Amys Bar Bang

Amy and Steve had known each other since their childhood. They had grown up together, attending the same high school and eventually the same college. Everyone expected them to marry at some stage and despite warnings that they were still too young, they had decided to take the plunge in their final year at college. They made an attractive couple. Everyone said so. Amy was strikingly pretty, her long blonde hair framed a beautiful, oval shaped face and tumbled in curls down her back. She stood only 5’6″ in her stockings, but her well proportioned legs had the feel and texture of fine alabaster. Her breasts were small but perky and complimented her flat stomach perfectly. Steve stood over 6ft and had short black hair. His face was rugged with a masculine jawline. His body told the story of an athlete in the prime of life.

They were both in their last month of college, and deeply immersed in final exams. This week had been a particularly difficult one, and as Friday came to a close, they were both exhausted and happy that the week was over. They met in the college refectory after their last class and began to plan their weekend off. They had decided to start that night. It was time to kick back, relax and maybe get a little drunk!

They had decided on Oscars, a small music bar on the outskirts of town. The clientele there was not of the highest calibre, but the music was good and the beer cheap and so, after a home cooked dinner, they set out for the bar. They could hear the music as they alighted the bus and as they entered through an old iron door, they were met by a fog of cigarette smoke and the smell of beer. Inside the music was very loud. The joint was not overcrowded; a few customers were on the small dance floor gyrating to the heavy beat of the music, a few sat at the bar and some were sitting in small booths drinking and laughing. Steve spotted an empty booth and led his young wife by the hand towards the seats. The ordered a jug of beer and settled in for a night of drinking.

After her third glass, Amy suddenly announced that she wanted to dance.

“Come on Steve, I’m in the mood to boogie!” She said squeezing his leg and bending her head to nibble his ear.

Amy knew that her husband was very reserved and disliked to show any sign of affection in public, but she couldn’t resist teasing him. She was feeling mellow from the beer and a little horny. She wanted to show off the tight black dress that she had worn.

“No way! I’m too tired to dance. And stop biting my ear will you, you know I hate that!”

Amy slumped back into her seat and pouted, her arms folded petulantly across her chest. God, Sometimes Steve annoyed her! No discussion, no compromise, just a straight No Way’.

“Well, I want to dance. If you wont dance with me then I’ll have to find someone who will!”

“Fine,” replied Steve angrily. “Go right ahead, you know where I’ll be.”

Damn! Thought Amy. Her plan had backfired. She thought Steve would be jealous and that she could embarrass him into dancing, but he had failed to bite and now she was no better off. Well why shouldn’t she dance with someone else? She thought. She wouldn’t be far away, and like he said, he wasn’t going anywhere that would separate him from his beer!

Feeling a little self conscious, but still a little excited she jumped to her feet and strode purposefully towards the bar. Steve watched her petite frame as she sashayed over to the counter and ordered another drink. To hell with it, he thought as he caught the waitress’ attention and ordered another jug for himself.

Amy leant against the bar and sipped her drink. She had been aware that she had drawn a few glances as they had walked in. It always pleased her to turn heads. She noticed a few guys standing at the other end of the bar and hoped that the one with blonde hair and cute butt would come and ask her to dance. She didn’t have to wait long. The guys were all looking at her now and whispering to each other, commenting on her figure hugging dress and trying to decide who would be brave enough to approach her. Eventually one of them started to walk over to her. It was not the guy that she had hoped, but as she looked at this man, she was just as impressed.

“Hi. I’m Phil. Buy you a drink?”

“Just got one thanks.” she replied, smiling up towards his face. He looked very handsome in the smoky light of the bar.

“What about a dance, then?”

Amy didn’t want to appear to eager. Her mind was telling her to slow down, but her body was saying: go for it!’

“Um…well, okay. Just one maybe.”

Before she knew what had happened, Amy found herself in the middle of the dance floor. The music was up-beat, but Phil did not seem to be following it too closely. His arms were wrapped tightly around her waist, pulling her close to him as they swayed in slowly turning circles. She could feel the muscles in his neck as her hands linked around it and she could also feel an unmistakable bulge in the front of his trousers as he pressed himself closer towards her. She was feeling buzzed from the beer and naughtily rubbed herself ever so slightly against him. Phil noticed the positive reaction immediately and let his hands drop to her pert little bottom and rest there. As they circled with the music, Amy caught glimpses of Steve sitting in the booth and watching her. His eyes stared points of fire towards her and as she turned, she could almost feel them boring a hole in her back. Phil’s hands were now cupping and squeezing her bottom as they danced. She could not deny the pleasure that she was experiencing at his touch. She and Steve had been so tired recently that they had not made love for over a week and she could now feel a definite heat from inside her black satin panties as her arousal increased. She was oblivious to all around her as they swayed around the floor. Phil was nuzzling her neck sensuously as his hands roamed over her butt squeezing a little harder and getting her wetter by the moment. She felt him gently slide his hand up her side and cup a breast in his hand. Then her mind snapped back to reality as she found herself being dragged backwards by her arm.

“What the FUCK do you think your doing?”

It was Steve. Angrily shouting at her over the din of the music.

