Football Memories

Reminiscing is a good thing. I do quite a bit of it. I especially like to reminisce about my college football days. It’s been 9 years since I graduated college and joined the working world. Although my dating life has been good, nothing has happened to me since that can compare to those days of football glory. I remember the parties, the perks, the fame, the women…what a wonderful experience. Pussy was so plentiful in those days. Young, gorgeous college girls with their tight bodies practically threw themselves at me and my teammates.

I was the starting tailback for my school. I was in much better shape in those days. I stood 6 ft 2 inches tall and carried 225 lbs of rock solid muscle. Being a large young black man, some found my presence to be a bit intimidating. I was the prototype Mandingo warrior, complete with an 11 inch thick black cock for stretching young white pussies. I was pretty proud of my dick. Still am. Not only is my cock thick and long, but it sports an assortment of thick veins, giving it a muscular and powerful look, and a doorknob-sized head. I’m also a heavy cummer. I have been known to spray women with such huge loads of love juice as to be able to fill a drinking glass to the brim.

My school had very wealthy alumni. Many of them were crotchety old white men who love football and were willing to pad the pockets of the players to show their “gratitude” for continuing the school’s winning tradition. I received a king’s ransom in cash and gifts in those days. Of course, this was all against NCAA rules, but so what. Most of the players, although receiving full scholarships, didn’t have enough spare change to afford to take their girlfriends to a movie. We believed we earned our perks, and kept it all under wraps.

During one of the many “socials” that we have with alumni, I met the college’s most wealthy benefactor, a Texas oil man named Mr. Clive Jones. Mr. Jones was 77 years old and looked to have one foot in the grave. He was a nice old man though. We talked a bit about football and my future plans before he slipped me an envelope full of cash. It was my freshman year at school, and I was totally taken aback by this gesture. He looked at me and smiled. At that moment, a beautiful young blonde came our way. She wrapped her arms around the old man and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Hi, daddy.” she said as she gave him a big smile.

“Hey there, darlin’. Where’ve you been hidin’?” He asked her in a thick Texan accent.

“Just socializin’ with some of the players.” She explained in her equally thick Texan accent.

“Well, have you met Akeem?” he said as he pointed in my direction.

“No, not yet” she said.

I offered my hand and introduced myself. “Hi, I’m Akeem…Akeem Williams.” “Nice to meetcha, sweetie. I’m Megan.” She said as she greeted me with a devilish grin and a wink.

At that point I had never been with a white girl before, but I had heard so many things from the other brothas on the team who had bagged a few. I was hoping against hope that I would get my chance to sample this dish standing in front of me. She looked absolutely heavenly. Megan was tall, standing around 5’9”, and slender. She had the most beautiful long curly blonde hair that grew all the way to the small of her back. She had smooth sun-kissed skin, gorgeous baby-blue eyes and long, slightly muscular legs that I couldn’t wait to get between. Her breasts were firm and perky, both a good handful-size. The yellow sundress she wore accentuated her lithe figure. She had a tiny waist which flared out into very womanly hips and, from what I could tell, a nice round ass.

Megan and I looked into each others eyes for what felt like an hour. I was wondering if she wanted me as much as I wanted her. If I wasn’t mistaken, she was looking at me the way a hungry lion looks at a herd of gazelle. I noticed her take a quick glance toward my crotch. To play along, I gave her a smile and a wink. Then she licked her top lip in a slow, seductive manner. Of course, the old man didn’t really notice what was going on between me and his daughter. I think he was talking the whole time Megan and I were sizing each other up. I wasn’t really paying attention.

“Daddy, we’re gonna go socialize with some of the other folks. You don’t mind do ya?” Megan asked her father.

“Not at all darlin’. You two young’uns have a good time.” Said Mr. Jones.

Megan grabbed my hand and she practically dragged me out the back door of Alumni Hall toward the parking lot.

“You wanna have some fun, sweetie?” she asked.

“Sure, but not here. Let’s go to my dorm room. My roommate’s gone for the weekend.” I told her.

My dorm was only a block from Alumni Hall, so we walked there. It was 7 o’clock at night but it wasn’t too dark out. I could feel my blood rushing from my brain to my dick. I was so excited. I was going to get my first piece of white ass. When we got to my room, I locked the door behind us. As I turned from the door toward Megan, she was already sitting on my bed with a look of lust in her eyes.

“I have always wanted to be fucked by a big black man.” she said. “It’s been a fantasy of mine for quite some time, but I was too young to do anything about it. I just turned 18 years old 2 months ago and I can’t wait to get a big black cock inside me.”

“What would your father think about that?” I asked.

“Oh, he would shit bricks.” She explained. “Don’t get me wrong. My daddy loves to watch you guys play ball, but if he knew one of you was porkin’ his li’l angel, he’d have a heart attack.”

The prospect of pissing off daddy made this encounter all the more intriguing. If this young white angel was going to be de-flowered by a big black brute, why shouldn’t it be me? Megan wasted no time in taking off her clothes. I swear if “speed-undressing” were an Olympic sport, she would be a gold-medalist. To my surprise (or maybe not), she had no panties on. I noticed her sweet box was clean-shaven, perfect for munching. Megan walked toward me, put her arms around my neck and shoved her tongue in my mouth. I loved the sweet taste of her lips and tongue. She worked her tongue in my mouth like a burrowing worm. We ended our kiss as Megan unzipped my pants. As she pulled my pants down to my knees, I took off my suit jacket, tie and shirt. Megan looked up at me.

