Marks Sister Michelle

My buddy Mark and I have been friends for a long time. We’ve been thru a lot together, and have done a lot. Up till last Saturday, though, I wouldn’t have believed what happened could happen. I started going out with his sister Michelle about five months ago. His Dad Married her Mom about twenty years ago, and they became brother and sister that way, when he was 14 and she was 10. Mark’s 34 now, and I am 32.

Ever since I had known Michelle, she was a total slut. But she had a nice body on her, straight blonde hair and large tits. I decided I wanted a crack at Michelle, so I began turning up the charm whenever she was around, and eventually, we got together. Michelle is great as a fuck-mate, cuz she will do so much more than other women. I don’t know if it comes from the fucked-up life she had with her Mom before she married Mark’s dad or what, but she just looks like the kind of girl you wanna treat with disrespect. I have taken pictures of Michelle, in different outfits, and doing things like sucking my knob, or fingering herself. And we have sometimes watched pornos together and re-enacted what was on the screen.

Anyway, since her brother Mark and I have been buddies longer than I have known her, Mark still comes over to my apartment a lot, whether Michelle is there with me or not. Sometimes he sleeps over too. I remember one morning when Michelle came out to the living room wearing only her robe, her white cotton panties, and a beat-up old white tanktop. Her top was showing a lot of cleavage, which both me and Mark could see while we ate breakfast to try and get rid of the hangover we worked up the night before. Mark says to her, “Hey, Michelle—show us your tits, eh?” Michelle told him to fuck off, and called him a pervert, but later when she took off the robe and put on clothes for the day, she wore the very same top, with a pair of faded denim cutoffs. Man, her tits were very visible, hanging there in her old white tanktop! You could practically see the entire shape of her tits, as if she had shown Mark her knockers. I let her wear it, since I liked the way her tits looked in them, too, and who cares if her brother got a look at ‘em too, right? I was the one who got to feel them. I remember really wanting to fuck Michelle that afternoon. I got her while she was in the bathroom, putting on make-up. I began to run my hand up in between her tits, under her shirt, feeling them up royally, and kissing her face and mouth. I ended up pulling her shorts down, pulling her tanktop up, and fucking her on the bathroom carpet, while her brother watched Star Trek: The Next Generation out in my living room.

But the real interesting stuff started happening after I got the satellite dish installed. Mark and I always enjoyed watching pornos together, and after the satellite got got hooked up, we would watch Playboy Channel, not giving a damn if Michelle liked it or not. Turns out, she did – at least, after she saw two long-haired, tanned, muscular studs posing naked on the beach. See? Man hungry.

So the three of us would watch the skin channel, and sometimes Mark or I would rent a porno video. And the three of us would drink, and get high and get horny. It was great having Michelle there, cuz after a while, she and I would sneak off to my bedroom and get it on, and come out again. I guess poor lonely Mark would jack off in the bathroom, or maybe right there on my couch, for all I know. But who cares, he’s a bud.

As we did this, over time we had become less reserved about the urges and desires which would arise when we watched the sex flicks. After a time, when Michelle would see my hard-on bulging in my jeans, she would rub it and squeeze it absently, as we sat on the couch and Mark sat on the easy chair. We would kiss, and I would run my hand up and down her crotch without shame or bashfulness. And, depending on what Michelle was wearing, like maybe her trackpants, or even a skirt, she would moan in her sexy little voice as I turned her on more and more. I also saw Mark often with his hand on his stiff cock, bulging in his jeans, as we got all hot and heavy watching people fuck on video. I’m positive Mark had taken to looking at his sister and his buddy, whenever Michelle and I got so into it that we forgot about the company we were with, and really started undressing each other. I would sometimes openly feel Michelle’s tits, and stick my hand down her silky panties and finger her, kissing her and breathing all heavy. And when we would come out of it enough to announce we were going to my bedroom, Mark would have his hand stuck down his open pants, rubbing his cock through his underwear, and I’m sure it was to the sight of us and not the t.v. which was getting him so horny. It got so that we were so open about it, I would say, “Okay, I’m going to go fuck your sister now, okay Mate? C’mon, babe.” And Mark would say, “sure, go ahead, fuck my sister,” and we’d laugh as Michelle (the SLUT) would protest about us talking about her that way. But we were all high, and we laughed it off.

