Wifes Night Out

I have been married for three years. My wife, Kathy, was from Denmark. She was 23, 5’8″, 120 lbs., blond hair and big sparkling green eyes. She also had a body that stopped men dead in their tracks. Kathy had beautiful firm 36C tits with long dark nipples and long shapely legs and a firm ass. She modeled part time for an internationally known sportswear company and was always being asked to do layouts for men’s magazines, which she always said no.

You would think this was a dream come true wife. Wrong, it had been three years of hell with a snobby, conceded stuck-up bitch. Before we were married Kathy was so sweet, concerning and sexy as hell. When we were dating I received many blowjobs while driving down the road, fucked in phone booths, hand jobs under the tables of restaurants and teased to death by her sexy dressing. Kathy, at one time, loved to fuck anytime or anyplace and she was so very good at it too.

After we were married Kathy became frigid and stopped being fun. She began dressing like a conservative feminist lawyer. She refused to go to our friend’s parties or have any of our friends to our house. No movies, very little sex, no vacations or fun.

The evening I was planing to tell Kathy I wanted a separation, she told me she had been offered 15,000 dollars to do a photo shoot for a lingerie company. She asked me what I thought. I was surprised that she was even asking my opinion. I was more surprised that she was even considering doing the job as it was a semi-nude job. Kathy had never accepted a topless or nude job. I said if she wanted to do the job to go ahead. I did not believe she would do it.

The next day Kathy told me she had accepted the job and the company was flying her and me, if I wanted to go, to New Orleans for the job. I went to college in New Orleans. My old roommate and a lot of other college friends still lived in New Orleans and I wanted to see them. I told Kathy I would go.

My friend and old fraternity roommate Bill met us at the airport and took us to our hotel where we had lunch. Kathy hardly spoke to Bill and was a super bitch throughout lunch. When she went to the toilet I told Bill that I was going to divorce Kathy. All Bill said was that “it’s a shame that such a beautiful woman was so fucked up.”

One of our college friends, Chuck, now owned a strip club in the French Quarter. I had not seen him since college. Bill and Chuck had made arrangements for about 20 of our college friends to meet at the bar. The bar had topless waitresses and dancers and many of them were around our table due to their boss Chuck sitting with us. Kathy quickly started making everyone miserable with her snobby high society attitude. She made cheap and nasty comments about the topless girls and dancers.

After awhile nobody was talking to Kathy. She was being avoided. I am sure Bill had told everyone I was divorcing her. Chuck pulled me aside and asked if he could fix Kathy a very special drink. He said it would make her very happy. At this point I did not care if he fixed her something to knock her out. I said go ahead.

When I came back from the toilet Kathy was drinking a tall pink drink that she said was very good. By the time Kathy finished her “special drink” she was very relaxed. She was even smiling and talking with my friends. This was the friendliest I had seen Kathy in over a year. She even asked me to dance with her. After we had danced a couple of songs, Kathy said it was very hot and unbuttoned the top buttons on her blouse. This exposed a lot of her sheer lacy bra. I was very surprised when Kathy did this. When we sat back down at the table she did not button her blouse back up. Kathy was acting like a pleasant drunk. Everyone at our table knew about her “special drinks” and was watching her with amusement.

Kathy had another of Chuck’s “special drinks” and afterwards was on the planet Pluto. Chuck told me the special drinks Kathy was drinking had a Quaalude mixed with dark rum and tropical punch. He said the drinks make most women horny and lose all of their inhibitions. I believed it because Kathy was having a good time now. She kept unbuttoning her blouse every time I turned around to talk to someone. I would button it up and she would laugh about it. I came back from the toilet and she had taken her blouse completely off and had her bra half off. I stopped her and said “no.” Kathy got mad and said, “none of the other girls had their blouses on.” She was so out of it she didn’t know she was in a topless bar. All of the guys were looking at her, she knew it and was flirting. Her skirt was up showing her long legs and her lacy white panties.

At around 1am Chuck closed the bar to the public and locked the doors. There was around 20 of us in our group still there. We were all drunk and being crazy, watching the topless girls, dancing, playing pool and playing with the girls. When the girls were not dancing, they were siting at our table with us and in the guys laps. I heard Kathy say she wanted to dance topless. The guys around the table started telling her to go ahead, edging her on. They were daring her to do it. Kathy started talking to Sam, one of the dancers, and went back stage with her.

