Buddys Wife and Cousin

At age nineteen, I was dating an incredibly erotic woman named Kris. Kris and I had been dating for only a few months, but in that time I had found she had a tremendous appetite for sex….and she had the body to get whatever she wanted.

Kris stood at just under five feet tall. With long strawberry-blonde hair, thick eyelashes, huge green eyes, pouty lips and a mouthful of brilliantly white teeth — her facial features alone got me excited. But it was her body that entranced me every time we met. Kris had enormous tits with constantly erect dark brown nipples. A girl of her stature with huge melons that big just seemed unreal; however, every bit of her was natural. Although she was not chubby, Kris did have some slight love handles around the waist and her ass was perfect. The woman simply oozed eroticism.

Kris and I had been introduced to each other by my best friend (Mike) and his wife (Laura) during Laura’s high school graduation open house the year before. Kris is Laura’s cousin. Mike and Laura were high school sweethearts and had married only months after graduation.

Mike had recently enlisted in the Army and had orders to report to St. Louis to catch a flight to his basic training. We all live in northwest Indiana and, for reasons only the US Army can explain, Mike had to travel 300 miles to a St. Louis airport instead of flying out of a Chicago airport that was only 60 miles away from his home. Anyhow, Mike wasn’t comfortable in having Laura drive the return trip by herself and asked if I would accompany them on the trip. I had no problem with that as long as Kris could make the trip with us. They were okay with that.

The day came and we started on our journey from NW Indiana to Missouri….of course having to travel the entire state of Illinois to do so. I insisted on driving there in order to give Mike and Laura some personal time in the back seat of Laura’s Pontiac LeMans. Kris sat up front with me. It wasn’t twenty miles before Mike and Laura started going at one another. With some heavy petting and passionate moans, Laura was quickly in Mike’s lap servicing him with what sounded like a great blowjob.

The four of us had double-dated before. On more than a few occasions, we got a two-bed hotel room with each couple having sex as the other was nearby on the other bed. Although we never swapped with each other, Mike and I had talked about the possibilities. The bummer being that Laura did not want her husband fucking her cousin. Laura, a very attractive woman herself, always had been jealous of Kris’s body. Laura, also about 5′ tall, was very slender with short brown hair, brown eyes, a nice ass and considerably smaller tits…about orange-size.

As Laura is sucking off Mike, I am suffering in the front seat with Kris only massaging the straining bulge in my blue jeans. Kris is a sexual dynamo, but we never took part in a one-sided encounter (meaning she wouldn’t please me if I could please her immediately). As a result, all I got out of the trip down to St. Louis was a constant caressing of my bulge by Kris as I massaged her knockers out of the bra. Needless to say, I was more than a little pissed off. However, I knew I would get something at some time during the trip (I was hoping for a quickie at a rest stop or some place).

Well, in proxy, I adjusted the rearview mirror and was able to catch occasional glimpses of Laura going down on Mike’s rod. He had no problem with me watching and was kind enough to position Laura’s exposed ass so I could see him fingering her pussy and asshole every now and then. Mike had always told me Laura gave great blowjobs and she had a knack for making them last a long time. Throughout the 300 mile trip to St. Louis, she got him to blow a few loads down her throat. Laura was good about that and really wanted to send Mike off to the Army with fantastic memories.

Eventually, we got to the airport and Laura just fell apart when Mike boarded his plane. She was crying immensely and it was emotionally painful for her. Her and Mike had been dating throughout all four years of high school and this was the first time they were to be away from each other. We all said our good-byes and then watched Mike’s flight leave the gate. Walking down the concourse back towards the parking lot, Laura needed a shoulder to cry on and I took her under my left arm to console her. With Kris under my right arm, I strutted through the airport feeling pretty damned cool with two great looking women under each wing.

Once at the car, Laura said she wanted to drive so she could get her mind off of the fact that Mike was gone for now. I was all for that as Kris and I dove into the back seat. After helping Laura with directions out of town and once across the Mississippi River, Kris and I started making out with some heavy fondling and kissing. I knew Laura didn’t mind and I was certain she expected it. Once we got onto the open road of I-55 and Laura no longer needed directions, Kris couldn’t take the waiting any more.

“I’m sorry, Laura, but I’ve got to have Denny’s cock out. I need to taste it,” Kris said.

“I know, I know,” Laura answered.

