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We Take A Taxi

We immediately start making out; we are kissing, pulling at each other’s hair, touching and grabbing each other. I run my hands up under your shirt, my mouth against your mouth. You wrap your strong fingers around the back of my neck, grabbing my long, dark hair in your fist. You yank my hair to pull my head back, licking my warm, exposed skin and I start to moan. I kiss you again, sucking on your full lips, stopping to bury my nose against your neck, smelling your sweat. You tell me to take my shirt off and unbutton your jeans. I quickly get rid of my top and work my fingers inside your pants. Your fat cock is throbbing in my fist as I straddle you in my short skirt and black panties, my back to the driver.

He keeps driving, sneaking a few looks at us in the rearview mirror. I grind my damp panties against your cock, rocking my hips back and forth. You feel the wet spot of my silky g-string pressing against the head of your cock. You slip one of your huge fingers in me, getting it nice and wet inside my sticky cunt, and then stick it in my warm mouth. I suck my juices off your finger for a few seconds, deepthroating it, and that’s all you can take. You whisper in my ear, “Suck my cock.” I move off of you, sliding my head down. I hear you sigh as my expert mouth makes contact with your blood engorged cock. I give you deep, wet head, sucking your cock all the way down my throat. You pull my head up and we kiss again. You lean down to suck and bite my nipples and I arch my back, pushing my tits against your face. You slip your finger up my cunt again, finger fucking me. I’m so hot and so turned on, knowing that a stranger is just inches away, watching us preparing to fuck.