Learning How to Give Head

When I was a senior in college in the 60’s, several of my friends and I let a girl practice her blow job technique on us during a road trip. Jane was a freshman. Earlier in the year she had lost her virginity to one of my friends. He thought he was in love with her at first, but then he got tired of her. Bill told me that he had tried to get her to blow him several times, but he just could not talk her into letting him put his cock in her mouth. She was cute. She was a little plump in the ass, but she filled out a pair of bell bottomed jeans perfectly. I had no trouble believing Bill when he told me that doggy style was her favorite position. She had nice round tits. She dressed like a hippie and she never wore a bra. Jane lived in a sorority house, but even after she and Bill went their separate ways, she would occasionally come over to our apartment to party. Several of us tried to get in her pants, but Bill was the only one that ever succeeded.

For spring break in 1966 we decided to go on a road trip to Florida. Six of us piled into a VW bus and headed out. We did not have much money, but we had a lot of smoke. At the last minute, Jane asked if we would give her a ride to meet some of her friends who had left a few days earlier. It was fine by us, because she offered to help on gas money. We all kidded her and told her that she either had to pay for the gas or put out if she was going to ride. She blushed in embarrassment and told us she had plenty of money. Our plan was to drive non-stop and we figured it would take two days.

When we left Minnesota, it was snowing and sleeting. We could not wait for some warm weather. By the second day, we had driven to where the weather had warmed and everybody started stripping off cold weather clothes for shorts and T-shirts. We stopped for gas at a truck stop early on the second day. The sign advertised showers and Jane informed us that she was going to shower. While we waited, we toked up the hash pipe and got stoned. When Jane emerged from the showers, she was dressed in a pair of short white shorts and a cropped off T-shirt. Everybody had an instant hard-on. I could see the outline of her bikini panties beneath her shorts and I was sure she did not have on a bra. Things were looking up.

As we headed out, we offered Jane a hit from the hash pipe and some wine. It was not long before she was completely stoned. She had to lean up over the back of the front seat to hand off the pipe to the guys in the front seat. Every time she bent over the seat, we had a good view of her ass and her tits were clearly visible beneath the cropped off T- shirt. I was convinced that she knew she was giving us a show and was enjoying it. I finally gathered enough courage and asked her to show us her tits. She giggled and raised her top exposing her tits. She immediately put her top back down, but nobody was going to let her get away with that.

We started chanting “Take it off! Take it off!” The strong hash had stripped her of inhibitions. I could tell she was turned on. Her nipples were clearly visible beneath the thin fabric of her T-shirt. Her face was flushed. She shrugged her shoulders and pulled the T-shirt over her head. She took a few more hits off the wine bottle while we all admired her tits. One guy asked if he could see her panties.

She looked confused – like a deer caught in the headlights. I think it suddenly dawned on her and us that it was not a matter of whether she was going to get fucked, it was a question of how many times!! Then she took us all by surprise and turned the tables on us. She blurted out “Will you guys teach me how to give a good blow job?”

Everybody’s jaw dropped. I am not sure any of us believed what we had heard. I had to hand it to her. For a girl about to be gang banged, she showed tremendous presence of mind to take control of the situation. She was still going to get fucked, but on her terms. Everybody looked around at each other and then the silence was broken by somebody who yelled “right on!”

The sound of zippers was deafening. Bill, a 6’7″ basketball jock, was first. He said “Honey, lose the shorts.” Jane looked at him quizzically and he explained “You can’t give a good blow job unless your completely naked.” Like a robot, Jane unzipped her shorts and wriggled out of them. She still had on her pink bikini panties which left nothing to the imagination, but before she could pull them off she froze. Bill had dropped his pants to reveal a huge throbbing cock. It must have been ten inches if it was an inch.

I had never seen a cock that huge. From the look on Jane’s face, she had not seen anything like it either. Jane dropped to her knees and reached out for it. She touched it hesitatingly at first. Bill said “rub it over your face.” Jane obeyed. His pre- cum glistened on her cheeks. “Lick it” Bill commanded. Jane’s tongue emerged from between her lips and touched it. “Lick it like it was a popsicle!”

Jane responded and licked the length of it. Jane stammered “You are huge. I can’t get that in my mouth” Bill laughed and said “Of course you can – open wide!!!”

As Jane opened her mouth, Bill grabbed the back of her head and inserted the head of his cock between her lips. It was in. She was stretched to the max. Her lips looked like thin pencil lines. Only the head was in and I doubted that any more could fit. Saliva was running down Bill’s shaft. Bill said soothingly, “That’s it baby, suck on it. I am going to cum in your mouth, so get ready. When you feel my cum hit the back of your throat, start swallowing.”

Bill sounded like a blow job professor. “Rub my balls. Feel how full they are. Get ready.” Bill exhaled OHHHHHHHHHHHHH and held the back of her head in position. I could see his balls spasm as he started shooting his load into Jane’s mouth. Jane started trying to swallow, but her mouth filled faster than she could swallow. The cum was escaping from her mouth. Jane kept swallowing. Wow!! What a show.

When Bill released her and pulled his cock from her mouth, Jane was speechless. Before she could talk, another guy filled her mouth with a cock. This one was smaller but it still filled her mouth. There was no romance with this guy. He started fucking Jane’s face. Her eyes got big as he pushed deeper into her throat. She gagged, but he pushed on. This was not a blow job. She was getting skull fucked. He was controlling the whole thing. He came and shot his load down her throat.

By now, one of the guys behind Jane had pulled down her panties and was exploring her pussy. She was wet and ready to go doggy style – her favorite position. Before I knew it she was doing two guys at the same time. One guy in her mouth and another from behind. I grabbed her panties and hung them from the side window. As cars passed us, they could see her pink panties hanging in the side window. It was a riot watching people do a double take. After everybody had their first go at Jane, things slowed down. Jane slurped, licked, sucked and swallowed for hours. What a horny little cunt!!

Everybody offered various tidbits of advice about how to give a good blow job. She was developing quite a technique. But the show was not finished. After she had fucked three or four guys, she was ready to take on Bill. Bill entered her from behind and she came before he had completely entered her. Every time he slid that horse cock out of her cunt, her pussy lips stretched along the length of it as if they did not want it to leave. She grunted and groaned as Bill fucked her for thirty or forty minutes. When he started cumming, he did not stop for two or three minutes. He filled her up and was still cumming when it started leaking out. When he pulled out, the cum flowed out of her stretched pussy.

By the time we got to Florida, Jane had given at least thirty blow jobs. At a gas station, we shared her with a car load of guys from Ohio State. They each paid ten dollars for a blow job from Jane. We had a hundred dollars when they were done because one guy paid thirty dollars to fuck her. Talk about sloppy seconds!!

When we got to Florida, Jane cleaned up and found her friends. We did not see her the rest of the week. We were all looking forward to the trip home, but Jane called us and told us that she was going home with her friends. We could not talk her out of it. I am sure she knew she would have to suck and fuck all the way home if she went with us. When we returned to school, Jane’s reputation got around. She loved to party, but that is another story.