Soaked Panties

Claude was a lonely 45 year old man. He lived all by himself in a nice house in the suburbs of Phoenix. His wife had left him years ago for a man who made more money, taking his 2 sons with her. Claude was constantly depressed, constantly seeing his suburban neighbors spending time with their families, playing games, having barbeques, going to church, school. Especially his next door neighbors, the Swansens. The Swansens were seemingly a perfect family: Jake Swansen worked at a law firm and Marie Swansen owned her own pool shop. Their daughters, Katie and Becky were beautiful. Katie was a gorgeous 19 year old sandy blonde who excelled at tennis and had many friends. Becky was also popular. She was an 18 year old high school cheerleader with blonde hair and a great tan complexion. Claude would watch the successful Swansens return home from work, school, practice, and vacations, and admire how beautiful they all were.

But then Claude would have to return to his own pathetic reality. He spent most of his days drinking and looking at porn on the internet. He was so consumed by the babes he’d see on his screen, that he didn’t have any motivation to go out and talk to real women. But porn made him happy.

Lately, Claude had been getting into teen porn. He had accounts at Innocent High, Beauty Angels, and Young Legal Porn. He loved to stroke his cock while looking at young smiling girls in skirts. He even had to get a new keyboard after he one day shot a huge load onto his keys. Young barely legal girls became Claude’s obsession.

One day, after a long business trip, Claude returned to his home and as he got out of his car, he saw the Swansens on their front lawn. Becky was demonstrating a cheerleading routine to Jake, Marie, and Katie. Claude was transfixed on Becky’s beautiful, tan legs, as she kicked them up in the air while shouting in a high pitched, girly voice. Suddenly he realized he was staring. He looked the other way, and walked into his house, hoping to God no one had realized what he was staring at.

It was at that moment that Claude realized where he had acquired his teenage fetish. The 19 and 18 year old Swansen girls. It all made perfect sense! Claude quickly ran into his bedroom, pulled down his pants, jacked off and shot cum all over his bed and his shirt.

“Fuck jerking off!” Claude said to himself, “it’s about time I got the real thing!”

That day, Claude made a promise to himself: no matter HOW horny he ever would get, no masturbating until he got the real thing from at least one of the Swansen girls, if not both.

The next day Claude was in his room brushing his teeth. It was a weekend. One of the windows in his room overlooked the Swansen’s backyard. He wondered over to the window with a toothbrush in his mouth, not expecting to see much going on.

He was right. No one was outside. He turned his back and headed towards the bathroom when he heard a faint sound of a screen door shutting. He looked out his window and saw Katie.

Katie was dressed in a pair of short shorts and a halter top. Claude was excited.

But what he saw next excited him more. Katie grabbed a lawn chair and began to pull it out and put it in the middle of the lawn, in plain view for Claude.

“She isn’t gonna lay in that chair with those clothes on, is she?”

Right after that thought, Katie pulled off her halter top, revealing a tiny, too-small bra that barely contained her big, perky tan breasts. Next, Katie unbuttoned her shorts, turned her back to Claude, and pulled them down to her ankles. She kicked off the shorts, and then tugged at her small bikini bottom, pulling a part of them out of her vagina.

Claude’s cock was about to burst already but he watched on as Katie began to rub sun tan oil all over her skin. Claude could have died looking at her glistening, partly revealed ass. He thought of masterbating then and there, but instead he cocncocted a plan. He would watch Katie the whole time she was outside, her whole tanning process. That would make him virtually insane, and then he’d have the balls to actually do something about it.

Insane was an understatement. The next 2 hours was a sort of pleasurable hell for Claude, as he drooled over he glistening, perfect skin, her beautiful face, and he tiny swimsuit, which stuck so tightly to her skin that Claude could see the definition of her young, tight cunt through his binoculars.

Finally, Katie went inside. Claude was awakened from his daze. He now KNEW that he HAD to fuck Katie. There was absolutely NO question.

Claude found a shovel that he had borrowed from Jake earlier. Even though he still needed it to dig a compost hole, he decided getting another shovel would be more than worth going over to the Swansen’s to return it.

To his pleasant surprise, both the BMW that Jake drove and the Minivan that Marie drove were gone. However, the brand new Impala that Katie drove was in the driveway. Claude walked up to the door excited.