“Wow!” she said. “You are one fine hunk of brotha. I’m gonna lick you all over.”

And she did. Megan slowly ran her tongue over my dark broad shoulders, my biceps, and my muscular chest. She worked her way down to my six-pack abs, touching each muscle lightly. Then she pulled down my boxer shorts to reveal her prize.

“Oh my God! You are huge” she said as she admired my 11-inch black python.

Megan wasted little time. She dropped to her knees and grabbed my cock, which was by this time at its full engorged length, and started licking it up and down with smooth strokes. She moaned with excitement as she enjoyed my black cock. She needed two hands to grab it. The contrast of her small, pretty white hands holding my big black rod was a big turn-on for me. She started sucking my cock, but could only fit the head in her mouth. She stroked my length with her hands as she licked and sucked my dick-head. Her mouth was so wet, gobs of saliva dripped from my dick. She worked my cock like a pre-schooler with a popsicle. She also licked and sucked my huge black balls. She could barely fit one in her mouth, but she was determined. I was in total bliss. After about 20 minutes, Megan pulled back and observed my now glistening wet cock as it throbbed from the pleasure she provided. My magnificence stood at full attention. Megan could see every vein. My cock was so hard, I thought it was going to pop.

“Do you wanna taste me?” Megan asked.

“Hell yeah.” I said.

As Megan lied on her back on my bed, I pulled her legs apart and wrapped my lips around her right nipple. I sucked her tit hard and flickered my tongue across the nipple. Megan moaned with excitement. I could tell that she liked it. I moved over to the next tit, sucking it hard just like the first one. Megan’s sweet young white body began to shiver. I looked up at her and saw that her eyes had rolled to the back of her head. She mumbled something that sounded like “I’m coming”, but I really couldn’t tell. Her hand shot down to her pussy and she rubbed it vigorously. She then stuck her two right middle fingers inside and churned her love tunnel. I could hear the sloshing sounds her fingers made as she worked her pussy into a frothy mix.

“Oh God!” Megan moaned. “Please fuck me, baby. Shove that big black monster inside me!” I was happy to oblige.

I raised myself off of Megan and positioned myself in front of her wet moist pussy lips. I grabbed my dick and began stroking her pussy lips with my cock-head. I rubbed up and down with slow, smooth strokes, getting my cock-head wet with pussy juice. After about 5 minutes of that, I put the head of my dick inside Megan. She moaned a bit. I stuck the head in and out to allow her to get use to my size. Little by little I shoved more and more of my dick inside her wet flue until I had about half of it inside.

“Oh shit, you’re so big!” Megan moaned. “Gimme more, baby! Don’t tease me, please me! Fuck that white pussy like a black man should!”

That invitation was too good to pass up. At Megan’s request, I shoved as much of my thick black man meat as I could inside her. I’d guess that I got about 7 inches of it inside. She was not a virgin, but she was so tight. She was also incredibly wet. Her pussy walls grabbed and massaged my black pole. As I fucked her harder, Megan began to scream. I plowed her young white pussy faster and faster. She begged me not to stop. I grabbed the back of her knees with my strong black hands and plowed her even harder. Our bodies were dripping with sweat. I was nearly balls-deep inside her pussy. Our bodies made loud slapping noises as I punished her white cunt continuously. Megan’s eyes were closed tightly and her mouth wide open. She screamed so loud, I thought for sure my dorm mates could hear her. I worked Megan’s pussy for about 20 minutes. I pulled my cock out as her pussy made a loud “pop”. I grabbed Megan and flipped her over, standing her on her hands and knees while still on my bed. I could hear Megan gasping for air. She was exhausted, but I wasn’t finished yet. I re-positioned myself behind her and shoved my cock inside her pussy again. Megan let out a long moan followed by a scream.

“Pound that pussy, you black fucker!” she said.

I did. I grabbed Megan’s hips and pounded her pussy for another 20 minutes. I could see the ripples on her ass as my body slapped against hers. Her pussy made loud sloshing sounds. Her sweet cunt dripped with so much juice that my balls were covered in it. The smell of her aroused and well-fucked pussy filled the room. Yes! I was finally conquering my first white girl. She would be the first of many. Megan had several intense screaming orgasms that made her pussy walls spasm. As I continued to drill Megan’s hot snatch, I could feel a tingle in my balls. Soon I felt a bolt of electricity shoot through my body. I knew I was going to cum. As I got closer to the point of no return, I pulled my cock out of Megan with a loud “pop” and told Megan I was going to cum. Megan turned toward me and grabbed my cock with both hands. She stroked it vigorously, aiming it toward her open mouth. As my eyes rolled into the back of my head, I let out a loud roar. Hot, thick white jets of nut juice exploded into Megan’s waiting mouth. She stroked my cock faster and faster, milking me of every drop. As my dick continued to spew spunk, Megan began to cough and gag. It was too much for her. Gobs of nut crème dripped from Megan’s lips as she kept her mouth open waiting for more. My hot white cum was all over Megan’s chin and chest. By the time I was done, she was practically covered in it.

“Wow. That was by far THE best fuck I’ve ever had. Do all black men fuck like that?” she asked as she cleaned herself off with the towel I gave her.

“I dunno.” I said. “I suppose so.”

“Well, I’m looking forward to finding out. Daddy likes to come to these alumni socials. Maybe next time you can introduce me to some of your black teammates.” said Megan.

“I can arrange that.” I told her.

But I never saw Megan again after that. I did hear, though, that she became a porn star and was performing in a lot of interracial-themed videos. Maybe I’ll check one out one of these days.