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Buddys Wife and Cousin

At age nineteen, I was dating an incredibly erotic woman named Kris. Kris and I had been dating for only a few months, but in that time I had found she had a tremendous appetite for sex….and she had the body to get whatever she wanted.

Kris stood at just under five feet tall. With long strawberry-blonde hair, thick eyelashes, huge green eyes, pouty lips and a mouthful of brilliantly white teeth — her facial features alone got me excited. But it was her body that entranced me every time we met. Kris had enormous tits with constantly erect dark brown nipples. A girl of her stature with huge melons that big just seemed unreal; however, every bit of her was natural. Although she was not chubby, Kris did have some slight love handles around the waist and her ass was perfect. The woman simply oozed eroticism.

Kris and I had been introduced to each other by my best friend (Mike) and his wife (Laura) during Laura’s high school graduation open house the year before. Kris is Laura’s cousin. Mike and Laura were high school sweethearts and had married only months after graduation.

Mike had recently enlisted in the Army and had orders to report to St. Louis to catch a flight to his basic training. We all live in northwest Indiana and, for reasons only the US Army can explain, Mike had to travel 300 miles to a St. Louis airport instead of flying out of a Chicago airport that was only 60 miles away from his home. Anyhow, Mike wasn’t comfortable in having Laura drive the return trip by herself and asked if I would accompany them on the trip. I had no problem with that as long as Kris could make the trip with us. They were okay with that.

The day came and we started on our journey from NW Indiana to Missouri….of course having to travel the entire state of Illinois to do so. I insisted on driving there in order to give Mike and Laura some personal time in the back seat of Laura’s Pontiac LeMans. Kris sat up front with me. It wasn’t twenty miles before Mike and Laura started going at one another. With some heavy petting and passionate moans, Laura was quickly in Mike’s lap servicing him with what sounded like a great blowjob.