I knew Mark had always had an attraction to his step-sister, as they grew up together. I mean, he even told me a couple of times how he wished she wasn’t his sister, cuz he really wanted to fuck her bad. But I began to get the idea that Mark was taking steps to that end, when he would say things like, “Man! I could go for a blowjob right now!”, and would look over to Michelle. He would say that often. And he began making comments on her body, and how it looked and what was showing through what, quite a bit. But Michelle, having not very much self-esteem, and not a real grip on any Boundaries, just jokingly brushed him off. Maybe after so many years of men paying attention to her just sexually, she felt the need to attract everyone’s attention that way, even her own brother’s. And I didn’t care, cuz she was just a girl for now, you know, and I wasn’t jealous of anybody looking at her or hitting on her or anything. So Mark would ask to see Michelle’s tits sometimes, and other times would shout (seemingly to the air) how it would feel so good to have a warm mouth on his cock right about now, and all that. I wouldn’t be surprised if he listened in when Michelle and I were screwing, and was jerking off to the sounds of his sister Michelle giving her little girly moans as she squirmed under me, as I rammed it up her.

Then one day, last Saturday morning while we were doing a couple of Knivers with some black from the night before, Mark asked me a question.

“Hey, Rob,” he said, “what if Michelle really did agree to suck it? I mean, me. Would you get pissed off?”

I paused, surprised by his question.

“I mean, shit,” Mark continued, “I really am asking her for real when I say those things, you know. I really would like her to do that, and I wanna know if it would bother you.”

I waited a bit, letting him squirm, then burst out laughing.

“Man,” I said, “if you could ever get her to cross that line and do that to you, you deserve to have a clear path, buddy.” I slapped him on the back, laughing. “Not that she EVER would, though, you know that, right?”

Mark didn’t say anything for a bit, just stood there in the kitchen with this look on his face. Then, he said, in a sort-of hushed voice, (probably cuz Michelle was crashed in my bedroom, nearby), he said, “Well, maybe we could sort of make the situation more agreeable to that possibility.” He kept a straight face for almost a second, then burst out laughing.

“How?” I asked, still giggling, and wasting our little Knivers.

“Well, you could get her to let you fuck her right there in the living room, y’know, on the floor. We’d have to get her plenty high, though, so the liquor has to come out instead of beer, and she’d definitely need to smoke some too. . .” Mark went off into his monologue, devising his plan on how he was going to get head by his sister.

And quite frankly, I was getting pretty turned on by the idea, and so I agreed to the plan.

All afternoon, we cranked tunes and drank whiskey and beer, and got high. I kind of paved the way by the way I behaved towards Michelle. I was very complimentary to her all day, telling her how pretty she was, and how sexy, and how all the men want her, but I am the lucky one cuz I am the one who gets to have her, and all that. At the same time, I was a little forceful and controling, but in a friendly way. I would gently order Michelle around, like she was there to serve, but I would do it sort of nicely, and kept up the compliments, and the sweet little thing was getting right into it. It was a happy afternoon, we had. Mark was in an especially good mood, cuz he could see what I was doing. He was very well groomed that day – for Mark, anyway – and he wore some new black jeans, which were not faded like his usual shit.

At times I would pass behind Michelle, and would go on about how fucking sexy she looked, and would grab her from behind, like man I wanted to fuck her right there; I would gently grind my crotch into her buttcheeks, while grabbing her around the front of her ribcage, facing Mark, and would shake her torso from side to side, making yummy sounds, so she could see that her tits were waving slightly through her top, while she faced her horny brother.

We didn’t put on any pornos all afternoon, just listened to heavy rock’n’roll tunes which we knew Michelle liked, and partied and munched out.

Once darkness fell, all three of us took to the cushions, with Mark in his chair, and Michelle and I on our couch together. We were pretty mellow from the drinking and smoking we did, especially Michelle cuz we fed her Rye and Cokes all afternoon. She was pretty looped. I stuck in one of my pornos which had good looking well built men in them, to keep Michelle’s interest. I chose one which had lots of threesomes, with a broad getting fucked while sucking another guy, cuz I heard that is a common fantasy for women, plus, it sort of fit what might be happening with me and her and her brother.

As usual, when we got aroused, we would begin touching each other, through the clothing. This time, I soon began lightly rubbing Michelle’s crotch through her bicycle pants. She was wearing black cotton leggings, to the calves, and a loose fitting t-shirt with the logo of the Hard Rock Café on it. I began running my hand and arm up in between her breasts on the outside of her t-shirt, letting her tits rise and fall with their own weight, surrounding my hand. This was a show for my buddy Mark, as well as a preparation for what might happen next, kind of getting used to the idea of openly displaying her. I brought Michelle’s hand to my crotch, and made her rub my cock in a very deliberate manner, not our usual sort-of discreet way of getting going. I made it known that I was very much in charge, and that she was simply to obey. Over in his chair, Mark was watching us intently, gazing very intensely, I noticed, on how I was feeling up his sister’s body. He stroked his cock through his jeans straight up and down, almost like he was jacking off through his pants.

