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Learning How to Give Head

When I was a senior in college in the 60’s, several of my friends and I let a girl practice her blow job technique on us during a road trip. Jane was a freshman. Earlier in the year she had lost her virginity to one of my friends. He thought he was in love with her at first, but then he got tired of her. Bill told me that he had tried to get her to blow him several times, but he just could not talk her into letting him put his cock in her mouth. She was cute. She was a little plump in the ass, but she filled out a pair of bell bottomed jeans perfectly. I had no trouble believing Bill when he told me that doggy style was her favorite position. She had nice round tits. She dressed like a hippie and she never wore a bra. Jane lived in a sorority house, but even after she and Bill went their separate ways, she would occasionally come over to our apartment to party. Several of us tried to get in her pants, but Bill was the only one that ever succeeded.

For spring break in 1966 we decided to go on a road trip to Florida. Six of us piled into a VW bus and headed out. We did not have much money, but we had a lot of smoke. At the last minute, Jane asked if we would give her a ride to meet some of her friends who had left a few days earlier. It was fine by us, because she offered to help on gas money. We all kidded her and told her that she either had to pay for the gas or put out if she was going to ride. She blushed in embarrassment and told us she had plenty of money. Our plan was to drive non-stop and we figured it would take two days.

When we left Minnesota, it was snowing and sleeting. We could not wait for some warm weather. By the second day, we had driven to where the weather had warmed and everybody started stripping off cold weather clothes for shorts and T-shirts. We stopped for gas at a truck stop early on the second day. The sign advertised showers and Jane informed us that she was going to shower. While we waited, we toked up the hash pipe and got stoned. When Jane emerged from the showers, she was dressed in a pair of short white shorts and a cropped off T-shirt. Everybody had an instant hard-on. I could see the outline of her bikini panties beneath her shorts and I was sure she did not have on a bra. Things were looking up.

As we headed out, we offered Jane a hit from the hash pipe and some wine. It was not long before she was completely stoned. She had to lean up over the back of the front seat to hand off the pipe to the guys in the front seat. Every time she bent over the seat, we had a good view of her ass and her tits were clearly visible beneath the cropped off T- shirt. I was convinced that she knew she was giving us a show and was enjoying it. I finally gathered enough courage and asked her to show us her tits. She giggled and raised her top exposing her tits. She immediately put her top back down, but nobody was going to let her get away with that.