With that, Kris pulled my shoes off, undid my jeans and pulled them clear off my legs. Tearing my shorts off just as efficiently, she wildly went down on my fully erect 9-inch pole. In addition to knowing what to do to make a man feel incredible, Kris also was a very vocal lover and heightened sex with her verbal exchange.

“I’ve been rubbing that thing all across Illinois and I’ve gotta fucking have it in me now!”

With that, she grabbed a fistful of my throbbing meat muscle and devoured it down her throat. All I could do was sit back and let her do what she did best.

After about ten minutes of swallowing my cock and both balls, Kris came up for air and slid her tongue down my throat — all the while keeping a grip on my dick and pumping it slowly.

“Pull my clothes off,” she whispered to me.

Going straight for her tits, I pulled off her thin sweater and unsnapped the front clasp on her black bra. I’ve always marveled at how such a tiny piece of metal can contain such monstrous hooters. Less than a millisecond after the clasp was loosened, Kris milky knockers exploded into my face. Licking and sucking both of them, I fumbled around and got her pants unzipped. With my feet and her hands, her jeans quickly slid off her creamy legs and around her ankles.

At this time, Kris was not moaning in pleasure, but was grunting in frustration. Her shoes were still on and were keeping her pants from coming completely off. Violently, she kicked off each shoe and got her pants off.

“Get ready, Denny,” she snarled. “I want ALL of it!”

Kris then licked her way to my neck and started sucking like a enraged vampires leaving what would become a huge, deep purple hickey. Pleased with putting her oral tattoo on me, she went back to gorging herself on my cock that was seemingly getting even harder.

It was then that Laura cleared her throat and sounded a bit annoyed, “Jesus, Kris! Mike and I didn’t go that far. Give me a break!”

Kris ignored her.

I looked into the rear view mirror and could see Laura wasn’t happy. She had just said good-bye to her husband and was obviously getting jealous of Kris (again) because she had her lover with her and was doing more than she and Mike had done on the way to the airport.

In the mirror, Laura and I locked eyes and her angry expression gave way to a slight grin. I gave her a smile back with a shrug of the shoulders as if saying “Sorry, but I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do.” She just shook her head and looked back to the road.

“God, I love the taste of cock! Now fuck me with it!” Kris demanded. It was as though we were in her bedroom. She seemed to have absolutely no regard for Laura in addition to the passing traffic in the next lane.

I scooted up to the edge of the seat and Kris wrapped her legs around my waist as she plopped straight down on my pulsing manhood. With her back to the front of the car, she leaned back as I started pumping her rhythmically. Her long hair was flowing over the front seat and I could see Laura in the mirror rolling her eyes. Kris began to ride my cock to each of my pumping strokes — all the while keeping her eyes closed and arching her back so her tits were in their full glory.

Reaching around, I rammed a finger up Kris’s ass and she squeeled in pain and pleasure. I knew this was one of her favorite things to have done to her.

“More!” she said.

“Come on you guys! Could you tone it down a bit?” Laura yelled back at us.

Suddenly, Kris came out of her reverie and realized Laura was pissed at us.

“I’m sorry, cuz. I can’t help myself. I can’t stop now” Kris answered.

“Listen, Kris. I don’t mind you two doing each other, but could you just hold it down?”

“Sure, cuz. No problem.”

Kris then leaned back towards me and said, “Don’t stop doing that. Please don’t stop doing that.”

I continued letting her slide her soaking snatch up and down my member while burying my finger in her tight asshole. The only thing Kris was willing to stop was the pronounced verbal aspect of our sex. She then wrapped her arms around my neck and placed her pouty red lips to my ear telling me how much she loved having her pussy and ass pumped.

As Kris was whispering her desires to me, I again caught Laura’s stare in the mirror. This time, she clearly was not angry. Nor did she have a smile on her face. While looking at me, I could see she was breathing quickly and biting her lower lip. Every now and then, between looking at the road and staring into my eyes, she would crane her neck upwards trying to get a view in the mirror of the action taking place between my Kris’s legs. Already fucking a nympho like Kris was hot enough, but watching Laura watch us was too much for me.

I had to cum right then. Shoving another finger deep into Kris’s brownhole, I impaled her as much as I could with my cock that was filled to capacity. Kris screamed into my ear at the sudden and unexpected pain of having her ass and pussy stabbed simultaneously. It was enough to send her into a convulsing orgasm and her legs clamped around my body. It was enough for me, also.