“Stroke my cock, wench,” I would whisper breathily into Michelle’s ear, “Yesss, do it, do what I make you do, grab my hard cock….my obedient slave…… mmmm, yesssss, my sexy slave…..” and things like that. And if there was some action on the screen where a chick or the guy she was with was rubbing her pussy, I would match the actions on Michelle’s pussy, rubbing and pretending to finger her through the damp crotch of her leggings, then dipping my hand down past her waistband to her muff, and feeling her wet pussy from inside her clothes. Soon enough, I brought her pants down, so that my hand and her cunt were much more visible, as I finger fucked her while her brother watched from the easy chair, pervertedly stroking his cock through his underwear.

I could tell that Michelle was pretty looped from the way she kissed me back, and the sluggish way she grabbed and squeezed my hard tool. But she was pretty turned on, and was humming pretty nicely, cuz she moved her pelvis in tight rhythm to my fingers on her wet pussy lips and her swelling clitty. Also, I could tell she was drunk from the way she was so spread for me to pleasure her pussy. Cuz normally she makes an attempt to pretend that we are only secretly getting heated up in front of her brother, but this time she seemed like she didn’t give a hoot. Which was good! Mark was loving this, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off his sister Michelle getting manhandled by me. He looked to me, asking me with his eyes to try it now.

I began to feel Michelle up and rub her more passionately now, and the video was at a nice part, and I began to whisper to her:

“Ohhhhhhh, mannnnnn, I wanna fuuuuuuck you…..” I would breathe into her ear, “I want my cock in youuuuu, right here…..” and stuff like that.

I began tugging at her leggings, peeling them further and further down her hips, then peeling them down her ass, too. I drove my pelvis into her bare flesh, humping her thigh with my underwear straining against my stiff cock, making her feel my urgency. And when she moved to rise, I simply peeled her leggings further down her thighs, taking her soaked, silky pink undies with them, keeping her to the couch instead. I grabbed the silvery blue couch covering and threw it onto the carpet, where it lay, all folded to hell. Then I pushed Michelle slightly at the shoulder, sideways, towards the edge of the couch.

“Part for me, wench,” I whispered into Michelle’s ear, ” I’m gonna fuck your sweet ass right here and now.” I lifted her off the couch enough to get her to smoothly move her ass to the blanket. I knew once I got her down there, I was home free.

I knelt over her, as she rested back on her elbows on the living room carpet, while her brother sat five feet away, and the music and sounds of the porno filled the room with sex. I kept one knee in between her parted legs, and removed my shirt, and unzipped my pants. Michelle still had her t-shirt on, and her leggings were around her knees. I could see her bare cunt, though, and so could Mark, I supposed. My cock was stiff, thinking of what was ahead. I leaned over Michelle’s body, and straightened out the blanket, first on the one side, then on the other, then back closer to me. Once I had readied our makeshift bed, I forcefully grabbed the crotch of her leggings and undies from in between her knees, and tugged them off, one leg and foot at a time. Michelle then leaned back, as if to get fucked. But I grabbed her wrist, and pulled her up again. “Oh no, babydoll, this hasta come off too,” I said. “I just gotta see those gorgeously heavy melons of yours.” I peeled her t-shirt off over her head, and her bare tits came into view; her straight blonde hair came cascading down around her shoulders again. I gently pushed her down onto her back, flat on the blanket. I heard Mark moan from my right, as he finally got a good look at his sister’s tits, which he wanted to see naked for so long now.

Michelle looked over at him while I took off my pants and socks and underwear. She lay there, totally naked beneath me, and watched as her brother peeled his own clothes off watching us. Mark’s cock was twelve o’clock hard, and right to his torso, cuz he was so turned on by his forbidden voyeurism.

When I was completely naked, I grabbed my cock and guided the tip to my girlfriend’s entrance, and pushed it a little ways into her opening. I rubbed my cockhead up and down her wet slit, and she parted her legs, and raised them bent, welcoming me into her. I slid my arms under her torso and around back of her shoulders, and clamped on them, then thrust my cock, without even using one hand, into Michelle’s luscious pussy. Her lips wrapped tightly around my dick, as I pushed it up into her cunt, parting her legs fully to accommodate me. Our asses were mostly facing Mark’s chair, so he could very likely see my stiff cock entering his sister’s cunt from where he sat, masturbating.

