Concert Quicky

We were at an outdoor concert in late spring. The concert was being held out in the hill country, really back in the sticks, outside of New Braunfels. It was a rock concert and we were standing up close to the stage, her with her date and me with mine. It was evening, and it was dark except for the lights on the stage and we were dancing to the music just like everybody else around us. Every now and then I would see a glimpse of her breasts swaying beneath her flimsy blouse. I didn’t know her though she was a stranger who was very pretty. She attracted me like a magnet.

I danced a little closer and we bumped once or twice as we danced to the music. The soft fabric of her dress did nothing to hide the smooth and supple curve of her ass as I moved to the music, just behind her. We touched again, and by now I was developing a decided stiffness in the front of my jeans. Again we touched as we danced and bounced. This time I imagined that I detected a distinct rubbing of her soft butt against my hard crotch.

Alas the song ended and the moment passed without another en- counter. During the next song though, I again feel her press against me again, this time more insistently — trying to find out if what she was rubbing against was indeed what she thought it was. When I felt the touch come again I moved my hips forward and grind a little. Let there be no doubt, I thought. Yes, that is a hard cock you feel in my jeans. Yes, it is YOU that is making it so hard.

She pulls away only to return with an even more insistent bounce and bump, her signal to me that she knows what’s up, and that she likes it.

Well by now I am hornier than a 3-peckered billy goat and all I want is more. The fact that her date, my date, and 10,000 other people are in the near vicinity is something of a problem however. I run one hand up and down the delicious contour of her backside and; ‘ooh baby are you fine.’ I’m holding my dates hand with the other. Just before the end of the song, this hot female slips a hand behind her and gives me a knowing squeeze. I almost pop my pistol right there.

The next song is going to be a long one, and the noise level begins to pick up. Everyone around us is in a frenzy of dance, and movement. I know that this is the best chance I’m going to get…

I lift the folds of her dress from behind to caress the warm, smooth cheeks of her beautiful ass. She’s not wearing panties and is completely open to my wandering touch. Holding here gorgeous butt with one hand I begin to stroke the wet lips of her steaming hot pussy. Her hips grind to meet my hand as I play my fingers back across the en- trance to her hot little honey hole. Then I back off just a little and quickly open my bulging jeans. She quickly reaches down to put my erect cock between her soft thighs. I can tell she wants it, but we are both nervous, considering our location.

Looking over her shoulder, swaying with the music, we just looked like we were enjoying the music. I kept hoping with all the things going on, that my date would remain distracted. What we were doing was dangerous and probably illegal! But it was also excruciat- ingly exciting.

I pulled her dress up over the crown of her sweet ass and moved in closer, my stiff cock pressing insistently at her buns. With one little move she guided me to her waiting sauna-snatch and I stroked deeply taking both of our breaths away. My dick lodged deep inside of her, my hands were now free to further explore her glorious ass and to cup and caress her swaying tits. Her breasts were delicious- ly soft to my touch, yet her nipples were as hard as little erasers. I stroked her tits and gently squeezed the nips under her blouse, and was rewarded by her deep moans.

“God you are hot!” I whispered “Now show me how you want to fuck baby! Show me how you can move that ass! Oh yes, take it baby, take it deep! Wiggle that ass honey! I want to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before baby! I am going to give it all to you, right here in front of everybody! You like that don’t you sweety! You like getting your little pussy stuffed with dick right under the noses of 10,000 people, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, yes, fuck me yes!” she panted. “Fuck me here! I want to watch them and let you fuck me! Give it to me! Put your cock in me! Fuck me hard, baby!” As she said this I pushed forward until I was fully in her. Then I began to thrust my cock into her in time with the music, she was moving against me, we were performing a wonderful dance to the music.

Too soon I felt her tempo increase, her moans grow louder, and I knew that I couldn’t hold back either. I didn’t want it to end, but we were both HOT and not in a leisurely mood. My balls felt the pres- sure first and then my dick started to swell within her.

As you let out a scream I felt the eruption in my loins and wave after wave of scalding, sticky cum burst forth into her grasping, spasming, convulsing pussy.

As I came into the gorgeous woman, I felt my knees buckle. The sensations raging through my body were more intense than I’d ever ex- periences before. I could barely stand up.

And when it was all over, stepped back, my still erect cock popping out of her now well used pussy. Her dress dropped down, and I hurriedly zipped up my jeans, and to my amazement, this beautiful babe just steps forward, shoves her hand in the back pocket of her boyfriend and starts dancing to the music.

Well I got mine, that’s all I care about.


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