watch a small, thin line of blood ooze from the top, yet the nails remain embedded some three feet higher.

“You know why I did that, you motherfucker?” she probes with a wicked grin, still squeezing my nuts and pulling my reeling rod downward, but releasing and slapping my tenderized backside.

I take her hands and swing her chest upward, that bold blonde hair rushing behind. As her legs again make their way around my hips we stare deep into each other’s eyes, engulfed in the moment.

“Yeah,” I smilingly wince, “I do. You sweet bitch tease.” I walk her over to the table, half releasing and half throwing her hot glistening body onto the gleaming finished top. While I thrust my member to match her momentum, her knees unleash my midsection and her feet spread wide. She lands with a thud and sweat-drenched slide, her jugs jiggling the first time I’ve ever seen. Unharmed yet infused with this injection of sex-charged energy, she both begs and demands, “Fuck me with a fury…NOW!”

With a final spin, she flips facedown on the table, her hot pussy still wrapped around my third leg. She grabs the sides of the table, bracing herself for the deep, pounding cum building to explode from deep inside me. As a dancer, her intuitive groove is rhythm, and within two thrusts, she knows mine. As I drive deep into her gooey gash, she begins to buck like a bitch in heat, wanting her stud to come and cum deep in her in order to bring about the fulfillment of her purpose.

However, I’m not ready to end her ongoing pleasure in this hedonistic romp. As I feel her powerful spasms begin to swell I immediately slow my pace. She lets out a slight whimper, first from unmet expectation but then from heightened sensation as I slowly pull my pulsating head past her frothing pouty lips which quiver at the bump of the monster’s departure. With the same timing, I slip the fleshy slippery beast forward across her asshole, my left thumb reaching over to press the belly of the beast against her excited anus and to pick up the pure juice of her passion fruit as the monster pulls back to once again find the honey pot. Immediately, my slickened thumb rests on her now-lubed anal entrance. Again her passion pleasure principle stuns me as she instinctively arches her back and lets forth a deep growl. Her bunghole opens ever so slightly, and at the same time my thumb slides up to its deepest joint, my thickness slides back into her sheath and all the way to the hilt, inducing a lust-empowered “OOOOOHHHHH!!” As the tip of my thumb massages her inside, and the knuckles expand and release the tension at the entrance, the fluids of her ass quickly take over the lubing the back door.

In concert and in sync, my instrument drums the hot rhythms of the wild kingdom we have entered. Her clitoris pulsates with each thrust as my naked, swinging lava rocks brush the hardened and barely exposed button; her fresh melons give in to sexual swell’s gravitational and stroke-driven swaying. Our sweat-drenched bodies move with the motions of ancestors deep from history past, when the panting, moaning, grunting and orgasmic yelling told it all: fulfilling the pleasure of the primal urge was the only language needed, known and used. This modern coed has captured the power of the past and fused it with the passion of the present, as her powerful sculpted body surges with me in the act of unbridled heat. We no longer act upon each other; we act with each other, this purely physical — almost brutal — elevation leading to indistinguishable mutual sensation.

As the spasms deep within her womanhood seduce me, we draw near to climax. From what feels like the bottom of my feet, I feel the hot creamy steamy cum working its way out of me. As the first burst shoots from my rock, my head explodes in orgasmic explosion and previously unknown vocal convulsions propel from deep inside my belly. Within microseconds, those convulsions translate from vocal only to pelvic also. My hips slam deep into her womanhood, while my engorged cock pulls my balls tighter. The total physical intensity rushes to the middle of my body — from the area as high as my belly button to the bottom of my ass — so that the overwhelming spasm underway produces an orgasm that makes me feel like my spinal fluid is part of my cum. As my ass tightens, forcing the second spray of cum to start firing wildly, the rapidly heating warmth of the orgasm centers first at the base, and grows progressively hotter in an uncontrolled burn as it radiates out and all through my cock. As the third and most powerful burst is just about to be unleashed, my sexual universe feels like it will now explode — even as her lovetube gapes to engulf it and suction the hot creamy culprit flailing for freedom. As I happily lose all sense of control, that exhilarating rush of my cock rippling out the cum also triggers her sexual firing pin. In the power of her feminine mystique, with her head up, her blazing blonde hair thrown around, her eyes rolling back in ecstasy, and her tits barely swinging back and forth as the forerunners to what is beginning, her mind welcomes the tsunami her muff now produces. The rollicking screaming slashing multiwave orgasm overtakes her, which shockwaves the lecture table across the lecture stage. The pump sprays cum inside her in powerful shots, my synapses exploding in the ongoing pleasure of our shared orgasm.

As we lay across the stage, our naked and separated bodies glow from the blend of sweat and cum, although we can’t tell from whom the particular juices first came. Slowly catching our breath, she takes my cock in her mouth and slurps up the oozing cunt juice and seminal white chocolate still milking from my cumrocket.

She takes a lick, looks up my chest to my face, takes another lick, and requests, “Will that help my grade?”

I sit up quickly and playfully grab her. “Yeah, That’ll move you up one-third of a grade. Keep up the good work, and you’ll pull a B in the class.”

She plants her hand on the floor, and spinning around ends up with both legs straddling mine. I feel the warm juices of our passion, which begin to ooze from her squeeze box then run over the base of my cock, and down onto my balls. She doesn’t notice it, but gleefully squeals and throws her head back in disbelief, her erect nipples brushing my face and a jolt of her woman scent leaping from between her ever-perfect melons. I lightly run my tongue up her the middle of her chest, from between her breasts to just below her neck, but she doesn’t even seem to notice. “Wow. A grade of B? That’s fuckin’ hot.” She looks back down at my still sweat drenched face, then reaches her right hand behind and below her ass to find my the head of my cock. A final drop of cum has made its way to the tip, and as her finger passes over it, she wipes the drop onto her fingertip and from there to her tongue — almost looking like a small child who discovers the world through tasting whatever is in her hand. She looks at the contact as she rubs the finger dry on her nipple and then looks back at me. “Whattaya doin’ tomorrow?” she inquires in the same excited tone of a moment earlier.

I throw my head back and laugh. “Shit, this is amazing!” I think to myself. “I’ll bang her all the way to an A-, and she’ll think I’m the greatest fucking teacher in the world. I can handle this!”

And a smile rolls across my face.