I began a rhythm, grunting and breathing heavily as I fucked Michelle like the slut she is, right there on the spot, with the porno playing in the background for our own little scene. She moaned her sexy little girly moans as I fucked her, giving extra little gutteral groans when I reached her nicely from time to time. I looked down at her face; her eyes were closed tightly as she took me into her, repeatedly, groaning with pleasure as she felt my cock slide up her juicy little pussy.

Next thing I know, here’s my buddy Mark, completely naked, standing right by our faces, jerking his cock off right next to us as we fuck. His cockhead is purple in his hand, when I look up at it, and he’s jacking it really intensely as he watches me fuck his naked sister right there on the living room floor.

Michelle opens her eyes, and sees him doing this. I expected more of a reaction, but she just looked up at him like it didn’t bother her a bit, and continued moving with the rhythms of our fucking – in fact, I think the movements of her head being drawn back as I thrust it up her was a little more pronounced now, as were her groans of pleasure. Michelle kept her head turned up towards Mark, as I fucked her, closing her eyes and opening them at different times, watching her brother jerk his cock three feet above her face. I kept my eyes down towards Michelle, watching her face, and watching her heavy tits move back again and again as I fucked her.

I can hear Marks hand stroking vigorously on his cock above us. The guy has a real tight grip on his love muscle, and a real swift rhythm going. I wonder if I am going to feel his come on my shoulder soon, and I begin to giggle slightly, stoned, and catching the absurdity of this taboo situation. I rammed my cock into Michelle’s wet pussy like I was a porn star, now changing to a slower rhythm, sliding my cock out of her almost to the head, then sliding it into her pussy again, up her tight little snatch. I am in no hurry, and I enjoy the ride, feeling the soft flesh of Michelle’s inner thighs against my own legs, and loving the very fleshy feel of her sexy body against mine. I bend my head down, and kiss her neck, tasting her perfume on my lips. I hear the sound of her pussy as it takes me in and grabs ahold as I withdraw and thrust into it again, slowly pistoning into her slick pussy; I smell her scent in the air, the smell of a woman getting fucked, all musky in the living room, and I wonder if Mark isn’t too drunk to smell it too.

Mark kneels down at our heads, and jacks his cock vigorously right next to our faces. I get up onto my hands, away from Michelle so Mark can see her, or come on her body, or whatever is going to happen. Still jerking his cock swiftly, Mark slowly brings his red cock closer to his sister’s face. She is looking at it, from time to time, whenever she opens her eyes, and she still gets into our fucking. Soon, Mark’s cock is right close to Michelle’s mouth, jerking off madly, but more lightly now.

“Ohhhhh, suck it,” he says to her, all out of breath. He thrusts his pelvis more now, his cockhead almost reaching her lips at times, which also moves out of reach as she sluggishly takes the smooth fucking I am giving her. Oddly enough, Michelle, her eyes closed easily, keeps her head turned at the right angle so that Mark’s cockhead is right in line with her mouth, as he strokes his hard shaft. I can’t believe what is taking place right in front of me! I begin fucking Michelle more intensely, just by sheer reaction to what I’m seeing. Surely, she must be purposely turning her head that way! Only it looks so accidental, and her face seems so resigned. She was a mystery to me then, this slutty little number beneath me.

Mark’s swollen red cock started to graze Michelle’s face, still turned towards him. First, it brushed the very tip of her nose, then that little divot above her upper lip, and on the next pass, his cock slid right across her parted lips. And on the very next pass, he stuck his cock into her mouth just enough to stop her head from moving away too far for his cock, and it stayed in her mouth. I continued to fuck Michelle nicely while her brother worked his cock partway into his sister’s mouth. Mark touched the side of Michelle’s face, and slid his cock further into her parted lips, and brought it partway out again. Then in again. She opened her eyes, and looked up at him, closed them again, and grabbed ahold of his cockshaft, and slid her mouth onto his knob.

Beneath me, Michelle slowly took Mark’s cock partway in her mouth, sucking it like a lollypop. He kept trying to shove it all the way in, but Michelle had now raised her other hand and stayed his hips, allowing only as much of his cock as she desired into her sexy mouth.