“You fucking slut! Letting this guy put his hands all over you!”

Phil just stood back letting the couple argue. He was not about to get involved.

“No baby,” replied Amy, trying to explain. “Honestly. It was just a bit of fun.”

“So you want some fun, do you? You want everyone to see you dressed and behaving like a slut, do you? Then lets show them!”

Amy felt Steve’s strong arms surround her and walk her over to the corner of the bar. She felt a little apprehensive but not frightened. As angry as Steve got, she knew that he would not let any harm come to her, and besides, she was feeling extremely horny now! As she was half carried to the bar, she felt herself being bent over the counter face downwards. The hard mahogany of the surface smelt of stale beer and smoke. Cool air played around her upper thighs and then her bottom as the short skirt of the dress was pulled up and over her butt.

“There! Lets let everyone see you little panties!” Cried Steve.

She could only just make out her husband’s voice over the cheers and claps from the several other guys that had joined them in the dark corner of the bar. They were all obviously enjoying the show.

“Lets see her ass then!” Called a voice that Amy had not heard before.

More cheers echoed around the room as she felt her panties being roughly jerked over her rounded behind and pulled down her legs. She had been a little uneasy at first, but now her latent exhibitionism was taking over. She was starting to enjoy the attention and becoming more and more excited the further the situation progressed. Her feet were lifted one at a time and the panties completely removed. A moment of embarrassment pricked her. She knew that her vagina was wet and exposed and she could feel her nipples, stiff inside the satin top of her dress, pressing into the wood of the counter top. The alcohol buzzed inside her head as the room became a mass of cheers and shouts, everyone seemed to talk at once.

Steve was still at her side but was making no attempt to speak to her. His strong fingers were holding her butt cheeks open, proudly displaying his wife’s charms to all who cared to look. She was so wet now, she could feel her own fluid trickling in a small stream down the inside of her thighs. She just needed to be touched. A bolt of electricity seemed to jolt her. She could feel the wet contours of a tongue probing gently between her vaginal lips. She felt long hair tickle the insides of her thighs and heard female sighs as the tongue was swept along the length of her wet slit. Her mind suddenly registered: A woman! She was being licked by another woman and absolutely loving it. The tongue swept slowly from her exposed asshole slowly towards her clitoris. Her whole pussy felt as if it was on fire. Closer and closer the tongue moved towards her stiff bud. Then with only the gentlest flick, Amy let out a deep moan and orgasmed into the unseen woman’s mouth.

Things moved swiftly after her first orgasm. Steve remained by her side, no longer angry, and squeezed her nipples through the thin material of her dress. He whispered encouragement into her ear and stroked her hair as the first man took his position behind her. From her position, bent over the counter, she could still not see her assailant, but could rather sense his presence. A long erect penis was being dragged up and down her soaked slit as she moaned deep into the counter. With a lunge, he was inside her, slowly at first and then more quickly thrusting deeper towards her cervix, building up to a frenzy of lust. Amy lost track of the time. She had no idea how long the first guy fucked her for, but she felt almost disappointed when she felt his penis erupt and coat her insides with his cum. She was given no rest as a second guy quickly took his place, forcing his cock straight into her vagina to the hilt. The mixture of her own juice and the first mans semen made her pussy easy to enter and the second man slid in with little resistance. She heard her husband’s voice through the throng, is if coming from a distance.

“Don’t cum inside her guys,” he said calmly. “Let her feel it splash over her, okay?”

Heeding his request, the second assailant pulled out after only a few short minutes and sprayed his cum over her ass, letting it dribble down her thighs. As Amy heard him zip up, she was lifted and laid on her back on the floor. She felt a third cock being pressed against her mouth and immediately opened her lips to accept its shorter length. She tried to suck, but the guy held her head in both hands and started to fuck her face with long deep strokes as he scooped her small breasts out of her dress top. She wanted to taste his cum, but again as requested, he pulled out of her mouth at the point of climax and emptied himself over her stiff nipples.

Amy lost track of how many times she was fucked that night, but she knew that Steve was always right by her side. At one point she had her ankles pulled back over her head while a small but thick penis was pushed deep into her tight butt. She had never tried anal sex before, but after the powerful orgasm the she immediately experienced as she felt her ass being invaded, she vowed to try it again, soon.

At the end of the night, Amy found herself completely naked. Her dress was torn and discarded and her panties were long since lost. The cum from more the twelve men stained her body. She had dried and fresh semen on her breasts and stomach, over her face and in her hair. Her thighs and mound were also coated and she even had some dripping from her toes where one of the men had ripped her high heels off and used her feet to masturbate himself with. She was completely exhausted but very happy. Steve was still there, kneeling beside her and furiously rubbing his swollen penis in his hand. With a groan, he released his own cum over his wife’s face where it mingled with the rest in a sticky mess.

As she rose to her feet, Amy was handed a long overcoat by the bar tender.

“Come back any time!” He called as she and Steve made their way to the exit. “You’re great for business! And besides, I didn’t get a turn myself this time!”

Steve and Amy smiled at each other and kissed. As soon as their exams were finished next week, they would certainly be back.