He knocked on the door, Katie answered. She was still in her suit. Claude could not talk.

“Do you want to give that back?” Katie asked, in her sweet, young voice, pointing to the shovel.

“uh, uh, yeah!” Claude said, with a shaking tone in his voice.

“Come on in.” Katie said.

Claude walked in and put the shovel in the shed in the backyard. He then walked back in, towards the front door, when Katie called to him.

“Hey Claude?” she asked.


“Would you mind helping me with something”

“Not at all.” Claude said, breathing heavily with excitement.

“I need to take a shower, but faucets won’t work. Do you think you can fix them?”

“I can try.” Claude replied.

They walked into the bathroom.

“It just won’t turn for me! It’s old and I just can’t do it, but you look like you have strong hands.”

“Well, I’ll give it a try.” Claude said.

He turned the faucet with one hand, and it shot out water surprisingly easy.

“There you go.” He said to Katie.

“Oh my gosh, thank you! I’m such a weakling!” She said.

“Hold on Claude, I have to give you something for doing this, just let me take a shower first.”

Claude started to tell her it was ok, but before he could, she shut the bathroom door. Claude figured he better wait in the living room.

As he sat on the couch, Claude could have sworn he heard moaning from the shower.

About fifteen minutes later, Katie walked into the room with her tennis uniform on. Claude was astounded at how amazingly hot she looked.

“Claude, I have a problem.” She said, in a sly, devilish way.

“What is it?” Claude asked.

“Well, it’s just that, I just tanned in my backyard for two hours and then I took a shower, and those two activities get me kind of….. wet.”

Claude could not believe what he was hearing.

Katie continued.

“So I put on my panties, but now they are soaked in my juices, and I don’t want to wear them.”

Katie lifted up her skirt. Her panties were indeed moist.

“I need you to take them off for me” Katie said, with a shy grin.

Claude gulped. He walked over to her, got down on his knees, and slowly pulled Katie’s extremely wet panties down.

“Now,” Katie said, “you’re going to fuck me.”

With that, she violently pushed his head into her pussy. It was soaking, but fresh from the shower, it was irresistible. Claude began to run his tongue all over her inner thighs, as Katie silently moaned with pleasure.

Claude continued eating her twat, getting gradually more and more aggressive. He rapidly ran his tongue over her aroused clit, and Katie screamed.

“Fuck! That feels SO good! I’m gonna cum!!!”

Claude felt Katie’s warm pussy juices begin to accumulate in his mouth. It tasted so good. Claude had never felt anything like this.

“Did you like that?” He asked.

“Oh, I loved that Claude, but were are not even near done.”

With that, Katie bent over the sofa, spread her legs far apart and said, “Don’t worry. My mom’s at work for 5 more hours, my dad’s in San Diego, and when Becky comes home from the game, well…. just fuck me now!”

Claude pulled down his shorts. He grabbed his extremely erect dick and slowly pushed it inside of her. He slowly began to thrust back and forth, his dick sliding in and out of Katie’s young tight cunt.

“Don’t cum inside me though please, I’m not taking birth control. This is only my second time.”

Claude agreed not to, and kept pumping himself in and out of Katie, getting faster and faster as Katie’s girlish moans got louder and louder.

“Fuck I’ve gotta pull out.” Claude said to her.

“Ok, don’t worry, I’ll suck that jizz right out of your cock for you.” Katie said, reassuringly.

Claude sat back on the couch Katie wrapped her lips around his throbbing penis. She slowly sucked and licked for awhile before she stopped and said, “You know what? I love how my pussy juice tastes on your big, hard cock.”

Claude was at this point, too turned on to reply, he just watched as Katie resumed moving her young mouth up and down his shaft. It didn’t take long for Claude’s dick to begin pulsating.

“I’m cumming!” He exclaimed.

This seemed to excite Katie even more, as she wrapped her lips tightly around his cock and sucked a lot harder.

Claude blew the biggest load of hot, creamy cum that he ever had blown in his life. Katie tried to swallow it all, but there was so much that warm semen trickled down her lips and chin. She smiled at him.