Captivated by this forbidden sight, I ceased my thrusts into my girlfriend and just kept my cock buried in her while I watched her suck her brother’s cock.

I am going to try to describe what I remember seeing as brother and sister engaged in forbidden sexplay. It was so fucking incredibly hot to watch, that I have masturbated a couple of times, just thinking about it.

So I had my cock inside Michelle, but I wasn’t moving it. With one swift and flexible movement, Michelle raised one of her legs up, and around me, forcing me out of her pussy, and got onto her side, with Mark’s cock still in her mouth. She grabbed his ass and guided him to his feet. His cock popped out of her mouth then, and stood straight up hard and glistening with her saliva on his tip. Mark stood there, right in front of me, stark naked, while his slutty little sister got up onto her knees before him. Michelle smiled up at him a little, looking up into his eyes as she took hold of his stiff cock and brought it level to her face. She tossed her mane of straight blonde hair behind her shoulders, and leaned forward, and opened her mouth in a very sexy manner, and held still just a quarter inch from his reddened tool, still looking up at him.

I think he felt ashamed or embarrassed or maybe just plain intimidated, cuz he looked away, at me. I made sure he knew it was alright.

Michelle’s first movement onto his tool took most of it into her mouth at once. She clamped her lips around Mark’s cock very tightly, squinting with the effort, and kept it that deep in her mouth. Mark moaned out loud, just once. Then he began this sound like she was tickling him, and I could tell she was sliding her tongue all around it, while keeping it deep in her mouth. Then, grabbing the base of his cock, she pulled her mouth off of his cock. She sighed, sort of, and shoved her mouth right down on his cock again, and kept it there. I couldn’t believe this! My dick was so fucking hard seeing this, that I began stroking it, watching Michelle, on her knees and totally naked, giving this extraordinary head to her own brother! Again and again, with increasing speed, she gave these totally long and tight sucks on her brother’s cock. I masturbated, watching her tits move as she threw her mouth again and again onto Mark’s dick. He was loving this! And in a short while, Mark’s knees were bending and he was bucking his hips into Michelle’s face. It was so weird! Cuz she seemed totally buzzed, and not even all there, and then suddenly she is sharp as anything, and totally in control! She turned on her Slut powers as she sucked on my buddy’s dick, rotating her head on his cockhead like it was a tootsie pop, and arching her back and her hips, and making these totally slutty (but totally hot) little girly moans and sounds with every movement, like she’s totally loving sucking her brother’s cock. And Mark is in heaven; I can see it from the look on his face.

I went to the shelf and got a camera. As quickly as possible, I lined up a shot and snapped a picture of this mindblowing sight. Immediately upon feeling the flash bathe her in white light, Michelle’s rhythm was interrupted, and she rolled one eye towards me (she didn’t look too happy about that; Mark just looked shocked to hell), and then she closed it again, and resumed working on Mark’s rock-hard cock.

Feeling like I might ruin the whole thing, I put the camera behind me, and sat down on the floor, watching them. Michelle had gotten back into her rhythm, and I was hard again watching her give head to her brother. Mark just kept looking down at her, relishing every single lick from his sister on his cock. She began pistoning her head swiftly onto his cock, again and again, her hair going in all directions. This was driving Mark wild, cuz his knees were buckling more than before, and he was thrusting his hips forward in a very fluid movement; it resembled a dog screwing, actually, seeing him sliding his curved hard-on easily into his sister’s mouth.

Then suddenly Mark took Michelle by the head, and withdrew his cock from her mouth. It made this slurping sound, coming out of her mouth. Pushing her backwards onto her back by her head and shoulder, Mark began towering over Michelle, positioning his body over hers as he moved her onto her back on the blanket. I could see his hips going, his curved penis stabbing at the open air, and I could see my girlfriend’s dark blonde mound, as she was put in place to be mounted. Michelle held her hands outstretched, against his hips, holding him in place for less than a second, before Mark made a slight effort forward and brought the weight of his torso onto her, pressing her down. He trembled a whole lot, and was breathing really heavily, as he settled himself in between his sister’s parted legs. Her tits were crushed into his chest, as he held her really close, making certain she stayed put. Then he reached down, and I saw him feel around for her opening. I saw her legs twitch, her feet up in the air, and then Mark found her opening, and slid his cock into his sister’s pussy, sighing with pleasure as he slid his cock up and into her hole. He stayed there a moment, triumphant, then began to slide his thick cock in and out of his slutty sister’s fuckhole.