A little later I saw Sam and Kathy at the side of the stage waiting for the current girl dancing to finish. When the dancer finished Kathy and Sam came out to center stage. Both of them had on sequined shorts and tops. The music started and they started dancing together. Kathy was nervous at first. She was watching Sam and doing what Sam did. Kathy was so dam pretty. Everyone had stopped what they were doing and crowed around the stage to see how far she would strip. When Sam took off her top reveling a low cut lacy bra, Kathy took her top off too. Kathy’s lace bra was very sheer and her dark nipples were visible. The men were yelling, “yea, take it off.”

Next, Sam’s shorts came off leaving a small thong. Kathy followed and took her shorts off. Her little lacy panties were so sheer that her neatly trimmed blond pubic hairs showed through. Now the guys were screaming, “Kathy, Kathy, Kathy take it off.” Sam turned her back to the audience, took her bra off and then turned around showing her nice tits to the guys, receiving whistles and cat calls. Kathy turned her back to us and took off her bra and turned around holding her hands over her tits. For a moment, Kathy seamed confused, uncertain as to where she was or what she was doing. Then she smiled and lowered her hands to loud whistles and shouts of “more, more” from the guys.

Sam started to dance around the edge of the stage allowing the men to put money into her bottoms. The men would pull Sam’s thong out and put their hand with the money inside, getting a good look and feel of her pussy. Sam the professional dancer, wanting free money from the drunk men, motioned for Kathy to join her. Kathy quickly had many of the men’s hands inside her panties felling her pussy and leaving money. I know one guy got his finger into her pussy because of the look on Kathy’s face.

Kathy looked stunning on the stage dancing topless, big eyes, long legs, trim waist and firm tits. She was so beautiful. She was dancing topless in front of all my old school friends and she loved their attention. Her dark nipples were long and hard with excitement. Kathy kept moving her hands over her tits and inside of her panties, caressing her pussy and nipples with her fingers while watching the men.

Sam turned her back to the crowd and slowly pulled down her thong, bending over, showing her firm ass and then pulled her thong back up. Kathy did the same, showing her ass to the guys and receiving loud cries of more, more. Then Sam took her thong completely off and I watched in disbelief as Kathy copied her, taking off her panties. I did not really think she would do it. Both of them turned around facing the crowd of guys completely naked. Kathy’s beautiful tits and trim blond pussy was being looked at by 20 guys that all wanted to fuck her. The girls started humping and dancing sexy, touching themselves all over. Kathy was very turned-on and started fingering her pussy to loud cheers. From where I was standing I could see her hard clit was protruding from her wet pussy.

The music ended and we all sat back at our table. A few minutes later Kathy and Sam came to our table. Both of them were topless and Kathy was holding a tip jar asking the guys for some money for Sam. The guys were putting money in the jar and grabbing both of the girl’s pussies and tits. 5 or 6 guys surrounded Kathy and began feeling her pussy and caressing her tits. Kathy was dragged onto a guy’s lap. All the guys gathered around and were sneaking feels of Kathy’s tits or pussy. The guy leaned Kathy back against his chest and spread her legs wide apart and pulled her panties aside where everyone could see her pussy and started rubbing her clit.

Kathy was moaning. It was time to stop her fun. Chuck and I was getting up to go rescue her when she got sick and threw up all over herself and then passed out. Chuck and Bill helped me lay her on a table and we cover her with a tablecloth. Chuck handed me three rolls of undeveloped film and told me his staff always takes photos for the tourist. He thought I might want a souvenir of Kathy’s night.

It was after 4am when I got Kathy back to our hotel. With Bill’s help I did it with minimal attention. I woke up around noon and order breakfast. Kathy was not moving. I left her and went shopping for a few souvenirs and had her photos developed. I returned around 3 to find Kathy in the shower and complaining about her head hurting. When she came out of the shower Kathy looked at me and asked what she did last knight to feel this bad today.

I told her about how she was a bitch with my friends. That they had given her “special drinks” with drugs to stop her complaining about everything. How she had kept taking her blouse and bra off at our table. When I told her she had danced naked with Sam and had let men put their hands in her panties and play with her pussy she told me she did not believe me. Kathy really did not know what she did. I handed the photos to her and she spent the next half-hour looking at them.

Kathy was embarrassed and thought I was mad at her. I told her she had a great time and it was a real shame she didn’t remember it. I pointed out that in all of the photos, she was laughing, smiling and having fun. I told her that Chuck, Bill and I were watching out for her the entire evening. We made sure nobody took advantage of her condition too much, however we did let her have fun with all the guys.

Kathy started to cry. I left for a walk and let her be alone. She needed to sort out her life. Later she came to me and told me she had been a bitch. That after we were married she changed, for the worst. If I would let her, she would make it up to me and be the Kathy in the photos, fun and exciting like before we were married.

Kathy has changed. It’s been 20 years since that night. We are still married and having lots of fun together. I hope we never get to old to play.