Suddenly a car door shut from outside. Claude quickly tried to hide his sticky cock from whoever might be entering, but Katie just smiled, and held the remaining cum in her mouth.

The door opened, and Becky came in in her cheerleading uniform.

She looked at Claude and his slimy dick, then at her sister, Katie, with cum dripping down her face onto her chest.

“Oh my god.” She said, “You finally did it?”

Katie then walked over to her sister, and passionately tongue kissed her, letting Claude’s cum ooze into Becky’s mouth.

Becky barely had enough time to swallow it before Katie pushed her onto the couch and resumed passionately making out with her. As they kissed, Katie reached under Becky’s short cheerleading skirt and fingered her pussy, while Claude watched.

Katie then pulled Becky’s panties down, leaving on her cheerleading skirt, and started to kiss her sister’s young cunt. Becky let out muffled moans as Katie ran her tongue in and out of her wet vagina. Claude was stroking his cock and enjoying the site.

“Haven’t you jacked off enough?” Katie asked

“Huh?” replied Claude.

“We know you masturbate to porn on your computer a lot, we can see you from my bedroom window.”

“Oh god…” Claude was cut off.

“No, it’s fun for us to watch. We’ve always fantasized about an older man, fucking our tight little twats.”

Claude was puzzled.

“Come on!” Katie begged impatiently, do you want to fuck my sister or what?”

Claude walked over to Becky who was now on her knees. Katie was underneath her, staring up at her glistening pussy.

Claude took a hold of his penis as Katie lifted up Becky’s skirt for his entry.

He slid his cock into her. This was the tightest pussy he had ever had.

“I’m a virgin” said Becky.

Claude was now very excited.

“You’ll have to go kind of easy on her, and she’s not on birth control either, so you’ll have to blow your load elsewhere.”

Claude pleasantly agreed and began to very slowly shove his cock into Becky’s tender young body as she let out sporadic screams of pain and discomfort. This turned Claude on more. He decided to be a little more merciless. He rammed his cock into her faster and harder. Her screams became more frequent and louder.

Finally she exclaimed, “It hurts!”

“Becky, don’t you know that it HAS to hurt for the first time?” Katie said, as she began to lick Claude’s cock as it ran in and out of her sister’s pussy.

Claude resumed his hard fucking. Becky shrieked and moaned incredibly loudly from the pain of accommodating Claude’s penis inside her. Claude stared at her smooth, perfect ass which protruded from her lifted up cheerleading skirt and began to get very turned on.

Claude realized he wasn’t being creative enough in this orgy, Katie had been telling everyone what to do.

“I’m gonna stick it in your butt now, ok Becky?”

Claude proposed.

“My butt how can it fit?”

“Trust me I’ve done it before.”

Claude removed his cock. It was very well lubricated from the young girl’s fresh pussy.

He licked Becky’s sweaty ass, to get it ready for his thick cock, which would soon be inside of it.

Katie now had Becky’s pussy all to herself, and was giving her sister head like nobody’s business.

Claude slowly penetrated Becky’s tight ass. It was very difficult, but he finally got it in. Becky screamed.

“Fuck! Your dick is huge.”

Claude began pumping his dick into her young ass. He was loving every second of it. He looked down at Katie, who’s chin was wet with juices. His cock got a little thicker and he fucked Becky’s ass a little harder.

By this point Becky was screaming in pain. That sound, along with Katie’s intense slurps were taking Claude to new heights of sexual pleasure. As he took in the sounds, and looked at his dick, inches deep in a young cheerleader’s ass, with her sexy sister eating her pussy below him, he could have sworn he was in heaven. His dick shook and pulsated.

“I’m cumming!” Claude announced.

He experienced complete and utter ecstasy as huge wads of piping hot sperm flooded Becky’s young ass. Claude’s eyes rolled back in his head. Cum dripped from Becky’s ass, down her pussy, and onto her sister’s face, while she kept on eating her pussy. Claude was still pumping semen into Becky’s ass. This was TWICE as much as he had let flow into Katie’s mouth earlier.

Finally, it stopped. With a wet oozing sound, Claude removed his slimy cock from Becky’s ass.

He lay down on the floor and looked at his dick.

“We’ll have to get your mother in on this sometime.”


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