My own cock was totally bone hard again, seeing Mark take his sister that way, and I was jacking off vigorously, watching them. I felt like I was going to come soon. Mark fucked Michelle very intensely, swiftly jamming his rod up her snatch, keeping a quick rhythm, mostly keeping his cock buried in her, and not removing it too much for every stroke up her. With one hand, Mark reached up and grabbed ahold of his sister’s bare breast. While he fucked her, he groped her tits so madly, he was like a crazy man! He really squeezed and felt up his sister’s tits for all he was worth, and he fucked her really intensely. Michelle’s body was creeping up the blanket as her brother fucked her, and she began sliding off of the blanked we’d laid down, and now was halfway on the bare carpet. Mark was groaning loudly, and was grunting forcefully, and you could tell he was loving the victorious feeling of fucking his slutty little sister. I grabbed the camera, then made eye contact with him. I positioned myself behind Michelle’s head and waited for the flash to come on, readying for another picture. Mark posed for this one, by taking Michelle’s legs in his hands, and holding onto them while he fucked her like a porn star. I snapped another picture, bathing the two of them in white light for the briefest of moments. Michelle again looked at me, with a viscious look in her eyes. But I didn’t care. So what if she “dumped me”. Who gave a rats ass. I got what I wanted from the little whore, and that’s that.

I think the picture of Mark fucking his sister Michelle was too much for the guy, cuz soon he began moving in and out of her, like he was about to come. He began whimpering with his animal grunts, and Michelle responded by moving with his increasingly hard thrusts into her. She grabbed ahold of Mark’s ass, and drove his cock into her cunt, bucking and moving about beneath him. Her hair flailed about, her tits moved with his every thrust into her fuckhole, and she parted her legs wide for him. Then Mark stiffened a moment, and withdrew his cock from his sister’s hole. His come shot out of his throbbing penis and onto Michelle’s bush and torso. He made sure his second burst hit her right on the tit by kneeling right up, and over her body. Come that spilled down his shaft dripped off his cock and onto her dark blonde bush. Mark continued to jack off, spraying little drops of his sticky come onto his sister’s pelvis and torso. Michelle moved her hand swiftly over her cunt, madly rubbing her clit as he emptied his load onto her body, and soon she was shuddering with her climax, rubbing some of his come into her mound and onto her clit as she fingered it, drawing her orgasm out, and panting swiftly on the carpet beneath her brother.

I grew hard watching this, and as soon as Mark had moved aside from his sister’s crotch, I took his place between her legs. I wanted to come. And here was a slut, totally naked and open, waiting for it. Without even acknowledging Michelle’s presence under me, I grabbed her legs and spread them further, and batted her hand away from her snatch. I grabbed ahold of my tool and pushed it against her swollen opening. Then I thrust into my slutty girlfriend, forcing my cock all the way up her in one stroke. She cried out in protest, at my disregard for her permission to enter her body. I repeatedly stabbed my thick cock into her pussy, sliding it along her wet pussy lips, pressing my weight onto her, and crushing the slut’s C-Cups against my chest. Barely moving my cock now, I ram it again and again in her, holding her in place with a hand clamped to the top of her head, her silky blonde hair soft in between my fingers as I fucking treat the bitch like the slut she is. Soon I feel my cock tingling like I am going to come, and I think of how nicely she sucked her brother’s dick like she was hungry for a cock sandwich. I grabbed her tightly, and thrust my cock madly into her cunt as I came, shooting my come into her hungry snatch, filling her with my hot sticky load, grunting loudly as my buddy Mark watched his sister get totally manhandled like a slutty whore. Michelle winced with carpet burn as I fucked her, still thrusting my throbbing penis into her, all the way up her, emptying myself in her, smearing her brother’s come with my torso, pinning the bitch down so that she can’t do anything except take what I’m giving her.

As my orgasm subsides, I relax my hold on her, and grab her right tit with my left hand. I squeeze it, and bring my mouth to it, and plant a dark red hickey on her heavyweight tit, towards the inside from the nippple. Then I get off of her. “Baby, you’re the best.” I say to Michelle, and kiss her sweetly on her lips. She kisses me back, and I rise. Michelle sits up, and lights up a cigarette.

Mark is already opening one of the two beers he got from the fridge, and tosses one to me, which I catch. I open ‘er up, and take a good long pull of the frosty beer.

Tastes good.


  1. I really liked it. My pussy is so wet. I don’t know if it was having the people watch each other or the brother and sister thing.

    But since they truly related, I’m picking the other one.

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