“Oh my fucking god, Denny!” Kris repeated a couple times as I completely filled her cunt with my boiling cream. Completely drained of cum and energy, Kris collapsed on me and we sat there — cock in cunt — for several minutes.

Eventually, we got back to Indiana. Kris lived further away than I did, so Laura we dropped her off at home first. After walking her to the front door, I returned to car and nervously got in the front seat. I wasn’t sure what to do or what Laura would say. Neither of us said anything for the first fifteen minutes or so. Laura then turned to me.

“I sure hope you didn’t stain my back seat. That would be a perfect ending to this night,”

“If we did, I’ll clean it up,” I responded while looking at the roadway ahead. Then, trying to break the ice, I added, “Did I ever thank you for hooking me up with your cousin?”

“Fuck you, Dennis,” Laura answered with a smile and laugh.

The rest of the ride was silent until I realized we were on streets going in the direction of Laura and Mike’s apartment. “Where are we going?” I asked.

Laura didn’t answer.

At that time, I was really having some moral arguments with myself. Thinking that she was taking me to her place, I seriously debated what I should do. Do I make a move on my best friend’s wife and lose his friendship….and hers? What about Kris? If something happens with Laura and she finds out, that’ll be the end of that.

Pulling into the parking lot of her apartment complex, Laura simply said, “Come inside.” I obliged.

Walking into the apartment, Laura gently took my hand and led me down the hallway to the bedroom. My cock had long since became granite back in the car when the possibility of having sex with Laura first entered my mind. Entering the darkened bedroom, I abandoned any hope of doing the moral thing. I was going to fuck my buddy’s woman! I had known Laura as long as Mike had throughout our high school years. We have been friends, but neither of us had ever alluded to wanting the other.

Guiding me to the bed, Laura had me sit on the edge and she stood directly in front of me. She placed her hand between her breasts atop of her shirt.

“Do you feel that?”


“No, do you feel my heart? Can you feel that?” she asked again.

Her heart was pounding against my hand. I could almost hear it.

“Yes. Are you okay?”

“Dennis, I can’t believe how much I want to make love to you right now. I can’t believe I’m feeling this way and Mike just left. Do you want to do this?”

“Yes, Laura. Looking at you in the mirror was incredible. I’ve never felt the way I did when I was looking at you.”

“We absolutely have to keep this between us. You have to swear to me nobody will ever know. Okay?”

I then stood up and placed her hand on my chest. My heart seem as though it was ready to explode and she smiled knowing I was feeling the exact same way as she was.

“I need to have you inside me, Den.”

We then started undressing each other while locked in a deep kiss. Once naked and still standing, Laura began breathing heavily and her titties heaved up and down.

“You and Kris were really going at it. You got me so damn hot, I was playing with my clit for nearly the whole way back,” she said softly. “I didn’t get exactly what I wanted with Mike. I love the taste of his cum, but I really needed him to fuck me. I need you to fuck me now, Dennis.”

Slowly, she climbed onto the bed and lay on her back. Seductively opening her legs wide, she whispered, “I want you in me and I want to have it all night. Make love to me, Dennis.”

I didn’t need any more coaxing as I got on the bed and kneeled in front of her between her velvet-like gams.

There wasn’t going to be foreplay with fondling, kissing or warm-up sex. Laura needed to have someone make love to her and I had to fulfill her needs. Leaning towards her, I could smell the sweet aroma of a clean-shaven pussy. My cock didn’t need any guidance as the tip was gently met by the tender pink folds of her moistened hole. That initial contact sent shivers down both of our spines and we gasped together all the while looking at each others eyes.

For a few seconds, I kept my thick rod outside her quivering cunt. She then nodded her head ‘yes’. With that silent approval, I slid every inch into as she raised her legs and snaked them around my back.

I spent the evening with my best friend’s wife that night. The entire time was spent in bed pleasuring each other. We didn’t say a word throughout that evening’s affair. The next morning, after showering separately and her driving me home, she turned to me in the car and simply asked, “Promise?”

“I promise, Laura.”

Laura, Mike and I are still good friends. A few months went by and I fucked Kris as much as possible until she moved on to someone else. Mike is stationed at an Army base in Germany and he and Laura have been there for about a year now. Laura and I have never talked about that night and there has never been a repeat performance. To the best of my knowledge, Mike has no idea it took place.